24 Best Anime Shows on Netflix – Must Watch

Anime shows are Japanese-made animated series of TV shows. As Netflix has started airing a lot of popular anime shows, the trend and hype go up and up. People are turning towards anime on a large basis. And that is genuine too. I mean with all the fantastic stories, surreal characters, amazing animation, motivating messages, nail-biting fight scenes, and adorable love stories, who wouldn’t love it? We have curated some of the best anime shows available on Netflix that can entertain you anytime you want.

Best Anime Shows On Netflix

Anime is like our dreams and imagination are brought in front of us as projections. Projections, which real-life series could never have provided us ever, not with this peculiarity at least.

But wait, as we just mentioned that there are lots and lots of anime series on Netflix now, which means a lot of confusion on finding the best one for you. And who knows that you might end up binge-watching 8-10 episodes of a series which later reveals to be a not so interesting storyline.

Relax! We sorted all this for you. Here is a list of the 24 best anime shows that are not only popular but have a great theme too. So read it and update your watch list now.

Best Anime on Netflix:

1. Naruto

Being released in 2007, this series is a story of an orphan boy named Naruto Uzumaki. Decades ago there was mortal combat with a nine-tailed fox who attacked the village and a ninja sacrificed his own life and prisoned the fox in the body of Naruto when he was a baby. And now Naruto dreams of becoming a Hokage (leader of his village, Hidden Leaf Village). This is one of the best anime series on Netflix.


Some of the dialogues like Until I become Hokage, no matter what comes, I’m not gonna die”, show how determined and focused Naruto was and motivated you too for your series of life events. The series is filled with action sequences, comedy and is, therefore, one of the most loved. Netflix only has 5 seasons of it, each having 4 episodes.

  • IMDB Rating- 8.3 / 10

2. Hunter X Hunter

A young boy named Gon Freecss discovers that his father has abandoned him to become a hunter and is still alive. So he too sets himself on a mission to be a hunter for which he has to pass a hunter test. This ‘hunter test’ thing is like a suicide mission and is filled with all the thrill and adventure you ever wanted to see. 

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is again a must-watch for all the people who watch anime for these surreal and nail-biting adventures. Netflix has right now 4 seasons of it and the 5th season will be aired by march 2021.

  • IMDB rating – 8.6 / 10

3. Death Note

One day a high school student named Yagami finds a notebook scribbled as a “death note”. Now that notebook has the power that anyone whose name is written in the notebook, he/she will die within 40 seconds. WHOAH! Yeah, we were the same.

  Death Note

This series has the benefit of having a superb plot and great animation. Where we are still amazed about the actuality of that notebook, Yagami decides to use that notebook to cleanse the world from the evils. An appreciable storyline with a message. Well, DEATH NOTE was released in 2006 and Netflix right now has 1 season consisting of 37 episodes of it, which we think is enough for a binge-watch session.

  • IMDB rating – 9 / 10


Are you a sports fan (volleyball to be specific) and an anime fan too? Then HAIKYU is the perfect pick for you. The story follows around Hinata who wants to be the best volleyball player by mastering all the skills of his coach.


Filled with enthusiasm, energy, power, determination, and ambition, Haikyu gives you a good charge within the 3 seasons available on Netflix, and the 4th season on its way too.

  • IMDB Rating – 9.2 / 10


Were you too a fan of all those American marvel movies? Then Japan’s anime too has something for you. The ‘One-Punch Man’, only that this superhero (Saitama) is just a little too strong than what you might have imagined. He can end villains with just one super punch. Yep, that’s a lot of power. This is also one of the best anime series of all time.

One Punch Man

It has of course all the exceptional combat scenes and is backed by enough comedy to cover the surety of your smile. Also, it is a generic shounen parody. Good news for shounen fans indeed!

  • IMDB rating – 9.5 / 10


A series consisting of breathtaking plot twists, eventual comedy scenes, an excellent storyline, dark secrets, and prolific animation is what you need right now. A story of two brothers, Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric who are trying to give life to their dead mothers with the help of some forbidden alchemy face a series of events and each other, confront the dark secrets of their country and withstand some serious physical damage.


The characters are lovable and as we told the story is impeccable. With Netflix giving you 5 seasons of this shounen anime, you definitely are going to set aside this weekend for FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD.

  • IMDB rating – 9.1 / 10


The seven deadly sins is a group of 7 knights who are actually 7 bloodthirsty criminals who have done quite a lot of sins. The group is led by Mliodas and at the request of Elizabeth, a lioness’s princess, the group takes the responsibility of saving the lioness kingdom.


Claiming a lot of action sequels as the name suggests, of course, it has a lot of anime drama, emotions, and teary moments. You cover up to the present 4 seasons and Netflix will provide you with the 5th season by May 2021 certainly.

  • IMDB rating – 8.1 / 10


This series was aired back in 2012 and since then it has had multiple episodes of it. It is based on the ‘shonen’ jump series and Netflix gives you a good collection of 3 seasons with some 26 episodes in each on an average of it. 

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar is the protagonist and the series has the classic anime live action package, all of what we want, showing JoJo’s life struggles, his struggles for the magical power, and along the way some blood climax. It is a light story, does not have much drama but some plot twists. All the things combined make it a great, nice watch.

  • IMDB rating – 8.4 / 10


Saiki K., the protagonist of the story is a teenage boy who wants to live his life in peace but has phenomenal psychic superpowers. He can control fire, mend things, break things, read minds, etc. He is not your ordinary superhero, rather an introvert who is a superhuman, as the millennials would call. 


The series was aired on Netflix towards the end of 2019 as THE DISASTROUS LIFE OF SAIKI K. REAWAKENED. Netflix has 3 seasons of the first series and 1 season of the reawakened series. Packed up with adorable, cute, and quirky characters, good comedy, sci-fi plotting, advanced animation this series again deserves a good position on your watchlist.

  • IMDB rating – 8.3 / 10


Dragon Ball Z is one of the oldest anime series we all might have watched in our childhood. Didn’t we? And so is ‘One Piece’ which was released in 1999 and is from the studios of Dragon Ball Z. 

One Piece

The protagonist, Monkey D., is a pirate and wants to be King of piracy. And for this, he would have to find the hidden treasure. Yes, you are suspecting right, there is gonna be an adventurous and thrilling quest which will give you enough audacious sequels. Currently, there are 23 seasons and a total of 741 episodes on Japanese Netflix. Now that is a lot of fun to watch.

  • IMDB rating – 8.7 / 10 


Are you craving some sci-fi, robotic, action-packed series? We heard from you. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a story where NERV has gigantic robots named Evangelions and they have to fight with some monstrous Angels.


Within 26 episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, there are not only exciting and nail-biting moments but also a lot of drama to make your eyes teary on occasions. The ongoing suspense will make you stick through until the end.

  • IMDB rating – 8.5 / 10


Madoka is a beautiful and ordinary 14-year-old teenager, who is living her life peacefully with her best friend, Sayaka Miki when one day a cat-like creature approaches them and offers to make their one wish come true but at the price that they will both turn into magical girls.


This seems to be a cute, sweet story but it is indeed filled with drama, darkness, and some serious events. The series gives a message of friendship, hope, and how every dream requires a price to be paid.

  • IMDB rating – 8.3 / 10


Another thrill action anime series? Yes, that’s what anime is to be about but this one is a lot connected to our real lives. It is how a boy named Akira turns into a devil, a demon who has to fight the evils of the world and his own self but apart from all of this still carries the heart of a human and so carries the feelings.


Filled with energy, dynamic blood-shed, and thrill, it shows how the human body of the devil can still cry. It cuts across all the patriarchal norms of boys being strong. It also contains a lot of drug-based plotting too which makes it an adult-themed anime series.

  • IMDB rating –  7.6 / 10


Kill la Kill brings a new kind of storyline. Ryuki is on her search for her father’s murderer and in the way meets Satsuki who is the heiress of her mother’s fashion empire and the council president of honnouji academy, who also has certain powerful uniforms called Goku Uniforms.


While the plot is new, the story fresh, the characters fierce, and the events deadly, powerful, hilarious, and somewhat erotic, it is a nice new storyline to give a shot.

  • IMDB rating – 7.9 / 10


Well for a break from all the fighting sequel series, next in the pipeline we have for you a realistic, cute, adorable, and musical series. Retsuko is a 25 years old red panda who works in a trading firm as an accountant and that job is indeed a soul-sucking, exhausting, death-like job. A typical workplace with the boss yelling, brains exploding, and frustrated body. Isn’t this like our story too? We can hear your heartbreaking!


But she has her ways of taking out the rage, she sings at a karaoke bar at night named ‘Heavy Metal’. This is like the PERFECT series for unwinding your day. No stress, no drama, just light, fun, comedy, daily like the storyline, with unbearably adorable characters.

  • IMDB rating – 8 / 10


The story follows two brothers, Simon and Kamina. Simon, being a low timid boy, and Kamina, a wild and free person. They both live in an underground village, and once find some sort of historical artifact of a certain importance, and indulge in some war.


Well, we aren’t going to give you any spoilers. The plot is new, exciting, powerful, fierce, and sometimes a bit comical. Having 27 episodes, and being a small series it can surely be on your watchlist.

  • IMDB rating – 8.3 / 10


We all have seen how virtual colleges are so unlike the real ones. But Hyakkaou Private Academy is the most different academy you would have seen.


It is ruled by student unions, the only sport is gambling, students are ranked according to their efficiency in gambling and if someone doesn’t want to play it then they will be simply expelled. The uncommon plotline is what makes these 2 seasoned anime series quite popular.

  • IMDB rating – 7.2 / 10


Does this series even need an explanation? Literally, all of us, okay at least 90% of us, have seen this throughout our childhood. Pikachu, being Ash’s first pokemon and dearest and best friend goes along with Ash on every journey of his.


Journeys filled with catching weird and rare yet powerful Pokemons with his Pokeballs and PokeWars making the winner ranked above the superior. Lightweight, comedy, and action sequels are what makes the Pokemon series so popular even now.

  • IMDB rating – 7.5 / 10


We know that by hearing of the witch academy, you all are reminded of Harry Potter and Hogwarts and Dumbledore. But this is different, firstly this is anime, secondly, it’s a story of a girl named Akko who is from a non-magical ground and therefore has to work hard, a lot hard to perfect her spells and magic.


This is such a light-hearted and amusing series to watch. With all the humor, Akko using the spell wrong every time and transforming his friends into weird things, likable characters, and amusing base, it’s definitely a must-watch. Also, both the seasons of little watch academia are on Netflix.

  • IMDB rating – 7.9 / 10


This story was aired back in 2016 and is since then a famous anime series. It is a cute love story between Kosei Arima and Kaori Miyazono. Kousei is the protagonist and is a pianist. He shatters down when his mother dies and he loses his ability to hear musical notes. He almost gives up music when Kaori, a violinist, enters his life. She picks him up, motivates him, builds him again, and gives him a new start.


This is such a pure, loveable, and captivating story that you will definitely feel loved and smiling after it. As the plot has some emotional setting too, therefore get your tissues along.

  • IMDB rating – 8.6 / 10


This netflix original is based on a famous novel written by Sakyo Komatsu, published in 1973. It’s a disaster novel. This series shows the life of an ordinary family doing ordinary things changes when suddenly Japan is hit by a series of natural disasters.


And this family has to fight everything, not to gain power or respect or ambition, but to stay alive and this is a fight against mother nature. It displays how life shatters when a single disaster happens and how much things can fragment if there was a series of them. Masaaki Yuasa created this anime in the image of the 1973 Sakyo Komatsu’s book.

It is a story of hope, fight, determination, family love, power, fierceness, and struggle to survive. It definitely is a good watch when we are already suffering from so much. It gives us so much strength to fight any disasters of any kind.

  • IMDB rating – 6.5 / 10


Violet is a girl who was once a child soldier. And that war cost her her arms and her emotional development as a child. And now she chooses writing as her pass away from her everlasting emotional traumas. To watch this series is to go on a sentimental train. A train that has enough power to make you cry at moments.


  • IMDB rating – 8.4 / 10


The human cities are being destroyed one by one by giant humans called Titans. So one of the cities builds huge walls to stop the Titans. But being advantageous of their size, they destroy the walls and wreck the city. Then two children somehow survived and one of them was Eren Yeager. But seeing their loved ones die in front of them, ignites the fire of revenge in them. The manga series of this anime is also famous.

Attack On Titan

When you will see those children fighting those giants, after the children have grown up, you too will be filled up with lots of emotions. You too will feel the light to revenge, to fight and destroy the Titans because such is the power of this series.

Attack On Titan will absorb you in it and make you stick to the very end of the series. Not to mention the music, which is just so addictive! It is one of the most loved series.

  • IMDB rating – 9.7 / 10

24. BAKI

It centers around Baki Hanma, the world champion of underground martial arts. He wants to defeat his father and become the strongest person in the world. But then he comes to know that he has to face 5 escaped death row inmates.


This will not be an ordinary action series but as it involves Japan’s legacy, martial arts, it will be some different hand to hand fight scene filled power series. Seeing such strength and energy, you will be both amazed and awestruck. The martial art fight laid down with no rules is a delight for intense fight scene fans.

With Netflix having 3 seasons and 39 episodes in total, it is a good binge-watch plan for your weekend.

  • IMDB rating – 7.7 / 10

Some honorable mentions are Ouran High School Host Club, Code Geass, Food Wars, Luna Nova Magical Academy, Avatar The Last Airbender, Sword Art Online, Kyoto Animation’s K-ON!!.


After working this hard throughout the week you do deserve some perfect binge-watch sessions. And with anime series right now trending the most, we did lay down a perfect list for you which covers almost all genres of anime series. From action and fighting scenes to cute love stories, from our everyday theme to never-heard outlines.

Even if you are feeling witty or energetic or romantic or just meh, we have listed everything you would need for making it right. Now get your comforter, your favorite snacks, switch off the lights, and just dive right in.

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