12 Best iOS Emulators for PC [2021]

Looking for iOS emulators for desktop? You can stop your hunt here as we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ve listed the top 10 iOS emulators that can easily be used on a desktop. While we’ve used each one and we think this list can be of great help, we keep ourselves open for any suggestion you may have.

Best iOS Emulator For PC

If you are an iPad or iPhone user, you might find it difficult to share files or run iOS applications on your Windows PC. Below given are some of the topmost iOS emulators, which will enable you to run your iOS apps on a Windows computer. The iOS emulators create an iOS ecosystem in the Windows computer, thus facilitating iOS apps’ usage on your Windows PC.

List Of Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10:

Let’s take a look at the ones we tested and found worth trying- 

  1. SmartFace Emulator
  2. Ipadian
  3. Appetize.io
  4. Xamarin Test Flight
  5. Ripple Emulator
  6. Mobione StudiOS
  7. Air iPhone
  8. Electric Mobile Studio
  9. Wave
  10. Testflight Emulator
  11. IMAME
  12. iDOS Emulator

1. SmartFace Emulator

One of the best iOS emulators, SmartFace, is exceedingly easy and convenient to use. It is a popular choice among users when it comes to iOS emulators. This emulator has two versions – one is the free version, and the other is the premium one. Also, it offers some unique and secure features to the users.

SmartFace Emulator

If you want to go for the premium version, you need to pay $99. Feel free to choose the plan as per your requirement and budget. We would advise you first to download the free version and try it out. Then you can further upgrade to the paid version if you want.

2. iPadian

This is again quite a popular iOS emulator for Windows PC. This emulator enables users to use Apple apps on their Windows PC. Also, this emulator has its very own app store.


Within the app store, users can easily explore multiple third-party apps.

3. Appetize.io

This is to date the best alternative to the App.io emulator. It comes with a simple, easy-to-use user interface. Also, it offers the feature of Cloud storage. The first 90 minutes of usage is absolutely for free.


Then if you want to use the emulator further, you will have to buy the premium version.

4. Xamarin Test Flight

This is the official iOS emulator owned by Apple. It comes pre-loaded with extensive features. These features prove to be of great help for testing and running iOS apps on a Windows computer. The emulator also offers a multitude of user support.

Xamarin Test Flight

It will take some time to get familiarized with this emulator.

5. Ripple Emulator

This is a Chrome browser-based iOS emulator. It helps in the successful sampling of different types of iOS software. It comes with some exclusive features which you will not get easily in any other iOS emulator. It is quite helpful in developing and testing iOS apps on your Windows PC.

Ripple Emulator

It comes with a simple user interface. It works quite well in emulating iOS apps on your Windows PC.

6. Mobione StudiOS

The next on our list is another popular Mobione StudiOS. Though this emulator is not getting any update from the developers yet it is functioning perfectly. Furthermore, this one is supportive of engineers who may need to create cross-stage apps for mobile devices.

Mobione StudiOS

7. Air iPhone

If you are aware of the Adobe Air system, Air iPhone can be your best choice. This emulator is also dependent on a similar system. The good thing about this one is that it is easy to use. You can download and run iOS applications. Yeah! That’s it.

Air iPhone

8. Electric Mobile Studio

Experts often use this one for iPhone and iPad applications. You can use the preliminary version for free while the full version comes at the cost of 40$. If you are looking for a decent alternative during your hunt for iOS emulators for PC, you can cash on this one without a doubt. To us, we found the user experience to be exceptionally smooth.

Electric Mobile Studio

9. Wave

Wave is another iOS emulator that is fan-picked. This one is also used by developers mostly for testing purposes. If compared to other iOS emulators available, this one comes with a decent scope of highlights. Interestingly you need not download this emulator. You can include and introduce them.


10. Testflight Emulator

Developers mostly use Testflight for beta testing iOS applications that are coded using Xamarin. Interestingly, it has been the most popular one among iOS developers for many reasons, including its availability for free, smooth performance, and ease to use. 

Testflight Emulator


The next on our list is a good emulator for gamers. Good reviews back it for running various iOS games smoothly. It isn’t considered the best one, but you may still want to try.


12. iDOS Emulator

We’ve kept this one at last on our list. For a simple reason that we do not find it easy to set up and use. If you are a beginner, we would suggest you keep out of this one. However, if you have been a pro using emulators, you might not find it difficult either.

However useful an emulator may be, it can trouble other applications on your system. That’s because it eats up large RAM usage. A disturbance follows this in playing high-end games. Hence, we recommend using Advanced System Optimizer, which works as a game booster and kicks up the system performance. Additionally, it works as a system protector and disk optimizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any iOS emulator for PC?

There are many iOS emulators for PC; some are Ipadian, SmartFace Emulator, Xamarin Test Flight, Air iPhone, Electric Mobile Studio, and Testflight Emulator.

Which emulator is best for my PC?

SmartFace Emulator is on the top of our list for a reason; this emulator is really convenient and easy to use. It comes in two versions, free and premium, so that you can choose accordingly.

Can I run an iOS emulator on Windows?

Yes, you can use iOS applications by using an iOS emulator. You can choose any one of these emulators on Windows.

Can I run iOS on a PC?

If you don’t want to use an emulator, you can run iOS on your PC manually, but your PC must be compatible; other than that, you will need another hard drive that never Windows on it and install macOS, then connect it to your PC.

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We hope this list of iOS emulators helps you play games and run iOS applications on a desktop. While most of these emulators are free, some come at a cost but is worth giving a try. Please share your experience and let us know about any great emulator you know can be useful for others. We would love to update this article as per your suggestions.

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