How to Convert Youtube to Mp3 Format?

Youtube is one of the biggest platforms on the internet, where you can find music. There are tons of artists who use this service. It is the largest free to access video platform.

Music videos have become an everyday necessity these days for successful artists. People expect to see the content online for their entertainment. Most popular artists use this as a method of free promotion. This guide will take a look at how to convert any youtube video to mp3 format. There are many methods available for your use. All of these will 100% work on all your devices.

How to Convert Youtube to Mp3?

There are multiple online websites and applications which offer this service. In this guide, we will try to cover all of them for our readers. The necessary steps are similar for every website and application. Here’s how you can start downloading youtube content as audio on any device.

Website Method:

YTMp3 –

In this method, we take a look at the websites which enable us to start conversion. For this tutorial, we are using the YTMP3 website. It is quite popular and works well with every video. Here are the steps that you can follow for easy use.

  • The next step is to go to youtube and find a video you want to convert to audio. You can copy-paste the link from the website.
  • You can start by visiting the website on your browser. Users can click on this link ( It is a simple website with no unnecessary hassles. Copy and paste the link from the youtube website here. Click on the convert button, and then you’re good to go.
  • Once the conversion process takes place, you can download the output. It is perfect for users who want to start saving their music. The file will automatically start downloading.

Voila! You can utilize this method for downloading your songs very quickly. We recommend the website method to users on their desktops and laptops. It is highly efficient and takes up very little time.

Application Method:

In this method, we look at an application that enables you to download youtube videos as mp3 files. The technique works for all android devices. It is easy to follow service for our readers. In this section, we are going to use tubemate for your easy access.

  • Users have to start by downloading the Tubemate service on their smartphone devices. It is not available on the official google play store. Anyone can enjoy the service without any hassles at all. You have to visit the following link. Install the APK file by enabling installation from unknown sources.
  • Once the download and installation complete, users can start by visiting the application. It supports download from all major online platforms. Users have to select the youtube platform and search for their video. Tubemate runs the youtube mobile website within its application.
  • Users can start by visiting any video on the application. It is perfect for users who enjoy watching and listening to content. Once you begin viewing music videos on the website, it can be easy to download. The red download button will show up on the video. You can click on it to see the options.
  • Tubemate enables users to download content in many different formats. You can choose the Mp3 format according to your convenience.

We hope this method works flawlessly for your audio needs. Try this out today. Let us know how the results look like with your download.

Our Top Picks:

Now, you know how to convert youtube to mp3. It is time to explore our options and diversify. These will help you to have backup options apart from the ones we mentioned already. Tons of websites offer this solution. We are hoping to cover the majority of them for the ease of your access. Let’s take a look at what’s available to all of us.

1. Mp3-Convert:

It is an online platform that is helpful in your conversion needs. It is similar to the YTMP3 website. Users can quickly start downloading their favorite content on the podium with ease. The steps remain the same as given above. Copy-paste the link and then click on convert.

The user interface is quite simple for everyone to utilize. We recommend you try it out today and get the best results. You can have your favorite music and shows on this platform. It is a simple yet effective process that requires you to follow the above guidelines.

2. Ontiva

Ontiva is a useful website that helps users with all youtube solutions. Users can start converting videos with a simple click. We thoroughly enjoy the fantastic user interface available on the website. It is sleek and unique. The platform is highly efficient and doesn’t require lots of effort.

The platform also enables users to download in many different qualities. Users can select minute qualities like bitrates and other minor details. The platform also helps you to use the video download option. It works out quite well for everyone. The list of features is also impressive on the forum. 

3. EasyMP3Converter

The EasyMP3Converter website is highly efficient when it comes to content. The website is true to its name. Users can utilize this platform for the best results. We recommend all our readers to go through this platform. You can enjoy high-quality downloads at rapid fast speeds.

The conversion times are relatively low for everyone. Users can also select the bitrate and quality through this website. It gives you some freedom of customization for future use. The downloads start instantly without any hassles.

4. Savefrom

Savefrom is the go-to website for all youtube download needs. It is known for the video download features available for users. We recommend that you follow this guide for easy use.

Anyone can visit the website and download their favorite videos in audio format. It is mainly suitable for video downloads but can also work for audio content.


Converting youtube videos to mp3 files is quite simple. We hope our guide was able to shed some light on the steps we need to follow. We have also added some of our top picks. These will help you to convert any content on the platform easily.

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