FMovies New Website 2020 – Can We Watch Movies on This?

FMovies is basically a website that lets its users watch thousands of different movies that are available on their platform for absolutely free. This website has become quite popular in a very short span of time because they have a huge collection of movies to offer and even TV shows which mostly every one of us wants to watch. It is also very easy to use this website.

You can just visit this website and use it by finding out the movies either by searching for them or just finding the names of the movies or TV shows that are listed.

Is it legal to Use FMovies?

This is honestly a very difficult question to answer as the law is different in all the countries. FMovies has had several issues in the US for things like copyright infringement, and also fake advertising which has made a big issue for the website holder and also its team which handles the website. Due to this, it had to change its domains only to survive in this world of the internet.

Just Like TamilRockers this website keeps on changing its domain on a regular basis. If you are in the US and you use this website to watch or download any movies, it may become a big problem for you someday. There are also many other laws that are linked to this website in other countries. So, it is actually better for you to avoid visiting this website.

Is the website FMovies safe?

This is a very serious question. Well, you may be thinking that you are only using this website to stream movies and TV shows, isn’t it? Being honest, there are many users who have tried visiting this website to check how it works. Whenever they tried to watch any movie, it always opened a new window or displayed a pop up asking them to click on a particular link.

This is a tactic to misguide you. If you click on the links that are provided by the website, FMovies will then download malware to your computer which can harm your PC. FMovies is not a safe website to use.

What can you do if you have used FMovies?

If you haven’t noticed any unusual behavior in your Mac or Windows PC since you have used FMovies, it might be that it hasn’t come to any harm yet. But,  that doesn’t mean that you should still visit this website. It is obvious that you should avoid using it as it will only trick you into clicking links that may harm your computer, and then that would really make it difficult for you to do anything on your PC.

The best thing you can do is, you should scan your PC for any malware. At least you will come to know if there has been any harm to your PC. You can even use an antivirus to scan your Mac or PC. There are many antivirus software available for both platforms that you can download for free and which will scan your computer at zero cost.

Should you Use FMovies?

That is totally on you to decide if you should use this website or not. To be honest, it seems that FMovies has malware and it might also be a threat to your computer. Also, it looks like it has several copyright laws in some countries, and so on regular intervals, it keeps on moving domains. If you decide to use this website, despite all the issues, you should at the very least not click on any link in a window or tab that opens when you visit this website.

When you visit this website, it may look like it is a legitimate streaming website. But, it is not what you see. Many times there are services on the web where if you are not paying for some sort of services, then the providers will look for a way to get money from you through some of the other ways. It might be by serving advertisements or downloading some sort of malware to your computer. And this seems to be the real case with FMovies.


Watching or downloading movies is totally fun and if you are getting the same for absolutely free then it is going to make you, even more, happier as you didn’t have to pay a single penny. But, did you think of what will happen if you use this website or any such websites that provide its users with free movies? What do they actually get in return and why do they even provide movies for free? Be it old movies or the latest movies.

They have a collection of everything. So, the answer to the question of what do they get by providing free movies is that – such websites earn through advertisements and also through the malware which your PC might get by watching or downloading movies from such websites. You may even think sometimes that it is ok to visit it once or twice as that won’t harm you much. But, you need to know that it doesn’t always show you what harm it can do to your computer.

If you still decide to visit such websites, it is always better to use a VPN and also antivirus software so as to get rid of any malware or virus that has been detected on your computer and also keep in your mind that you should not link on any links which are provided by this website. It may sometimes be that this particular website tells you that your adobe flash player or your software is out of date.

So, you will need to update it to access this website and other websites as well. DO NOT DO THAT. It is always better to check your computer for any software related issues and if it isn’t up to date then you can anytime update it using the main source rather than finding out from some other sources which are completely fake. We hope by now you know about this website and how it works.

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