How to Get Disney Plus Student Discount?

Disney Plus is a popular streaming service. The platform is still new in comparison to other providers. Recently there have been developments with the website. Disney Plus is highly popular primarily because of the superhit show The Mandalorian.

The baby Yoda memes led to easy promotions of the service. It is highly popular among the masses. There are tons of offers and subscription discounts available. Students especially will love to take advantage of these services. You can see a high number of users utilizing this service. 2020 is all about watching the latest shows. We are all looking for new ways to spend our time. Today we will discuss in detail about the Disney plus a student discount.

Does Disney Plus Have a Student Discount?

Most premium streaming services are offering a student discount to their customers. Is the same true for Disney Plus? The answer is no because it is a new platform. The service providers are currently aiming to expand their regions. As the platform becomes popular, there are chances that a student’s offer will be available. Amazon Prime is one of the competitors which has a student discount in place. The entertainment company is relatively new. We can expect them to follow in the footsteps of Spotify and Amazon prime soon. As of now, there are no such confirmations.

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Steps to sign up for Disney Plus:

Sign up for the Disney plus account even if there is no student discount. The content is quite impressive, and we believe you will thoroughly enjoy the service. In this guide, we discuss the multiple steps you require to sign up for Disney Plus.

  • The first step is to visit the Disney Plus website. Users can click on this link – It is highly popular and currently available in only a few regions of the world. You can find the home page to be very informative. There are tons of options available for sign up. You can click on the signup button to start the process.
  • The signup process is relatively straightforward. You have to add some minor personal details. The first piece of information is your email address. Users can register with any ID on the platform. A student ID is not necessary.
  • The second step is to create a safe password. Users have to be careful because your security depends on this information. There are a lot of cases of hacked accounts online these days. A safe password consists of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • The last step in the signup process is to add your payment information. Users can purchase the $6.99 monthly subscription. It is an excellent price for a streaming service. You can save money for two months by buying the annual plan. It will cost you $69.99 for the 12 months. It is going to keep you safe from any issues.

Voila! We hope this helps you to start getting entertainment quickly. The Disney plus website has a lot of content available. Try this out today and start exploring the platform.

Offers with Disney Plus:

There are tons of offers available currently for Disney Plus users. If you are thinking about exploring the service, then this is the right time. One of the best offers they are providing includes the three in one plan. Users can pay for three premium services in one subscription. It is a rare sight for many users.

Disney is a massive entertainment company. They have a stake in many major entertainment companies. Currently, they are offering a plan which includes Disney Plus, Hulu (Ad supported), and ESPN Plus. The three are unique and offer quality entertainment. Users can get the three programs at an exclusive price of $12.99 per month. It is a great deal considering the other options. You can save tons of money.

Features of Disney Plus:

There are tons of premium features that Disney offers to its customers. You can take a look at the options right here. The users can enjoy the fantastic service with ease. Make the most out of your streaming service. 

1. Stream everywhere

The Disney plus platform is available across all devices. Users with any device can log in to experience unlimited entertainment. The app is available on all iOS and Android devices. Users can explore it on their PS4 and Xbox as well.

Smart TV devices also support a fantastic application. Different premium services like Fire TV and Chromecast also stream the turn. There are no restrictions on your streaming needs. Try it out today to explore the premium content.

2. Multiple devices

Disney Plus is offering continuous streaming on four devices. It is an excellent feature in comparison to other premium OTT platforms. Many students also prefer sharing accounts.

It is a great way to stream on the same account. A single home can also have multiple watchers. There are lovers of different genres in one house. It is the perfect choice for families with multiple TVs.

3. Exclusive content

Disney is the biggest movie and TV franchise. Their universe is full of multiple amazing shows. Everyone loves Marvel, Lucasfilms, Pixar, and Disney content. You can get the cinematic experience from home. You can find all this exclusive content only on the Disney plus platform.

These are some highly popular shows. Anyone can start experiencing them from home. Watch your favorite superhero movies and TV shows. The Mandalorian from the Star Wars franchise is a great example. New content from different studios is on the way.

These are some of the most enjoyable features of Disney Plus. We hope you have a great time sharing such experiences.

Is it worth it?

It all comes down to this fundamental question. Is the platform worth the spending? Many users already have premium subscriptions to streaming services. 

It might not make immediate sense to invest in this platform. We are huge fans of Disney Plus. However, there is no student discount available with the service. You can enjoy a great deal of excellent content that is not available anywhere. The three in one plan is the most worth it purchase. Users can also buy only Disney Plus to save a few more bucks. Spending $6.99 per month is not a considerable amount for many users.


In this guide, we try to solve many of your doubts about the alluring Disney Plus streaming service. It is becoming a prevalent force in the current culture. 

The youth is in love with the shows and the movies available here. You can also try it out today!

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