How to Activate Chrome Dark Mode?

Almost every app on each platform is bringing you a dark mode to bring you a wide range of benefits. It might be related to a pleasant experience for your eyes, or for the ease of sleeping. Some people just admire the classic and dominating theme of dark mode. Whatever your reason might be, here is a complete guide to help you activate Chrome Dark Mode:

How To Activate Chrome Dark Mode

How To Activate Chrome Dark Mode (Step by Step)

Enable Dark Mode For Mobile Device:

In this segment, we will cover information regarding both iOS and Android devices. You might have to work with the system default theme for it to work.

Chrome Dark Mode For Android –

Google’s dark mode is known as the ‘Dark theme’ for the Android platform. It is available for Android version 5 and above. Here is how you activate them:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser on your mobile. If you don’t have it, install it.
    open google chrome
  • Click on the ‘three dots,’ also known as the options button.
    google chrome option
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and find ‘Themes.’
  • There you will find different options to use the Dark Theme.
    Chrome Android Dark Theme Mode

The default settings of the browser will enable the dark theme when the phone is in the battery saver mode. Alternatively, if there is a dark mode for the android (active), the theme for Google Chrome will change automatically to dark.

Apart from the above-given option, you will have ‘Dark’ and ‘Light’ options in the themes. Of course, Dark would activate the dark colour pallet while Light will bring you the traditional theme of Google chrome.

Chrome Dark Mode For iOS –

You can follow the same instructions as for Androids to activate Dark Mode for iOS. It would require you to activate the Dark mode for your mobile phone which will automatically work for all apps, including Google Chrome.

How To Turn On Chrome Dark Mode Through Themes?

  • First, Open chrome
    Google Chrome
  • Find or navigate to the setting menu
    Chrome options - Activate Chrome Dark Mode
  • In the settings menu, find the ‘Appearance‘ option
    Appearance option on Chrome
  • There you can search and find various themes to use without using the device settings. Many themes use colors like black with grey pallets which you can utilize for customization.
  • Alternatively, you can type Google themes in the search bar and it will take you to Google’s store

Dark Mode Through Extension:

There are countless extensions available for you to download as plug-ins or add-ons. They work in a similar manner and provide you with a feature to switch the dark mode. Each extension is from an individual developer. Therefore, you might want to check for authenticity before you use these extensions.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows & Mac

Dark mode for PC or Laptop is available for Windows 10 and above versions. If you use macOS, you need version 10.14 or above to gain access to the function.

For Windows –

To activate the dark mode for Chrome, you would have to activate the dark theme for your windows, as well:

  • Go to the Settings of Windows 10
    Windows 10 Settings option
  • Click on Personalization
    Windows 10 Personalization Option
  • Find ‘Colors’ and scroll down to ‘Choose your default app mode
    default app mode on windows 10 - Activate Chrome Dark Mode
  • There you can change it to Dark.

This method will impact every other app that has a dark mode. Once activated, you wouldn’t have to restart Chrome, it is instant.

For Mac –

Similar to Windows, dark mode for chrome in macOS is also through general theme changing. Follow these steps to change the theme of your macOS:

  • Find ‘System Preferences’ and track ‘General
  • Navigate to ‘Appearance’ and find the ‘Dark’ option

Once you activate the dark option, it will work in a similar manner. Every other app with Dark mode compatibility will also work with the option and automatically activate the theme.

The Universal Themes Option Or Extensions:

If you don’t want to change the theme of the entire device but stick to Google Chrome, there is a method to do so. For that method, you would have to rely upon Chrome’s built-in options. There is a Dark Mode Extension and Theme with a colour scheme available for the browser.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Turn Night Mode On For Chrome?

There isn’t any ‘Night mode’ for Chrome. It will have to rely upon your Device’s dark mode feature to work with the night mode.

Is There A Dark Mode For Google Chrome?

There isn’t any built-in option available to turn on dark mode for Google Chrome. You can use the above-given methods of changing the device’s themes, using Chrome themes or extensions.

How Do I Get Google Chrome Out Of Dark Mode?

You can follow the same method you used to activate the dark mode. Deactivate it or activate the light mode and you can conveniently reverse the option.


Remember always to check and ensure Incognito Mode isn’t active. Google Chrome has a natural dark mode or grey pallet for incognito mode’s theme. People often confuse it with the dark mode. You can check it by looking for the incognito mode’s symbol. You can also open the default homepage. If it’s incognito mode, you will have instructions or warnings related to the feature’s use.

That’s everything you need to work with Google Chrome’s Dark Mode. Hopefully, the guide presents you with comprehensive information regarding the activation in various devices, including iOS and Android. So go ahead and give relief to your eyes as you appreciate the dark color pallet of the Chrome web browser.

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