How to Get Free Robux in 2021?

When it comes to playing online games, Roblox is the platform where you will find both gamers and developers. Roblox is a well known online gaming platform that has the most popular games hosted on it. Gamers are attached to it, and while playing any kind of game, they need only one thing, and that’s Robux. Robux is an in-game currency used by gamers to purchase various items such as clothes, weapons, avatars, etc. If you have the right amount of Robux, you are kind of a rich person on this gaming platform, and you can play any game without any limitations. Now the main question that comes into every gamer is how to get free Robux.

How to Get Free Robux

Like any other, in-game currency, you will have to pay real money to get Robux also. Selling game passes, promo codes was the way to get free Robux, but that doesn’t work correctly anymore. In this article, we listed some of the best ways to earn tons of Robux. If you are good at creating games or even marketing them, then it would help you to make a decent amount of Robux.

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Best Ways to Get Free Robux:

People always believe that getting Robux free is quite hard, and it’s not possible. But that’s not true entirely, even though we agree that it does require a combination of hard work and smart work. Here we mentioned some of the legit ways you can get Robux free of cost, and it requires nothing but a reasonable effort.

1. Use The Roblox Affiliate Program

One of Roblox’s best things is that it offers a stunning affiliate program for those who want to earn money. You can get a free Robux for every new sign up you made using the affiliate program. If the person whom you referred bought any items, then for such actions also you will get rewarded. Sharing the right type of in-game items through affiliate programs is quite an excellent way to earn a massive amount of Robux. 

Use Roblox affiliate program

You will have to pick a selected item from the Roblox store, and you will find a sharing button option there. Just click on it and get the referral URL, which will contain the code as well. Now promote it to various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or even forms in a legit way. If you can fetch the right amount of new gamers on Roblox, you will be rewarded with tons of great things.

However, make sure you are not just copying and pasting the URL because it will not generate any kind of in-game currency. You will have to sign up for an affiliate program and then select the site you want to promote.

2. Creating A Game To Earn Robux

When you are ready to take perfect actions, Roblox is the platform that every developer should use. Here you don’t have to be a tech genius to develop a solid game because the online gaming platform already provides tons of required tools to help you out.

Creating A Game To Earn Robux

Creating your own game is still the best and the most rewarding way to get free robux. Many games hosted on Dropbox are designed with a basic skill set, and you can also learn from watching tutorial videos. Once you create a game, just wait for it to hit to the next level, and with each person signing up for Roblox, you will earn decent amounts of money. 

3. Using Referral Programs To Promote Your Game

Once you develop your game entirely, try to think about using the above-mentioned affiliate program to promote your own game. Here you will earn Robux for each new sign up and purchase of in-game items. It does, however, require you to put in some real hard work. However, it’s going to be worth every action you take. 

Using Referral Programs

Sare your game through various social media platforms and create a solid fanbase for your game. It will help you get the required feedback from which you can decide which parts of the game need improvement. 

Creating Cloths And Selling Them On Marketplace:

If you are what type of person loves fashion and has a creative mind, then this might be the best to earn Robux for you. Roblox has a marketplace where you can create clothes using customizable tools and sell them at your desired price. Gamers like to use various avatars for their characters, and there is a massive demand for t-shirts, pants, and other clothes on Roblox. If you have a reasonable amount of creativity, use it to create the most demanding clothes and earn a decent amount of money.

You can learn how to create different clothes for avatars on the official website and follow some tutorials.

Joining Roblox Premium:

Roblox Premium

Even though we said that we will share the freeways to earn Robux, getting a Roblox premium is still the best way to acquire Robux. As you would know, the Roblox premium is subscription-based, which helps you access the marketplace where you can create, sell, or Robux at cheap prices. Getting a Roblox premium plan is helpful in many ways because here, you are going to earn a monthly Robux discount of 10% on every Robux purchase you made from the marketplace.

Does Robux Generator Work?

Many shady websites scam users by giving them access to free Robux generators. Robux generators had worked in earlier days when the moderators didn’t give that much importance to such things. But, now the platform has increased standards, and you can never be able to use the promo codes generated by these shady websites to get Robux for free.


So these are some of the best ways through which you can earn Robux free of cost. Here you don’t have to pay for anything and can generate tons of Robux quite quickly. Many people have doubts about sharing free passes, promo codes, etc., but they don’t work anymore. Those were the days when you get Robux by using free promo codes. However, if you want to earn from the legit ways, the methods mentioned above will help you. If you have doubts or questions, then leave a comment down below.

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