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Are you looking for Disney Plus VPN? There are countless options available online. You will find something that is free, others that are premium. Of course, it’s never a good idea to use a free VPN service, but what if it is worth it? More importantly, what if you decide to get a premium VPN for Disney plus but don’t know which one to choose?

Don’t you worry! This list has the top VPNs for Disney Plus that will bring you an endless stream of entertainment. So, let’s begin!

Why do you Need VPN for Disney Plus?

The most anticipated Disney+ app is here, and it’s gaining tremendous popularity. You don’t have to wait for the standard Disney channel to view your favorite content from Disney. With the help of Disney Plus, you can watch everything Disney owns on the app. More importantly, it has universal compatibility to be used with most of the devices!

However, you might not have access to Disney in your region. While Disney is consistently expanding across the globe, some countries have not allowed it. In other places, Disney is facing some challenges to get permission. More importantly, some content is restricted in some regions.

That’s why you need a competent VPN service provider to stream your favorite Disney Plus content without any restriction.

Why Can’t You Access Disney Plus?

You can access Disney Plus content if you get a subscription. However, if you can’t find Disney+ on the designated play store, it might not be available in your country, that’s due to Geo-blocking that Disney uses.

If it’s available in your country, but there’s some content missing from the app, then it’s most likely Geo-restriction. Here’s a quick overview of what each of these means:


Geo-blocking is when the content, app, platform, or server, basically anything related to the internet, is blocked in your region. It can either be done by your Government, as popularly seen in China or from providers.

If providers do it, then the reason might be that they are trying to get the app available. However, they don’t have all the permissions.


A geo-restriction is a smaller version of Geo-blocking. In this, you might not have access to the content on your Disney plus app that is available in other countries. It might be due to some regulations. Some content doesn’t match the Network or Censor board of the Country. Others might be straight-up offensive or unpleasant.

In these scenarios, the content is restricted. Age restriction is also another form. If you’re not old enough according to your country’s regulations, you can’t watch the content.

Best VPN for Disney Plus:

With these aspects in mind, VPN enables you to break through such barriers and stream your content. A VPN will connect to servers available in other countries so that you can watch and stream your favorite content without any problem. Hence, here’s the list of the seven most well-versed VPNs for Disney Plus and other streaming apps:

1. NordVPN

Starting off the list, we have Nord VPN that’s growing steadily into popularity. It brings you high-speed connection with availability in over 60 countries and over 5,000 servers. You can use it on almost any device! If you choose Nord’s premium subscription, you can use it on six separate devices. Therefore, it’s a high value for money.

Along with Ultra-fast speed, you get many features, VPN security like encryption and encryptions, and much more. It can be a little pricey for a single person, but if you get six people to chip in, you have a highly affordable VPN. It is undoubtedly a world-class VPN for Disney plus.

2. ExpressVPN

If Nord is not available in your country, you can choose Express VPN for its astonishing availability in over 160 countries. It has over 3,000 servers, which is half of Nord, but each one is high-performing. If you want to stream Disney on any device, you can subscribe to Express and enjoy up to 5 devices for VPN.

The best part about VPN is that it works optimally on any device and platform, including gaming consoles. It has an extension for browsers and whatnot. If you genuinely want to gain access to Disney Plus content, this is a great VPN.  It has many advanced features, such as a kill switch and split tunneling. Ergo, you reinforce your internet security. Apart from unlimited entertainment, you get robust security! It is highly user friendly and boasts military-grade protection.

3. SurfShark

Here is a reasonably standard VPN that’s available in more than 60 countries and consistently expanding. You get around 1,700 or more servers. Much like other VPNs, you have universal compatibility. However, what makes SurfShark stand out is that you can use it on as many devices as you like with a single subscription.

It is a military-grade VPN that brings you the high ability for customization with a White list. In simple words, you can decide which apps can use the VPN. You can enjoy many offers with SurfShark that you won’t find in other VPNs. However, you might find some limits on streamlining other apps’ capacity. It will work fine for Disney Plus.

3. IPVanish

Another fairly standard VPN that you can use on any device. You get access to a decent number of servers (1,500+) with availability in all the right countries. More importantly, you can use a single subscription on as many devices as you like.

Add that to encryption storage backup, and you have a highly enticing deal. If you don’t want to subscribe right off the bat, you can try a 30 days trial, which makes it an excellent VPN to use If you’re unsure whether using the VPN is the right choice, the trial will help you make a better decision. In simple words, if you want a VPN provider that works reasonably well and has a standard performance, then this is the one for your Disney Plus.

4. CyberGhost

Here’s another well-versed addition to the list. CyberGhost has more servers than Nord or ExpressVPN, with over 6,400 on the list. It is also available in around 90 countries, and a single subscription is viable for up to seven devices.

It stands out due to its adamant support for Public Wi-Fi. Therefore, if you travel a lot or want to access your Disney plus content from a remote location, this is one of the best options. It is highly secure for your Wi-Fi. While it doesn’t have as broad compatibility as other VPNs, it supports all the prevalent selections. More importantly, the company frequently released various offers and discounts that you can enjoy.

5. Strong VPN

If you can overlook the fact that this one’s available in around 30 countries and has a low level of servers, around 950, Strong VPN offers a lot on the table. For a single subscription, you can use it on 12 devices, so it’s easier for you to split the price.

The most striking aspect is the cloud compatibility that brings you an extensive 250 GB storage. You can use it to download or store your content from around the globe without any problem. Another central selling point is the WireGuard partnership.

With a Strong VPN subscription, you can access a plethora of apps and utilities that WireGuard offers. It includes many boosters, anti-virus, anti-malware, performance enhancer, and storage. The VPN is relatively new and currently under expansion. With what it offers, it does have an excellent bargain to it.

6. Private Internet Access

Perhaps you don’t want a lack of countries and need the highest amount of servers? Then you have Private Internet Access. This VPN is such a high-performing utility that you have the highest number of servers. Over 12,000 servers mean you will never have a problem streaming and finding your favorite Disney Plus content.

That’s not all! You can connect it with up to 10 devices in a single subscription. It is relatively easy to use with a user-friendly interface. There aren’t too many features, but if you want a VPN that gets the job done for Disney+ streaming, this is the one.

The cost of a subscription is very competitive, and you get multiple VPN Gateways. Thus, your records are entirely unknown, and there aren’t any logs. However, it doesn’t offer security and other services many VPNs pair up with. Regardless, it’s a fantastic choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. What’s The Most Important Factor In A VPN?

Ans: A VPN should be easy to use and compatible with the device you plan to use with Disney Plus. If it offers extra security such as anti-malware, encryption, or storage, that’s a big plus. However, the availability of a server is the most critical factor and the country.

2Q. What’s The Best Server To Connect For Disney Plus?

Ans: Any server from the USA is the best server for your Disney Plus VPN. It will bring you access to a complete range of content without any restrictions. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your Disney+ to the heart’s content.

3Q. Why Should I Get Premium VPN For Disney?

Ans: Many free VPNs either knock off or sell your third party data to other vendors for advertisements. Some may have a specific Bandwidth limit and will slow down your connection. In simple words, they might be enough to get you by, but not something you’d want for streaming Disney Plus.

Apart from potential risks, you may compromise your details. However, premium VPNs don’t keep the logs of your use. You maintain complete anonymity while accessing the internet. More importantly, your speed is intact, and you get extra security for the internet.

4Q. Is It Legal To Use VPN For Streaming Disney+?

Ans: Yes, there hasn’t been any regulation that restricts the use of VPN. You can use VPN legally to access the content. It’s the same as traveling to other continents and accessing your favorite apps and whatnot. Many browsers come with VPN, and almost every company, including tech giants, have worked on rolling out their VPN services.


Each one of these offers remarkable performance. Many VPNs would decline your speed as you connect to other servers. However, these VPNs will keep your speed for downloading and uploading intact. Thus, you can enjoy HD streaming and much more for your Disney Plus.

Don’t let the barriers of region or capitalism stop you from enjoying the content that you deserve. After all, you’re paying for the complete subscription, and you have the right to access it. Now enjoy streaming anywhere, anytime, especially if you travel, with these best VPNs for Disney plus.

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