How to Make Facebook Profile Private [Detailed Guide]

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, one would find it challenging to keep your Facebook account safe and not get tracked on every move. So rather than having a public account, it’s a safer option to have a more facebook private profile.

How to Make Facebook Private

Maintaining your Facebook profile private and ensuring your rights reserved for privacy is the most crucial aspect for users nowadays. In this post, we will guide you on how you can make your Facebook profile private in quick steps.

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How to Make Facebook Private?

First of all login into your Facebook account and open the news feed page. There, on the top right corner of the menu, you will see a white downward pointing arrow. Now, click on it.

How to make facebook private

You will be able to see the settings option, and upon clicking, you will be able to view the privacy on the left hand. The privacy settings are shown on your right side, with a series of questions and one edit access by clicking on the ‘edit’ button.

Let us break down the privacy settings menu and give you a walkthrough on how you can change these settings to make your Facebook private.

1. Know How People See Your Facebook Profile

To know exactly how your Facebook profile looks, go to your profile page and click on the three dots present on your cover photo’s bottom right. There is a drop-down menu, and you could see the option of “view as” and click on the same button.

Know how people see your Facebook profile

This will allow you to see your profile and profile page to those, not in your friend lists.

2. To Decide Whom All can View Your Posts

1. For future posts

Who can see your future posts on facebook

On clicking the edit button, you get many options in the drop-down menu. If you don’t want anyone else to view your posts, click on ‘Only me.’ You could limit the viewing of your posts to just your friends by selecting the friend’s option available and not public.

2. For past posts

Similarly, you can limit the audience by clicking on limit past posts in the ‘who can see my stuff ?’ option. Earlier on your friend’s list, people can still view many of your posts on your profile page.

3. To decide whom all Could Contact You

To decide whom all Could Contact you on facebook

By clicking on the edit button and changing it from everyone to friends, you can make it more private as only mutual friends can send you friend requests.

4. To Decide Who can Look for You

Facebook allows people to look for you through your email address, so it is always safe to use different email addresses if privacy is most important.

  • Using email address: In the section “who can look me up using the email address you provided ?” click on the edit option and change it to friends. Once you do it, people who are not on your friend list cannot view your email address on your Facebook profile.
  • Using phone number: In the section “who can look me up using the phone number?” click on the edit option to change it to friends.

5. Timeline and Limit Tagging

You would want to limit the audience to post on your timeline and manage the tagging settings. This is because you do not want random people to post irrelevant things on your timeline or tag you in unnecessary posts. You could do this by clicking on the left-hand side option of timeline and tagging, and for a private account, you could switch off them.

Timeline and limit tagging

And to limit people posting anything on your timeline, you can edit the option to only me! Tagging could also have an option if you want it on your timeline or not by, review tag option. If enabled, the posts you are tagged in will be visible on your timeline and those on your friend list.

6. Stop Getting Searched

Facebook permits search engines outside of Facebook like Google to list your Facebook profile on their sites. To make your Facebook account private, you would want to switch that off. “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your Profile?”

In the question mentioned above, you could uncheck the marked box and limit the search engines outside of Facebook to visit your profile or get any access to your page. This ensures that your privacy is maintained.

7. Advertisement Settings

Advertisement settings

Facebook shows you personalized ads based on your past browsing history. While it makes money through these ads, it can be bothersome as it reveals a lot of your personal information to such sites. To maintain and check-in your privacy, all you have to do is click on the adverts option on the left-hand side and change the rights reserved for you in the questions :

Change and edit it to “No.”

8. Friends List

You can allow your friends/ general public to either see your friends list or not. You can edit the option and change this by selecting “friends” on your profile page and then selecting the pencil icon in the upper right corner.

There you can change the answer to “who can see your friend list?” to “only me.” Once you make the changes, now your friends won’t access your friend list on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I make a private account on Facebook?

You can select the settings & privacy option from the drop-down menu. Head to Settings > Privacy (in the left pane). You can edit from Facebook privacy settings who can see your future posts, timeline and tagging options, old posts, and change various privacy settings.

How do I protect my privacy on Facebook?

You can head to the Facebook privacy setting on Facebook and edit the privacy setting. From here, you can limit past posts, restrict friends lists, posts, edit privacy, edit what your friends can see, and more. With the steps mentioned above, it’s easy to keep a private Facebook profile.


Facebook has been amongst one of the popular Social media platforms with millions of users globally. A Social media platform aims to get you more connected with people around the world, but at the same time, it is essential to maintain your privacy and keep your Facebook account private.

Although it is your personal choice to keep your profile public or private, one can surely take the above steps to limit and restrict people, search engines and even avoid getting traced. We hope you found our article on how to make Facebook private helpful. If there’s any crucial step we missed, let us know in the comment section below.

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