Free Movie Download Sites 2021 – Top Rated

Movie sites are a necessity for 2021. There are tons of platforms available online for streaming. These are quite expensive and don’t come with a huge library. Users can reduce their costs of streaming by using the download sites. In this article, we will look at some of the best options available to all our readers.

Free Movie Download Sites

These are highly effective for your day-to-day entertainment needs. We all want to have a great experience while watching our favorite movies. We have done our research to bring you the best download sites on the internet. 

Free Movie Download Sites 2020:

In this section, we will showcase the top free movie download websites. Read along to start getting free entertainment from today.

1. The Internet Archive

The internet archive enables you to watch movies and shows that are quite popular for a long time. They have a huge directory of different genres available on the website. It is a free-to-use and completely legal method to download movies. Users can easily download their favorite content from this website. The platform is simple and doesn’t require much effort.

The Internet Archive

Anyone can download it directly from the web page and save it on your PC. There are thousands of movies from the beginning of the era on this website. The internet archive has a huge library.

What we like
  • The movies are easily available in different categories for your needs. 
  • You can find content from all around the world. 
  • It is a huge library with 10,000+ different movies. 
  • Users can filter their choices through the different search options. 
  • Anyone can stream the content from this website.

2. Movies found online

The Movies found online website is a platform that enables users to stream and downloads their favorite content. It is a relatively simple website with content from different genres. It is perfect for users who want to watch the latest & download movies. You can find recent releases on this site. The website doesn’t require you to pay for any subscriptions.

Movies Found Online

It is a completely free experience for everyone. The platform also has animated movies and other types of content. It is your all-in-one solution for movie streaming. You can try it out today to experience amazing streaming and downloads. 

What we like
  • The user interface is simple and doesn’t require much effort.
  • There is content from many regions and different languages.
  • Users can also watch standup comedy shows on this platform.
  • You have access to one of the biggest entertainment libraries on the internet.
  • We can select the quality of the video while downloading it on the platform.

3. PopcornFlix

The PopcornFlix website is trendy among the masses. It offers the latest movies and shows to the users. You can visit the site to find some amazing content. Users can enjoy a great time while using the website. It is currently available in a select few regions. You can stream content that is available for free on this site. The platform is 100% legal and doesn’t require you to utilize any safety measures.


They have the best movies and TV shows from all around the world. Users can stream or download movies, depending on their requirements. All you have to do is visit the website. Movie downloads are easy to perform on this website.

What we like
  • The beautiful user interface makes it easy to browse through the website.
  • Users can check out the latest trending shows and movies on the service.
  • They have a separate section for the latest viral videos.
  • You can check out the directory to find your favorite shows.

4. YesMovies

YesMovies is a platform that offers everyone the latest movies and TV shows. It has the largest library of exclusive content. It is available for easy streaming across all devices. Users can also use it to download movies. We have to give you a fair warning that the website requires a proxy for safe use.

Yes Movies

It is advisable to use a VPN platform with this website. Users can enjoy movies from different premium directors and actors.

What we like
  • Shows and Movies, which are recent releases, are available.
  • Users can stream in HD quality through their website.
  • There are different servers to ensure you can always stream without any issues.
  • The download feature is simple but needs you to create an account.

5. 123Movies

The 123Movies website is quite similar to other movie websites. The platform is highly effective for users who want to stream and download movies. The website also has the best library for content online. We recommend it to all of our readers. Users can easily stream in HD quality without any hassles.


The plain background is simple but shows that you don’t have to be fancy to get work done. We recommend that you try out a VPN service while using this website. It will keep you safe from any issues. 

What we like
  • It doesn’t need any external downloads for long-term use through the platform. 
  • You get completely free streaming of the latest movies and TV shows. 
  • Users can stream with subtitles on their shows. 

6. A24Movies on Kanopy 

If you are looking for entertainment sources like movies and TV shows sites that promise good quality, Kanopy should be your pick. This is one of the most amazing video streaming service providers. All your favorite genres can be found under a single head. Don’t worry; the streaming service will not compromise on the quality being offered. You can also download movies from these sites.

A24Movies On Kanopy

Movies, foreign films, documentaries, classic cinema pieces, and independent and educational content awaits you at Kanopy. Get ready to be inspired by the enriching and entertaining content with Kanopy. There is a partnership with public libraries and universities so that what all is presented to you, add them free. However, make sure that you have your university login or library card to sign up.

What we like
  • Streaming on any of your preferred devices 
  • Critically acclaimed movies 
  • Motivating documentaries 
  • The jury appreciated and awarded foreign films. 

7. NoBudge 

NoBudge is one of the best sites that is known to present hand-picked movies for you every day. Also, you can get your hands-on with the directors’ interview with NoBudge as well. The programs are of a wide range offering equal parts of the drama, comedy, and much more.


There are experimental films and much more like animation, documentaries, web series, sketched. Also, you can look for the dance and music videos as well. The main focus lies in presenting what is required by the audience. Many look for youth culture as well as student-oriented films. In all, NoBudge is known for providing content that is truthful, distinctive, and platform engaging.

What we like
  • A personalized watch list 
  • Directorial interviews 
  • 7-day free sign-up before the payment for subscription 
  • You can submit your films and also select to become a patron. 
  • Films, movie premiers as well as short films

8. Vimeo 

Working and justifying its tag of helping you witness the power of videos with your fingertips, Vimeo has something nice in store for you. There are different plans available for you to choose from. You can pick any based on your requirement. Also, you can try your chosen plan for free for a period of 30 days. There are many different options like screen recording and live streaming available with these sites. It is all easier for you to publish the videos, customize the players, and make use of the available marketing tools nicely. 


What we like

  • Capturing any moment with the help of reliable as well as the professional option of live streaming 
  • It helps you connect with your whole team by making use of a secured video platform 
  • Try creating videos by Vimeo create as well as Vimeo record 

9. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is one of the best free movie download websites available to customers based in the US. There is a wide variety of movies, web series, TV trailers, and clips to select and watch from. There’s an array of options for you to binge-watch over the weekend or during the weekdays. The choice is totally yours, in that case. This is the best movies website for you to watch free movies.


However, if you get confused with so many options of different genres available, here’s a thing for you. Hop on to the list of the editor’s pick. This list will help you sort your choices and finally settle for one. Also, here’s an interesting thing for you—those who don’t have amazon prime and are hunting for the same. Your search ends here. IMDb TV has some of the best Amazon original movies as well. 

What we like
  • Best releases of each month 
  • Reliable moving ratings 
  • Yearly TV guides for the much-anticipated shows 

10. Yidio 

If you are looking for a single platform to stream movies, Yidio is just the online website for you. Be it the TV shows or movies of many different explorable genres; this is a site that serves you everything with perfection and in the correct dose. If you are a binge-watcher and are always on the ride to find something new, Yidio is your perfect teammate. Be it the vibrant and exclusive TV shows or the movies on online platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, and much more; you’ll get all of them at Yidio. This is one of the best sites. 


What we like
  • Watch live things for free, like news and celebrity. 
  • TV episodes that have been aired recently 
  • Free movies and TV schedules 
  • Popular TV as well as movie shows 
  • Trending shows and movies with good ratings  

How to Use Torrents?

Torrents are a great way to start downloading movies and streaming them on your website. We do not promote piracy in any way through our guide. It is a method that is being utilized by users for a long time. Different services enable you to download HD movies for free. Here are the steps to use torrents on your PC devices.

  • There are multiple torrent clients available on the internet. One of the most popular applications is known as Utorrent. They also have a web version for the majority of their users. It is perfect for your streaming and downloads online.
    How To Use Torrents
  • Users can easily visit different platforms and check out the latest torrent or magnet sites. Different sites have the latest movie, torrents. The Yify or YTS website is trendy for the latest entertainment. They offer high-quality downloads to their users. You can try out the proxies available online.
  • You can download the .torrent file or use magnet links. These help you to download movies instantly on your device.

These are only for educational purposes for our r3eaders. You can try them out at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download movies for free?

You can download movies from many websites, but some legal websites are The Internet Archive, MoviesFoundOnline, Popcornflix, YesMovies, 123Movies, and NoBudge.

Can I download movies from Netflix for free?

If you have a Netflix subscription, then you can download any movie or TV series you want within the app. The downloaded videos are kept for only 7 days on Netflix, so if you’re done watching it, delete it to download other videos.

Is 123movies a safe site?

Using 123Movies to watch movies or download movies can harm your device, so it will be best to use a VPN to download or stream movies, then you’ll be totally safe.

Can I get a virus by streaming free movies on the internet?

Yes, you will get malware if you’re streaming free movies on the internet. It is one of the major issues of watching movies online for free. But you can avoid it by using a VPN.


Free movie download sites are rare to find online these days. Indeed, finding the latest content for free is not possible legally. In this guide, we discuss various methods you can utilize to watch movies for free.

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