Best CamScanner Alternatives in 2020

CamScanner is a scan to PDF tool for smartphones which comes from the Chinese developer, INTSIG Information Co. Ltd. As you know, the Indian government has recently imposed a ban on around 59 Chinese apps.

Best CamScanner Alternatives in 2020

So, while the app might still be available on the Google Play Store and App Store, it will likely be removed from both the platforms in India very soon. 

Well, if you were one of the active users of this app which is a document scanner, you are probably looking out for a replacement for the same.

Best CamScanner Alternatives:

1. PhotoScan

This app is developed by Google, PhotoScan is another great choice that not only lets you scan your daily documents, but it also allows you to digitize photos and scan it even when you are a bit in a hurry to get your document scanned.


You can save these scanned photos as digital copies as well.

2. Microsoft Office Lens

The Microsoft Office Lens is also a very powerful app that you can use to replace your old CamScanner app on your device. As the name says, the app is developed by Microsoft and lets users scan all kinds of documents before they can be exported directly to Word or PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office Lens

The app is a definitely better option especially for those who are already part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

3. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a PDF Scanner with OCR. It is definitely one of the first app that comes to mind when you think of alternatives to CamScanner.

Adobe Scan

This app is developed by Adobe and can be easily considered as one of the most trusted options in the same category for sure. You can simply install Adobe Scan on your mobile device for free and start scanning documents right now. The app is available on both iOS and Android phones.

4. Google Drive

Today, most people use Google drive or have it on their phones without even realizing the fact that this app can scan documents. While it may come as a surprise, Google Drive actually has a built-in scanner in the app itself.  All you have to do is, just tap the plus button and you can easily scan documents, receipts, and notes easily and many more. 

Let’s be straight here, Google Drive is not as feature packed as CamScanner, but it does offer a simple scan and upload feature which can be quite useful for anybody who is looking for a simple scanner app. Google Drive also has edge detection and crop functionality with a basic image editor in the app. 

Google Drive

One of the main reasons why anybody would choose Google Drive as a CamScanner alternative is — this scanner might be very simple and may not have many features, but you can always be relieved that your documents are in safe hands. In that case, Google Drive can be a good replacement.

While Google Drive may be low on features unlike the other apps. it is the go to app for someone who is looking for a quite simple scanner app without all the high end features. Also, Google Drive can be easily trusted and it is very easy for anybody to use.

5. Scanbot

Scanbot is basically the same as CamScanner in terms of its features offered by the app. It can scan all types of documents and it also automatically detects edges and crops them.


There is also a multi-page scanning available and OCR text recognition as well. The text recognition even helps users to search for documents with the contents inside it. So, it can be quite useful for anyone.

6. TapScanner

TapScanner is another scanning app with features as OCR, batch scanning, and two other very amazing features. The first amazing feature is that the app can actually take about three pictures simultaneously to create finely detailed scanned documents. But, the only issue in this is – on some devices, this may seem slower than other apps, but that issue is understandable for the functionality.


The other amazing feature is the ability to digitally signing your saved PDFs. This feature is something different and that no other scanning app we know of, as of now, can do. There are also a lot of filters like CamScanner to get your document just the way you want it. I would highly recommend this.

7. TurboScan

This is another app which is called TurboScan – it allows you to do almost all the work CamScanner was capable of. This application features auto edge detection, multiple scanning, and more features along with a sharpening mode which has created better scanned copies for anyone looking to scan their documents.


8. Tiny Scanner

This one is a very lightweight and simple scanner to scan receipts and documents. It is mostly known for detecting the edges of the document automatically and saving the file in your Gallery app.

Tiny Scanner

9. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is another alternative to CamScanner and it is one of the best apps for scanning documents. It can easily be used from your phone as well. Suppose, If you use an iPhone or iPad then you can definitely use it. If you compare it to CamScanner, Evernote Scannable offers very similar features and with amazing user experience.

Evernote Scannable

Firstly, you can scan notes on the app, you may even scan business cards or receipts and basically any kind paper document with just amazing clarity. This app also uses smart edge detection and crops the image automatically. After that, you can save the scanned documents in your camera roll or export those as PDF files as well. There is also an email as well as a cloud integration option available within the app so you can scan a document easily and send it to your friends or anybody without any trouble.

The only thing is, it does not have some features like OCR and annotation. Other than that, Evernote Scannable does the basics pretty well. After considering all these points, you can opt for Evernote Scannable if you want a seamless scanning experience.

10. Notebloc

Notebloc is another CamScanner alternative that has many features like CamScanner.  To start with, you can scan different types of documents and create high quality scanned images as well. There is also smart edge detection which works pretty well and it’s easily comparable to CamScanner. So, it can be used in the place of CamScanner.


You also have document editing, batch scanning, OCR support, and cloud integration within the app itself. However, let’s be honest, according to us the best feature of Notebloc is that there is no watermark on the scanned documents and that is simply the best thing about it.

We have heard from many people that CamScanner comes with an unreasonably large watermark and Notebloc doesn’t have a watermark in its documents. So, if you are looking for a CamScanner alternative without the watermark branding then Notebloc can be an amazing choice for you.


So as you guys see this is our list of some of the best CamScanner alternatives which are quite useful and share a similar set of features and that can be used in place of CamScanner. In this list, there are some apps which are complete scanner apps in itself and there are some which are particularly good at scanning and sharing the same file or document. It actually depends on your requirement, you may pick any desired app from the list above. We are quite sure you won’t be disappointed at all.

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