30+ Best Dropbox Alternatives You Can Try in 2021

Dropbox is known as one of the best cloud storage in the market. But, you can run out of space there, and it has been heard as well that it had a few bugs over the past years, which compromised a million accounts. You may get the premium account, which gives you more space, or you can use alternatives to Dropbox. Many websites offer the same thing, and maybe they might even offer better features and security.

Best Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox or any other alternatives lets you store your important files on a cloud drive and use any of these files on any other PC or your smartphone just by logging in. Here we will give you a list of alternatives to Dropbox.

Top 5 Recommended Dropbox Alternatives in 2021 (Paid & Free)  

  1. pCloud — Best Value For Money Storage Provider
  2. Google Drive  — Overall Best Cloud Storage Provider (Free & Paid)
  3. OneDrive —  Most Trusted By Users
  4. Box — The Best Alternative to Dropbox
  5. Tresorit —  Best Cloud Storage Provider for Small to Medium User

Top 30+ Best Dropbox Alternatives

1. CloudMe


CloudMe is a cloud storage platform that lets you back up, store, and share files with people. You can easily transfer all your data from Dropbox to CloudMe with a single click. When you sign up on this platform to create an account, you will get around 5GB of storage for free immediately.


  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and NAS platforms. 
  • A cross-platform transfer is available. 
  • Cloud-like interface for distribution of storage in the company
  • GDPR compliant EU service 
  • Flexibility to choose the files and folders you want to sync without providing complete access to the system or storage
  • Scheduled backup option to safeguard your data in an offsite infrastructure to prevent any data loss

Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: totally depends on the plan you choose

2. SugarSync


SugarSync is another alternative to Dropbox that can be used to transfer or share files with proper security. When you use SugarSync, you can be assured that your files are safe and secure. It lets users upload files as well as sync files across various devices and even stream multimedia. You can download the Supersync app for iOS and Android from the app store.


  • Universal compatibility with Windows and other devices
  • Multi-folder syncing enable you to sync specific folder to each device without waiting for on-going transfer to complete
  • Automatic-backup would keep the chosen folders in-sync
  • A single subscription brings you the convenience to use on an unlimited number of devices.
  • Compatible cross-platform sync and transfer
  • File and folder sharing is available. 
  • Easy to restore lost data
  • State-of-the-art security protocols

Free Storage: Free for 30 days

Pricing:100GB for around $7.49 per month, 250GB for about $9.99 per month, 500GB for $18.95 per month

3. Team Drive


Team Drive is another alternative to Dropbox that lets you store your files safely. It also provides a backup service. It is straightforward to use. You can use it to upload any files to this platform or even share them with your business partners. This service is more useful for business purposes than for personal use.


  • End-to-end encrypted with GDPR certification.
  • Personalization option to create different servers for storage such as enterprise, client, personal, web portal, outlook, office, and much more.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Suitable for private or corporate use
  • Assign a level of access for each person individually
  • Automatic sync and secure data backups
  • Log audits to check any changes made by anyone in the files.
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Free Storage: 2GB

Pricing: 10GB for around $59.50 per year

4. Mega


Mega is a safe cloud storage service that gives you around 15GB of storage for absolutely free when you sign in. Though it lacks some editing features. At the same time, it is one of the simplest and easiest platforms you can use to safely store your files in a cloud storage with affordable pricing plans.


  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Business solutions and platform for high-end enterprises
  • Communication options like calls, texts, messages are compatible for added security with MegaChat.
  • Standard compatibility with extension and CMD support
  • Cloud-based and secure interface
  • Automated backups and other functions
  • Share files, folders, and much more with anyone
  • Self-sustaining servers and infrastructure with proper backup
  • Public source for each app is available for transparency.

Free Storage: 50GB

Pricing: Totally depends on whichever plan you select

5. Sync


Similar to Dropbox, Sync allows you to use and share everything with anyone you want to. With its strong security, you can secure important information, only to yourself.

Sync lets you control password access, notifications, expiry dates as well as upload capacities. You will be able to share the file link with anyone so that they will be able to access the files, and the best thing is that the user does not need to have a Sync account to see the files.


  • An utterly private platform where only you have access to your stored files unless you share.
  • End-to-end encryption and Sync doesn’t share data with anyone.
  • Global-level compatibility with cross-platform availability.
  • Automatic backups and an option to restore deleted files are available.
  • Added security layers like two-factor authentication, user permission, remote wipe, notification of use, and much more.
  • Easy to use cloud infrastructure

Free Storage: 5 GB

Pricing: $49 each year for 500 GB of storage or $96 each year for 2 TB of storage

6. pCloud


pCloud cloud storage service has around 7 million users from all over the world. It is a bit different than Dropbox because the desktop version does not use your computer storage space. You can move all your files with a single click with the automated system.


  • Comes with business, family, and personal modules for individual preference
  • Affiliate and referral programs for added feasibility
  • Cross-platform and universal compatible for portable devices, PCs, and web
  • pCloud crypto for adamant internet security and encryption
  • File versioning to store older file versions and latest, both
  • Rewind and revision features to restore any file to 15 or 30 days older versions
  • Easy interface with search and filter to organize files

Free Storage: 10 GB

Pricing: it depends on the plan you choose

7. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs-Overview

Zoho Docs is one of the best cloud storage which can be used in place of Dropbox. It has some great features like Dropbox integration, bulk upload, email integration, tagging, access management, document editor, digital signature, and many more.


  • Bulk and individual file upload at high speeds without any size limitation on the file
  • Compatible with an email to transfer files through mail
  • Complete organization of files and folders available for personalization
  • Sync your Windows, macOS, or Linux PC with existing files and folders, including sub-folders with impeccable transfer compatibility
  • Password-protected links for authorized personnel. 
  • Group sharing for collaboration
  • In-app chat, tasks, and reminders for management 

Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: Free for a group of up to 25 users. There are different paid plans.

8. Box


The box is a great cloud storage platform for most businesses. You can even use it for personal use. They provide you around 10GB at the beginning. But, they have an upload limit of around 250MB. You won’t be able to upload any file that is larger than this size.


  • Box Shield for AI security system that prevents any data breach
  • Box Governance for an added layer of authenticity and authorization of files and folders
  • Box Zones to conveniently make the folders or files accessible in a specific region
  • Box KeySafe to safeguard your encrypted keys for authorized access, specifically
  • Complete data privacy and industry-standard security 
  • Admin controls to the owner for complete command over their Box infrastructure

Free Storage: 10 GB

Pricing: You can choose from 100 GB to Unlimited storage. Pricing depends on the plan.

9. CloudUp


CloudUp makes the process of sharing files between the sender and the recipient easier. It lets you upload any file from videos to links. When you decide to share some files with other users, you will only need to send them the link. The best part is that it provides a lot of free storage to its users. You can even upgrade your plan to the premium version. But, the storage will be the same.


  • Share a complete array of files and folders without any restrictions, including URL links.
  • Drag and drop compatibility with high-speed data transfer with data streaming up to 200 MB per file
  • Share as you upload through a one-click URL 
  • Up to 200GB of storage for free 
  • Minimalist and user-friendly interface compatible with low-performance device for efficiency
  • No setup required. Accessible through the browser, phone, or desktops

Free Storage: 200GB

Pricing: totally free

10. SpiderOAK


If you are looking for the best Dropbox alternative, then SpiderOak would be the best for you. It is safe and secure cloud storage, and it also offers amazing cloud backup. It would be best to keep in mind that this cloud storage won’t provide you any free storage. For those looking for basic cloud storage and backup storage, this will be the best tool. It is straightforward to use.


  • Full-scale enterprise-level security for mid to small scale businesses at high affordability
  • SpiderOak CrossClave works exceptionally as cloud storage.
  • Semaphor for secure messaging and chat communications
  • End-to-end encryption with private blockchain security
  • Efficient and secure backups to safeguard data loss
  • LogSecure for the admin to access log and overview activities
  • Complete enterprise backup to secure essential files 
  • Multiple industrial expertise for a specific performance like Banking, Healthcare, Legal, etc. 

Free Storage: Free for 21 days

Pricing: 150GB for around $5 per month, 400GB for around $9 per month, 1Tb for $12 per month

11. Google Drive

Google Drive-Overview

Google Drive is another Dropbox alternative that is quite popular. Google creates both Dropbox and Google Drive. Google Drive was a more popular storage option for the documents and sheets earlier. If you already use Google Drive, then you already know that you will be able to edit a document in Google Drive. So, this is what makes Google Drive different from the others.

The even allows you to comment on the documents and even collaborate with other users. Apart from that, there is another great feature, which is called speech to text tool. You can use this feature to type text using your voice.


  • Industry’s leading and most prominent cloud storage platform
  • Seamless connectivity through a wide assortment of apps and software to Google Drive
  • Access through user ID, share links, or control access efficiently for any file.
  • Store and record every change with real-time updates and saves
  • Offline working and recovery to sync once online to never lose any data.
  • Multi-factor authentication and encryption as standard security

Free Storage: 15GB

Pricing: 100 GB  for $1.99 per month and 1 TB  for $9.99 per month.

12. OneDrive


Onedrive is cloud storage that is owned by Microsoft. It is absolutely the best solution for Microsoft users. If you are an owner of a Windows 10 PC or Laptop, then OneDrive will be pre-installed on your computer. When you upgrade OneDrive to a premium plan, you not only get more storage.

But, you also get a bigger uploading limit. With the premium plan, you can get some special features, which include PDF Scanner.


  • Trust, credibility, and compliance of Microsoft, the industry’s leading platform
  • Folder move, file control, and complete access as if using ‘File Explorer.
  • Files On-demand, easy to navigate, search and categorize everything
  • Real-time saves as you go for team collaborations across any Microsoft platform.
  • Restore files and recycle bin to delete files you might want to recover
  • Modern compatibility with universal attachment and operating systems compatibility 

Free Storage: 5 GB

Pricing: 50 GB  is for  $1.99 per month, and 1 TB  is for around $6.99 per month

13. MediaFire


In the beginning, MediaFire was only file sharing service, but later on, they made it as cloud storage too. It is quite simple to share files and folders. It isn’t any different than the rest of the services. The interface is quite easy to use, and you will easily control the storage drive from any device.


  • Easy sharing directly through links for download. Share on any platform, including social media.
  • One-time links to expire with time for better security
  • It comes with ad-support if you seek to make an extra profit while sharing.
  • Seamless collaboration with multiple access and various files and folder compatibilities
  • Compatible with prevalent operating systems and platforms 
  • Store a file as big as 4GBs.
  • Upload and download speed relies on your collection, with no limit.

Free Storage: 10GB

Pricing: 1 TB  would cost $7.50 per month

14. WorkZone


Workzone is software for managing projects. It has some features that are very useful for file managing, storage as well as file sharing. You can use it for different purposes. It even lets you comment on images. Apart from that, it allows you to keep track of all the file changes.


  • A professional cloud storage facility with a wide assortment of business tools 
  • Automated reports, insights, and analytics to improve performance or workflow
  • File control through permission and authentication for added security
  • Track expenses, get email alerts, customize brand, and much one as a one-stop solution for growing enterprise.
  • Personal notifications remind to-do lists and other added features for productivity.
  • Track or set project length, completion, and other aspects conveniently.

Free Storage: No

Pricing: You need to request the prices

15. Nextcloud


Nextcloud is a very different file-sharing website that allows its users to share links. Most of the small companies can use it. If you prefer open-source projects or you have secured your priority, then this tool is suitable for you.


  • One-stop cloud solution for personal and professional solutions with added productivity possibilities
  • Organize and save files, store emails, get notifications, connect with complete infrastructure for comprehensive connectivity across platforms to stay in the loop
  • Productive community to receive the most valuable and user-friendly updates and features as you go.
  • NextCloud Hub brings you access to a complete array of cloud computing, backups,  file sharing, storage, and much more in a single platform.

Free Storage: Depends on which plan you choose

Pricing: Depends on which plan you choose

16. Tresorit


Tresorit is a Swiss-based cloud interface that brings you the industry’s leading solution. If you have a specific business or enterprise requirement, Trsorit has expert solutions for each industry like legal, healthcare, and much more.

It meets the standard requirements of ISO 27001, GDPR, and HIPAA. You have an additional option to compare it with the industry’s policy for better compliance. As you get complete support, it is certainly worth a try. 


  • Multiple packages to choose from according to the requirements
  • End-to-end encryption, including links to share with anyone, even non-Tresorit users
  • Universal compatibility with all operating systems and browsers 
  • Extensive database and libraries for individual solutions from mobile to collaboration-based requirements
  • Complete admin control with a dashboard to determine authentication
  • Several plugins and essential apps for ease of work and productivity

Free Storage: 5 GB

Pricing: 10€ premium, 20€ solo, 15€ business, 16€ business plus, 25€ enterprise. Up to 2 TB storage expansion

17. Egnyte


Egynte is a highly credible platform that brings you complete management, security, and analytics for business. You can access it on any device and connect it to various apps. It is straightforward to use with the reduced cost of file-sharing. Additionally, it brings you a high level of AI security, data governance, and complete admin control over your Egynte platform. 

It further eliminates the requirement of third-party security additions like VPNs and file-securing through its competent built-in end-to-end encryption and much more. 


  • Safeguard any invaluable or sensitive data through high-level security, password, two-step authentication, and much more
  • Automate syncing, backup, and other tasks for ease of use and access
  • Complete protection against any security threats, including internal, as you get notified of any activity in your Egnyte infrastructure.
  • Access a wide array of files and folders, sync with any device. Collaborate with any connection and work offline and online for higher productivity.

Free Storage: N/A. You can contact the team for a free trial.

Pricing: $10/month per member for Team Pack with 1 TB Storage, $20/month per member for Business with 1 TB collective and 10GB individual storage.

18. Owncloud


Owncloud is a self-host file sharing platform that brings you, the user, complete control over the forum as you can host it on your server. You can view, share, or sync data across any platform or device. It is compatible with a wide range of apps and plugins for versatile connectivity to work with other storage services.


  • Open-API and open-source for community-driven updates.
  • Works with PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Public link sharing with a password. 
  • Complete access to various activity notifications
  • Online collaborations, file, and document editing
  • Automatic storage access directly as you use any app or command.
  • In-built file support, including music and video playbacks
  • Add anti-virus or any other security measure if you want more security. 
  • Complete logging to keep track of the activity 

Free Storage: Available for self-hosting depends on your server’s storage.

Pricing: ownCloud is €13/month per user for 1,000 GB storage and 200 GB extra per user. €15/month per user for 500 GB. 14 days free trial available 

19. Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive-Overview

Amazon is the industry’s leading service provider and has been available in cloud computing for longer than many other companies. Thus, it brings you a higher level of trust, security, and credibility with its name.

It has a simple interface, almost like any other standard cloud drive storage. The storage seems like an email service for ease of use, sharing, and transfer.


  • Relatively simple and straightforward email like interface
  • Industry’s leading cloud storage that supports photos, videos, documents, and other files
  • Standard security integrations and meets the industry’s standard for services and ease of use 
  • Compatible with universal devices and operating systems like iOS, Android, and much more
  • Secure backups and data recovery.
  • End-to-end encryption, password protection, and direct share option are available. 

Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: Unlimited Photo storage $11.99 with 5GB for videos. Unlimited complete file storage at $59.99. Comes with 3-months free trial. 

20. Resilio


Resilio might be one of the best options available with no visible storage limit. Even for free download, you can access storage with limited compatibility and features. It’s several packages certainly makes it highly unique and reliable. Although it is a less known name, it is highly secure and fast. 

For personal, family, or business use, Resilio offers commendable services throughout the years. It’s payment modules are flexible and much more competitive than many known service providers. 


  • Highly reliable, fast, and secured service provider
  • Access anywhere through any device or platform. It has universal compatibility available.
  • Remove duplicate files and categorize or organize storage as you like
  • One-time file sending, expirable links, password protection
  • Option to encrypt or decrypt data according to the requirement
  • Selective or complete sync as per your convenience
  • Manage access and permission, and control bandwidth usage to not take a toll on your speed
  • Complete support and excellent customer support

Free Storage: No limit 

Pricing:  $59.9 One time payment for SyncHome, $99.9 One time payment for SyncFamily, $30 per month for business

21. Flickr


For any photo-lover out there, Flickr has been a hub for finding people, photos, or groups. It is the right choice for any professional photographer or videographer. After subscribing to premium, you will gain access to complete industry-leading platforms and apps. There are comprehensive options available, and your premium subscription can change according to how your photos and videos perform. 


  • Professional photo and video sharing hub with cloud storage
  • Get complete analytics of how your photos and videos perform.
  • Ad-free experience for subscribers
  • Wide range of offers and bonus according to how your platform performs
  • You get benefits of SmugMug, Adobe Creative Cloud, Blurb, Capture One, Peak Design, Priime, Pixsy, and much more.
  • User friendly and easy to access with standard security protocols and integrations 

Free Storage: 1,000 Photos 

Pricing: $6.99/month, $18.99/3 months, $59.99/year, $117.99/2 years

22. eFileCabinet


eFileCabinet is like having your personal device’s File Manager online in a secure platform. It brings you complete control and ease of access with standard features. You get text searching, backup, retention, and much more. eFileCabinet is compatible with many popular servers and operating systems, making it best-in-class. 

You get complete access to business-related tools that can further boost your productivity. There is competent business support, customer support, training for you, and demo versions available. 


  • Control temporary access, permission, document requests with 256-bit encryption for added security and protection
  • Set expiration dates for access and links to have better control
  • Highly-secure web portal with an assortment of versatile tools to make the functions easier
  • Easy to use interface and design that is appealing
  • Assign roles for the permission with limited comments and options
  • Works with mobile and other platforms; there’s a free mobile app.
  • Automated functions like file structuring

Free Storage: There’s Free Trial, No Free Storage

Pricing: $55 per month per user

23. Slack


Slack is primarily known for chat, messaging, and other communication. However, it has a well-versed storage option that can store any kind of file, folder, or document conveniently. It’s essential to remember that it has a workplace module in design. Therefore, it is something highly suitable for organizations and enterprises.

However, if you plan on using Slack for personal storage, that is achievable. There are plans and packages according to members, which make it easier for users. If you are running out of space, Slack will notify you. 


  • Perfect choice for professional transfer and communication
  • Universal compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, NAS, and other platforms
  • Highly-competitive pricing that can’t be matched easily
  • Standard security, including end-to-end encryption 
  • Channel-based performance, text, and storage for more secure access
  • Complete communication support, including Call. You can keep logs or recordings.
  • Complete file control, such as sharing, deleting or organizing. 

Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: $2.67 for standard and $5 per month for Plus. Enterprise-level is up for quotation. 

24. Backblaze


BackBlaze is perhaps the most competitive and an excellent choice for anyone. It is cheap and comes with a wide range of features and services. It has personal storage, Business Backup, and B3 cloud storage. Each of these options has achieved dominion with world-class additions of features and services. 

Backblaze is used by many industries, including network channels, app services, and much more. It is slowly achieving recognition for its highly cost-effective services. 


  • Multiple-backups. You get NAS, Computer Backup, Server Backup, and Veeam Backups.
  • You can keep your older versions and files for even upto one year. 
  • Order a USB flash drive with a complete backup of your data and a 30-days refund policy
  • Automated or scheduled functions for ease of backup
  • Location tracking for devices and computers
  • Automatic threading, throttling, or upload limit as per user convenience.
  • Share backups 

Free Storage: 10 GB

Pricing: $6 per month for Personal, $60 per year, and $110 per two year

25. Filestack


Filestack brings you an exclusive platform for developers with the right tools. It saves time by simplifying many processes, allowing developers to focus on productivity and the task. Filestack has created a niche as a file handling service for developers. 

It is known for best-in-class speed, security in delivery, and exceptional control. You can integrate Filestack into any platform as it is a one-API. However, you need to be a developer with an in-depth understanding to use the platform efficiently, even though it can be user-friendly.


  • It comes with built-in tools for editing any file.
  • You can crop, resize, add effects, or transform images.
  • You can convert audio and video content into any format and resolution.
  • For documents, you can make real-time updates and changes.
  • Uses bandwidth only for uploading; it offers free bandwidth for download.
  • Works with other cloud storage to boost up your storage and conversion requirements 

Free Storage: 0.5 GB 

Pricing: $48, $149, $299, $499

26. Seafile


Seafile is highly-compatible cloud storage that can be integrated into almost any file, system, device, or app that needs to access storage. It has a high level of security control from two-factor authentication to remote wipe. You get virus scanning, easy user management, permission control, and much more. The best aspect is that it has a spreadsheet-like interface for easy operations. 


  • Sync across any platform like Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • Control each folder and file individually with high-speed syncing
  • iOS and Android Mobile support and access
  • Sync with your build-in drive to expand the internal storage that works with Seafile
  • Special Wiki document feature for research and information storage
  • File versioning, de-duplication, and other industry standards are available
  • File locks, password protection and available
  • Online editing with real-time saves
  • Log audits and permission control

Free Storage: No limit 

Pricing:  Free for upto 3 users, $100 for 9 users, $48/user upto 249 users, $44/user upto 499 users, $40/user upto 749 users , $35/user up to 999 users

27. Pydio


Pydio isn’t like your other standard storage options. It is a comprehensive system that enables you to have complete control as if you own the Pydio. You can connect to other storage options, including Google Drive, One Drive, and so on. It enables you to connect it with various user directories for seamless communication and transfer. 

As it is entirely customizable, you can set the visuals, rules, passwords, and everything according to your requirements. 


  • Built-in collaboration tools like online office tools and online chat platform
  • Use the Web or Mobile app to access Pydio anywhere, anytime.
  • GDPR compliance and grants you admin tools for your Pydio’s cloud infrastructure to have complete control
  • Intuitive interface with simple ease clicks to share or upload files and folders.
  • Easy to organize the workplace, folders, files, and everything else. 
  • Complete security as you have access to monitor activity 
  • Up to 5TB of file handling 

Free Storage: Unlimited for Home Basic 

Pricing:  20 users: 1980€/year, Up to 100 users: 4980€/year

28. We Transfer

We Transfer-Overview

WeTransfer is a unique collection of tools that seems to be built primarily for content creators. You can share videos, files, and images across any platform. It is free to use, but you can subscribe to its premium services if you have excessive requirements.

There’s no need for users to register to use WeTransfer either. It works with the individual and unique user ID you get. More importantly, you gain access to collaborative platforms and artistic tools to get the job done. If you’re an artist or a content creator, this is a must-have alternative to Dropbox in your arsenal. 


  • Transfer file as big as 20GB in size immediately.
  • Upload and download speed depends on your bandwidth, and there’s
  •  no limit from WeTransfer
  • You get other app access such as Paste, Collect and Paper that bring you extra expertise
  • Allows for personalization of wallpapers as you transfer, for free promotions and a personalized approach
  • Brings you complete access to services identical to Dropbox, Google Drive and others
  • Connects with other devices and storage services efficiently 

Free Storage: 20 GB

Pricing: €12 per month or €120 per year 

29. Fex.net


Fex is the true minimalist platform that looks appealing with its smooth interface. It works with almost every platform, including browser, Apps and much more. However, it doesn’t bring you additional security or services that are common in other cloud storage.

Fex meets industrial standards and it is a great file sharing and storage option for entertainment purposes. If you want to save your movies, videos, and photos, it is one of the best platforms available at a feasible range.


  • Works with almost every platform like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac
  • Compatible with latest devices including SmartTVs
  • Easy interface to drag and drop or upload files
  • No registration required unless you subscribe
  • Secure transfer for sharing almost any kind of file, videos, and much more 
  • Automatic backups and easy sharing through links and other options 
  • One of the cheapest service providers

Free Storage: 50 GB with 7 days time limit 

Pricing: 0.33$/month for 16 GB, 0.83$/month for 128 GB, 1.67$/month for 512 GB, 2.33$/month for 1TB. Cheaper for 6 months, 12 months and 36 months program. 

30. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud-Overview

Abode has been a trend-setter and industry’s norm for any creative expert and developer. Whether you’re a graphic designer or artist, you need to have expertise in Adobe’s Creative suite. 

Creative Cloud takes the step to the next level with cloud connectivity and storage. You can share files and collaborate with others efficiently through 20+ apps available on Desktop, Mobile and other platforms. That’s what makes Adobe such a remarkable platform. 


  • Industry’s leading creative suite and cloud services with 20+ apps working across platforms 
  • Flexibility to decide your package according to your requirements
  • Highly-secure end-to-end encryption with built-in sharing and other tools for ease 
  • Behance to showcase or discover new works and artists
  • Up to 100 GB of cloud storage at standard 
  • Easy collaboration with real time updates, file versioning and much more
  • Portfolio website via Adobe portfolio 

Free Storage: 2GB 

Pricing: Customization according to apps and services requirement. Varies for students, individuals and enterprise. 

31. Degoo


Think of Degoo as your secure vault for storing files and data. Degoo is a cloud driver for secure file storage and sharing. It works with AI and brings you an interface that seems like you’re operating a private social media. In other words, it showcases your best memories, pictures, and other files that you store.

Degoo is one of the most cost-effective options available with referral programs, end-to-end encryption and multiple device use per subscription. There’s an app and it works with standard platforms. It is truly a must-have if you want high storage at a feasible price. 


  • Referral program in Free service that adds 5GB per friends upto 500GB
  • Storage forever without any risk of deletion, you can backup your files
  • Zero knowledge implication and industrial standard certification
  • Works on multiple devices, from 3 to unlimited, depending on the package
  • De-duplication and other standard features 
  • Automated upload, backup and other options
  • Comes with an assortment of Wifi connectivity and passwords. In-built internet connectivity plan is available, as well 

Free Storage: 100 GB

Pricing: $2.99/month for 500 GB, $9.99/month for 10TB

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Use Instead Of DropBox?

There are many other options provided in this list for you as an alternative for Dropbox. You can use anyone of these which meets your purpose and requirements

What Are Dropbox Competitors?

Almost every other cloud storage service is a competitor to Dropbox. Each service is striving to bring you the best selection of features.

Is Dropbox The Best Option?

There are many new options available, Dropbox is one of the viable options. The best option depends on what will suit your requirements.

Is Dropbox Free Anymore?

Yes, it still offers the same 2GB storage free of cost for anyone to use. You can use it for file transfer.

Is Dropbox better than Google Drive?

Dropbox might be better in terms of security while Google Drive is better in terms of storage and user flexibility.

How Do I Get My Free 25GB Dropbox?

You need to purchase a device that comes with Dropbox’s promotion, like a Japanese Computer.

Which Is A Better Box Or Dropbox?

Dropbox is better-suited for personal use while Box has a remarkable dominance over enterprise or business uses.

Is Dropbox Safer Than Email?

Almost every cloud storage service is safer than Email in today’s digital-driven world. So, you should prioritize Dropbox.

Who owns Dropbox Now?

Drew Houston still owns Dropbox as it’s CEO with around 25% of shareholding. Arash Ferdowsi comes second with 10% share holding.


Dropbox is one of the first platforms which made cloud storage services a necessity for the people. The main issue is the security features. All the people look for cloud storage, which provides security and safety to their files. There are many alternatives that you can get on a cheaper budget as well.

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