Best Cases for iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Pro Max (REVIEWED)

Your iPhone 12 Mini, Pro & Pro Max, or any other variant might be the most treasured possession. After all, it’s a premium grade phone you’ve bought after so much speculation. Therefore, it becomes paramount to Protect it with a Proper case. But choosing the right case for your iPhone 12 series is a little more complicated. So let’s move to find out the best iPhone 12 Mini Pro & Pro Max Cases.

Best iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Pro Max Cases

We understand that you want to reinforce its safety without compromising the appearance. Perhaps, you want to safeguard it for robust use. Whatever your requirements are, this review brings you the best collection of cases for your iPhones.

Furthermore, the reviews are divided into three segments that cover each model of iPhone 12  Mini, Pro, and Pro Max Cases. It’s because the three have different dimensions or number of cameras. There are around five recommendations for each model. It will make things easier for you. So without further ado, let’s begin:

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List Of Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases:

  1. OUXUL Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini Case
  2. TORRAS Crystal Clear Compatible for iPhone 12 Mini Case
  3. AEDILYS Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini Case
  4. OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 12 Mini
  5. ESR Air Armor Series Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini

1. OUXUL Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini Case

Starting right off the bat is a brilliant range of iPhone 12 Mini cases from Ouxul. There are over 20 different colors that compliment the bright color scheme of your iPhone. The material’s quality is impeccable, covering four edges and a liquid silicone to Provide softness. 1mm bevel is elevated around the delicate region to ensure that you receive Proper Protection.

OUXUL Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini Case

Thus, it brings you resistance against scratches, resistance, and much more. The silicone secures your grip on the phone while Providing utmost comfort. It offers a snug fit for your 5.4 inch iPhone that works as an extra layer of Protection. Furthermore, it offers wireless charging while in the case to bring you non-stop response.

Silicone also Provides the case with waterProofing and an anti-fingerprint build to make it easier for you to clean and maintain the iPhone 12 Mini. If you don’t like it, there is a one-year return policy. Hence, you are sure of getting a premium-grade case for your iPhone 12 Mini.

2. TORRAS Crystal Clear Compatible for iPhone 12 Mini Case

If the silicone case mate is not your preference, perhaps a crystal color case would fit your needs. Here you have an ultra-clear and elegant design with four different color options that perfectly complement your iPhone 12 Mini’s scheme. The case offers a perfect fit, almost like a glove. Sure, it has a silicone build but more sturdy and rubberized to ensure a non-slip grip.

TORRAS Crystal Clear Compatible for iPhone 12 Mini Case

The touch is smooth, and the system remains compatible with touch response and other essentials. It is a wireless-charging compatible case, so you needn’t worry about that aspect. What makes it such a ‘premium’ choice with crystal colors? Well, you get Germany’s TPU material that is often seen in Blue-Rays.

It is a slim phone case with shock Proofing and dot-matrix to prevent any marking, keeping it easy to clean. The quality ensures it won’t turn yellow quickly.  X-SHOCK is the signature technology with air-corners to ensure it can absorb the shock from the impact of dropping and other Problems. You get cushioning around the camera to prevent scratches. Finally, you have a 180-days warranty.

3. AEDILYS Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini Case

Perhaps you would like something more basic and borderline straightforward. A transparent case can never go out of style. It brings you a glossy and crystal appeal on top of your iPhone 12 Mini’s pre-existing colors. In that case, this one’s a perfect choice with Air-Guard Airbag technology that delivers military-grade shock-absorption and Protection for your precious phone.

AEDILYS Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini Case

While it keeps the design to the basic, you have a perfect blend of PC back, TPU frame, and cushioned edged with bevels around the camera for standard Protections. The case comes with ultra-tough tempered glass in the combo for your iPhone 12 Mini. If you combine these two, you get complete protection for your phone. Thus, it is a high value for money choice for people who want a little more.

Finally, like any other case on the list, the material’s quality prevents yellow taints and brings you the best-in-class grip.

4. OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 12 Mini

Otterbox is bringing you something more of a ‘complete seal case’ around your iPhone. It has a singular construct without too many gaps. For instance, the case covers buttons and everything except for the back cover. You even get a seal for your ports to prevent dirt and other elements from getting inside.


Thus, the case brings you holistic Protection. It has antimicrobial properties for you to carry it in the pocket or reduce the cleaning requirements. You get Protection against common bacterias and germs. It also has a thin design and an easy slide ability for your pocket storage. The case is for anyone who seeks to protect their iPhone from regular wear and tear.

More importantly, you get a secure grip and case charging compatibility. Dual-layer Protection survives 3x more falls and brings better shock-absorbing for your phone. Overall, it is quite an excellent choice.

5. ESR Air Armor Series Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini

ESR is known for building premium-grade cases and has a vast user base worldwide. Here you have another crystal clear choice for your iPhone if you don’t want to hide its beauty. The case comes with military-grade Protection and reinforces it with scratch-resistance to ensure complete security for daily use.

ESR Air Armor Series Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini

It has a screen and camera Protection with wireless charging compatibility. Overall, this is the case to choose if you don’t want to get too deep into buying considerations. It is sleek, elegant, and fits perfectly on your iPhone 12 Mini. Of course, instead of simple crystal clear choices, you have transparent black, blue and clear options for your phone.

Best iPhone 12 And 12 Pro Cases:

1. Spigen Liquid Air Armor Designed for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Spigen is bringing you a fantastic selection for iPhone 12 and Pro models. Here you have a unique matte black finish with a textured pattern. These unique patterns feel premium to hold and complement the overall appeal of your iPhone. These offer form-fitting and a lightweight choice that doesn’t weigh your phone down with a slim build.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Designed for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

The texture Provides a reinforced and anti-slip grip while it also reduces fiction for your pockets. It means that you can slide it into your pocket efficiently. The anti-slip and fingerprint-resistance are undoubtedly commendable. Furthermore, you get military-grade Protection with the standard air cushion and anti-shock Protection.

It works with wireless charging. The patterns certainly increase the overall appeal of these cases and make them stand out from others.

2. Temdan Clear Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Case and iPhone 12 Pro

Perhaps you want to show off your iPhone 12 Pro without any matte covering. How about a crystal clear case that comes in over 12 different hues/shades? That’s right! You can never run out of options with Temdan clear case with its commendable compatibility with iPhone 12 and Pro version.

Temdan Clear Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Case and iPhone 12 Pro

It is a 1mm thick design that doesn’t prevent wireless charging. The best part about this case is you can take it anywhere. Even if you drop it, there is a drop-Proof design, which is very ambitious. Thus, with shockProof and other additions, that’s a bonus.

The design is very straightforward, with nothing fancy to offer but color. Thus, you maintain that simple elegance the iPhone 12 models have to offer. With a soft TPU, you are sure to get a best-in-class and long-lasting case for iPhone 12 Pro.

3. OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro

Don’t you worry! If you loved Otterbox for iPhone 12 Mini but own a standard or Pro version, then this one will be a great fit. If you didn’t read it above, then Otterbox brings you a complete seal case for your iPhone 12 Pro. Thus, it will prevent water, dust, and other elements from slipping in.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro

Even your port is well-Protected with a covering. The fitting is remarkable, and the case looks very cutting-edge with its matte finish. It has a cushioning (soft) internal layer with a rigid external layer to ensure complete protection from shock and damage. That’s not all! The case comes with antimicrobial properties, making it great for regular use. It means that common germs and bacterias won’t form around your phone. More importantly, you can clean and maintain your device more efficiently. All of these qualities and a little more!

Instead of a single black finish, you get four different color choices for your iPhone 12 Pro version. You get a limited lifetime warranty with the case, making it a wise choice.

4. TORRAS ShockProof Case Compatible for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Torras is again bringing you a bumper design for the case that works with iPhone 12 and Pro versions. It comes with four corners that deliver X-shock quality for anti-collision, anti-drop, and shock-Proof Protection. The standard military Protection is an excellent addition to the PC casemate, while the rubber grip and bumper would safeguard the phone from wear and tear.

TORRAS ShockProof Case Compatible for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Apart from snug fit and a remarkably slim Profile, you get wireless charging compatibility. It is dust, scratch, and fingerprint resistant that you can clean with a cloth’s simple wipe. The material remains top of the class with German imported Blu-ray quality. It is non-slip and very delicate to touch that you won’t believe it Provides such well-versed Protection.

5. Cordking Designed for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Case

A case that is delicate on your phone and robust against damage, Cordking is bringing you a brilliant choice on the list. What makes it stand out? The ultra-soft microfiber lining for the internal layer against your iPhone 12 Pro. Hence, it doesn’t cause any scratches but preserves the quality and build of your smartphone.

Cordking Designed for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Case

You get over 14 different color choices and the standard wireless charging compatibility. It comes with a 1.2mm raised lip, which Protects the screen and camera, both. More importantly, it won’t falter your touch performance. The liquid silicone material remains premium with a matte finish to bring you an easy to clean and non-slip grip case with a sleek appeal.

Finally, for the cost, you get a lifetime replacement guarantee. All of these aspects certainly make it a good choice.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases:

1. TORRAS Diamonds Series Compatible for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Torras is bringing you a fine selection for your iPhone 12 Pro Max, as well. Here you have a clear diamond case with Aliphatic polycarbonate, a german imported Bayer TPU. Therefore, you are getting a premium-grade chance for your high-end iPhone 12 model.

TORRAS Diamonds Series Compatible for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

The military-grade SGS Certification ensures that you get 4 feet to drop Protection up to 26 drops without any problem. There is the signature X-shock technology, which will absorb any shock from any impact. You get the same slim design with a comfortable grip for the best fitting and non-slip grip.

You don’t have to worry about dropping your phone, whatever activity you indulge in. However, this ultra-thin phone case for your 6.7-inch phone comes with an enhanced camera and screen Protection to prevent scratches and other problems as well. There are three signature colors, black, blue, and clear.

2. Arae iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

A premium phone requires premium material to look top of the class. Here you have a faux leather case with microfiber lining for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Don’t worry! It does have a stiff back cover to ensure Proper shock-absorption, anti-scratch, and blemish Protection. However, the texture of the leather certainly brings a brilliant appeal.

Arae iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

You get an anti-slip and firm grip that hugs your hand. It is wireless charging compatible. So your charging speed and other assets are not disrupted in any manner. The premium-grade faux leather comes in unique colors to add to the overall aesthetic of your iPhone.

3. Poetic Revolution Series for iPhone 12 Pro Max case

Here is a unique case for those with a different taste. Do you like cutting-edge tech like the revolutionary design? This military-grade case brings complete shock Proofing, drop-Proofing, scratch-Proofing, and impact resistance for your phone. It’s almost as if your phone has some form of urban armor gear on it.

Poetic Revolution Series for iPhone 12 Pro Max case

It comes with standard raises/bevels around the body with its design. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with a MagSafe charger but works with MagSafe accessories. However, you can use other wireless chargers. That’s not all! It brings you complete Protection from back to front.

In the front, you have a screen Protector that locks with the case. It is a polycarbonate casing to add more Protection without any effect on the touch sensitivity or response. You can remove it easily with your issue if you don’t like to use tempered glass on your phone.

Overall, it is a superior quality choice in every way, especially with a built-in kickstand for more ease of use.

4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Of course, Spigen has everything for every iPhone 12 mode. Here you get the same signature hybrid technology for the material. You get the TPU bumper with durable polycarbonate back and crystal clear transparency. Thus, you don’t conceal the phone’s authentic design and aesthetic.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

It comes with raised bezels for screens and cameras to prevent scratches and other problems. The Pronounced buttons certainly add a layer of Protection. It is a fundamental and straightforward but high-quality cover available for your iPhone. You get multiple colors like red, black, blue, and crystal clear to meet everyone’s appeal.

5. GVIEWIN Aurora Lite Series Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max

GVIEWIN is bringing you an elegant addition that would zest up the appeal of your iPhone 12 Pro Max. Here you have the aurora lite series with elegant patterns, giving a beautiful stroke of brilliance and charm. It remains lightweight and slim. While the material is soft TPU, it almost looks like a ceramic cover on your iPhone.

GVIEWIN Aurora Lite Series Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you miss that good old ceramic finish on your iPhone, this might suit your requirements. Of course, you get the Protection for buttons, screens, and cameras. All the standard Protections are there. With corner bumpers and elevated design, it sufficiently Provides Proper Protection. The marble finish is commendable, but you have to compromise the top-level security for some design appeal.

Still, it manages to remain scratch-Proof, with excellent grip and dirt or smudge Protection for your iPhone.

Buyers Guide – What To Look For In An iPhone Case Before Buying It

The design, color, and other similar aspects would depend on your preference. Therefore, we won’t cover those in this guide. It is a straightforward guide that we’ve also used to create this review. It will help you get the best iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Pro Max cases wherever you go. Here’s everything you need to consider:

1. Size & Fit

The first thing you have to ensure is that the size matches your phone. It needs to have the perfect fit that won’t put any tension on your phone. Nor should your case stretch too much to hold the phone, either. It shouldn’t be too easy to pull the phone. You need to look at the design, as well. It will ensure Proper Protection.

2. Protective Aspects

A case’s primary use is to protect your iPhone. Therefore, you need to check for the standard Protective measures. It also depends on your priority. If you want to balance appeal with Protection, you will comPromise some of the heavy-duty cases available in the market. Overall, there should be shock-Proofing and drop Protection for the phones, at least.

3. Wireless Charging

Perhaps it’s not as essential, but one of the unique selling points of the iPhone 12 is that it has wireless charging. You might not want a case that would hinder this compatibility, so make sure about that.

4. Material Quality

The quality of material matters if you want value for money. However, if you’re buying a cheaper iPhone 12 case, you can’t expect them to last too long. As you have a premium phone, it is vital to get good quality for your iPhone 12 case.

5. Warranty

If you end up buying a high-end case for its quality of material, most of them will come with a warranty. These warranties might be limited from a couple of months to a lifetime. Choose the one you deem fit. Don’t forget to check what covers the contract because some manufacturers sell ‘warranty’ as a scheme without any real backing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Best Case For iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Almost every case given above is among the best cases available in the market. The buyer’s guide will help you get the best iPhone 12 Pro Max case according to your requirements.

Will The iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Fit The iPhone 12 Pro Max?

No. The design of the two phones with camera integration and size is completely different. Therefore, it won’t be possible for you to use the old case. That’s why we have brought you the list given above to help you simplify the choices available in the market.

Is The iPhone 12 Pro Max Worth It?

It depends on the perspective and your budget. If you want to enjoy all the features and 100% performance of the iPhone 12, the Pro Max is undoubtedly an ambitious choice. However, if you wish to test an iPhone with access to all of its features, then the standard iPhone 12 or Pro version will do the job.

What Is The Best iPhone 12 Pro Color?

It would depend on your preference. There isn’t a single colour, and it comes in 12 different colours. More importantly, you can change the ‘hue’ of the colour by using various colourful iPhone cases available in the market. There are those with crystal finish and a little colour to change the tone of your phone. Those could be a great addition.


Remember, these reviews are for the full-body cases and not the wallet cases. Those are different and come in various choices like the leather case, card case, and money case. The wallet case won’t Provide drop Protection and other options. However, you can buy them and fit them at the back of your case. There are even magnetic wallet cases available in the market.

Either way that sums up the list for the best iPhone 12 cases available in the market. Hopefully, you found something worth your time and investment. These fit almost everyone’s preferences and requirements. From budget-friendly to high-end and various colors, you have everything in this review! So, go ahead and grab a perfect casemate for your iPhone 12.

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