10 Best Documentaries On Netflix – Must Watch [2021]

Documentaries are based on real-life stories that connect us all as most of the viewers gravitate toward documentaries as it is the essence of real life that one has experienced. Be it any historical footage, pre-recorded audio, or a simple quotidian task. Due to documentaries being based on real life stories, we feel the need to go deeper into any story than ever before.

Netflix has a lot of amazing documentaries that show a diverse range of subjects, be it true crime stories or to some sports related documentaries or even related to filmmaking. Here we are going to list some of the best documentaries on Netflix right now that you can watch.

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List Of Best Documentaries On Netflix:

1. Out of Thin Air

It is based on the real life story of Reykjavik Confessions, this documentary shows the Icelandic case which is not so famous, it revolves around six people who were implicated due to the disappearance of two individuals.

The six of them were kept in custody and they were tortured repeatedly. Despite their statements, they had been convicted. The case has been known for creating false testimony by keeping all the prisoners in inhumane conditions.

2. Bikram: Yogi Guru Predator

Based on Bikram Choudhury, it explores the rise of a megalomaniac and his decline. This documentary has been directed by Eva Orner.

3. Abducted in Plain Sight

This documentary on Netflix will send chills down your spine as you will get to see the story of Jan Broberg Felt, who had been kidnapped by her neighbour Robert Berchtold on two different occasions.

It shows the life of the kidnapper and his relationship with the teen girl and her parents are very shocking.

4. The Great Hack

This Netflix documentary is the Great Hack tells us about online privacy and how a corporation like Cambridge Analytica has used the data that had been provided to them by Facebook. 

This documentary is best for those people who still believe that the stories which they see on their devices are true. The truth is actually much more than that. You are just seeing what some of the companies want you to see.

5. Icarus

Icarus follows Fogel who dabbles in doping for a race. It has been by Bryan Fogel. For your knowledge, Icarus has even won the Oscar award for the Best Documentary Feature in 2017. 

Things heat up when Fogel tries to search deeper and then soon he finds a Russian link who can be helpful to get by undetected. That same link has been responsible for many athletes going unnoticed.

6. Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond

This documentary is going to show you the behind the scenes footage of when Jim Carrey played the role of Andy Kaufman in the 1999 movie known as Man on the Moon.

He reveals his thoughts during that time and what led him to play the role of Andy.

7. FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

So, this one revolves around Fyre Festival, it examines the events which have been leading up to the disastrous weekend of the music festival. 

The members who were hired and also those people who had arrived at the venue without any tents, food, or water tell the world their side of the story in FYRE: The Greatest Party that Never Happened.

8. Amanda Knox

This documentary shows us the story of Amanda who has been accused of murdering Meredith Kercher. She was a target of tabloid journalism where all her belongings from her clothes to her relationship were made available for public consumption. She has been convicted twice and spent many years in the Italian prison.

9. Gaga: Five Foot Two

This documentary is based on singer & songwriter Lady Gaga. Her life is centered around the preparation of her Super Bowl halftime show as well as the production of her album Joanna.

Through many interviews, we start to learn about Gaga’s early life, her passion and love for her craft, and the reason she takes on every project.

10. Feminists: What Were They Thinking?

This documentary will take you back to the second wave of feminism and how feminists have contributed significantly to the women’s rights movement since then.

Celebrities like Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Gloria Steinem with some others talk about their experiences and their role in the increasing awareness for women’s rights.

11. The Toys That Made Us

This documentary will definitely revive your old memories of playing with toys like G.I. Joes, Legos, and My Little Pony. It shows us how, why, and by whom some of these toys were made.

Watching this documentary will definitely make you wish to become a child once again.

12. Expedition Happiness

It shows the journey of a young couple with their dog near North America on a school bus. We are sure the dog known as Rudi is going to steal your heart as the real heart of this documentary is the dog.

13. The Social Dilemma

Netflix documentary will show you how and why Facebook, Twitter, and Google operate in the way they do. You will be able to hear from some tech experts where they will be discussing it.

This is one of the most popular documentaries to watch on Netflix right now.

14. Rotten

Rotten exposes the rotten as well as the delicious side of food production. Here, you will be able to see the documentary exploring the side of garlic, milk, honey, and many more in the first season. 

The second season will show you a few new sets of topics. You may even feel like puking at times, but it is definitely worth the watch.

15. Making a Murderer

Got to be one of the most influential crime documentaries we can watch on Netflix. It shows the imprisonment, re-arrest, and trial of Steven Avery, who has been charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach.

There have been countless articles written about this documentary. If you are totally new to true crime stories, then we recommend you to watch this. It is definitely worth the watch.


Netflix has a very large collection of documentaries that you can watch anytime. These documentaries are interesting as well as entertaining with a lot of things that can surprise you. All these will leave you shocked, intrigued, and puzzled. You will be able to find all the different types of documentaries here that will be as per your interest. You can check out the listed documentaries and see if it is as per your liking.

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