Games like Among Us – Top 10 Alternatives [2021]

Are you looking for alternatives for games like Among us? Be elated, as we bring you the top alternatives for Among us that you will love them equally. Nowadays, multiplayer games are getting popular day by day. There are a lot of video games similar to among us that are available in the games market.

Best Games Like Among Us

Here in this article, I will list the top 10 alternative games similar to among us that are available on Smartphones or PC. I have done a lot of personal research, and then I have made this list of some of the best alternatives to imposter games. 

Top 10 alternative games like Among Us

Here is our list of top 5 best alternative games like Among Us

  1. Deceit
  2. Project Winter
  3. Unfortunate Spaceman
  4. Town of Salem
  5. Secret Neighbor

Let’s dive in…

1. Deceit

Deceit is a game like Among Us that is all about cooperation through deception. The game involves social deduction. You can play survival mode. It starts with 5 other crew members, and I was forced to carry out tasks given by a serial killer. But the psycho has infected 2 out of the 6 players with a deadly virus. When the lights go out, the infected start doing crazy scary stuff. Your job is to work together to survive, not knowing who the infected impostors are among the 4!


I enjoyed playing an infected since it was fun to sabotage tasks and scare others. I was, however, annoyed by the multiplayer mechanics. In many instances, I was connected to players who didn’t speak English and had no option to play with my friends. Only LAN parties were available. You can use keyboard shortcuts to play this game. Check out Deceit on Steam.


  • The gameplay is refreshing and immersive with great maps and lighting
  • Voice-chatting is supported
  • Built on the Crytek engine, so graphics are good


  • Models and Animations could’ve been better
  • No option to play with friends online.

2. Project Winter

Project Winter is a multiplayer game like Among Us but with 3D graphics and a wider range of mechanisms. Set in a cabin in the Arctic, your job as an “Innocent” is to complete tasks and call a helicopter for rescue while the “Traitors” try to sabotage the tasks you try to complete.

Project Winter

Unlike Among Us, there is no voting in Project Winter. If you find an impostor among your crew members, you can exile him or kill him. Check out Project Winter on Steam.


  • Supports 8-player games
  • Graphics are .excellent
  • The gameplay doesn’t end if you’re caught or even when you become a ghost.


  • The minimum number of players is 5, which can be a bummer if you want smaller games.
  • Instructions can be confusing.

3. Town of Salem

With a maximum of 15 players and 29 different roles for you to choose from, Town of Salem is Among Us but on a much grander scale. This game is one of the oldest deduction strategy games. It also has different game modes, where you can get to become a town member but out of all the modes, Rapid was my favorite. It’s the classic mode at a faster pace. Players can also buy items from the in-game store. I fell in love with the various death animations available for purchase, notably the blasting-off one. I also bought some stuff for my house and pets. 

Town Of Salem

Overall, the Town of Salem is a social deduction game that is pretty fun, especially with friends. It’s a game I’ll keep on revisiting for its diverse features. Check out Town of Salem on Steam.


  • The numerous modes and roles can make the Town of Salem highly addictive
  • The community is very active
  • Lots of steam achievements to unlock


  • The community can be annoying and ill-behaved at times
  • The expansion pack, Coven, is a deserted wasteland with little to no players.

4. Werewolf Online

Like Among Us, Werewolf Online is all about eliminating the other team, but you won’t know which player is in your team and who’s in the other team. There are 5 game modes and 28 different roles to play with. I was very excited to try Werewolf Online out, but the game is quite old, and the community is filled with noobs who throw games frequently. 16 players can play this game at one time together. The player base of this game is small. Check out Werewolf Online on Steam.

Werewolf Online


  • Lots of roles to choose from
  • It is very light-weight and simple to understand


  • The community can be unforgiving and annoying at times.
  • The staff is rude and sarcastic and cares very little about the quality of the game.

5. Secret Neighbor

Another game like Among Us, Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer game about a group of kids trying to save their friend from a neighbor’s basement, but one of the kids is the neighbor in disguise. I enjoyed playing as the neighbor as I transformed into household items and sneak up behind my unsuspecting friends to give them a scare.

Secret Neighbor

The kids have to find all the keys to the house and save their friend from the neighbor while the neighbor tries to prevent this by catching everyone. It sounds simple, but I spend hours enjoying this game with my friends. Check out Secret Neighbor on Steam.


  • Secret Neighbor is available on all platforms, including consoles
  • Halloween themes for that festive mood


  • The roles may feel unbalanced at times
  • The game may feel more cheery than scary after a few hours.

6. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is the final frontier where you can go about your business as a Spacemen and complete a task about a space station among an inhabitable planet while being stalked and chased out by a carnivorous alien. What if the imposter from among us was a shape-shifting alien instead, or how differently would an Unfortunate Spacemen round go if you had a machine gun. Well, Unfortunate Spacemen might just be the 3D alternative of Among Us with those answers in Unfortunate Spacemen.

Unfortunate Spaceman

It’s all about finding and killing the imposter before they rip you to shreds. One of the things that I liked about this game is that it’s like three games in one. You have the shape-shifter mode where a single randomly selected player competes against a team of up to 15 Spacemen who are trying to achieve various objectives while surviving the efforts of a hideous. Check out Unfortunate Spaceman on Steam.


  • Voice chat with other players is possible 
  • Spaceship based 
  • It has multiple gaming modes
  • Murder and betrayal theme


  • Slow gameplay 
  • Sometimes players relieve each other’s identity in the chatbox. 

7. Mafia – The game of legends

Mafia is an amazing game. You can play mafia serial anywhere in the world. Mafia chronicles the life of Tommy Angelo; a taxi-driver turned gangster. Initially, completely out of his depth, Angelo quickly earns respect from his boss, peers, and the street as a professional and highly effective man. He begins to become disillusioned with life, having carried out several unsavory missions, including bombing a brothel, assassinating a senator, and even an emotion-fueled killing of a snitch in the organization. In this game, Mafia wants to kill everyone. It is one of the best story mode games.

Mafia-The Game Of Legends

Eventually, life catches up with him, and he decides to turn State’s evidence to gain protection for his family and himself (the game starts with sharing his tale with a detective). The game was set in a fully-realized 3D, an open world that was the norm at a time when GTA III completely revolutionized the video game world and made people rethink what they thought was possible. Unlike GTA III, the open-world was purely window dressing: a backdrop to the character-centered gameplay. Check out Mafia on Steam.


  • 3D gameplay
  • Excellent graphics 
  • Great visuals


  • Moderation could be better.
  • Expensive 

8. Undercover

You can have wild and crazy fun while playing Undercover with your friends. In this, each player receives a secret word. All the civilians receive the same word, and the Undercover receives a different but similar word. The goal for civilians is to discover and eliminate the Undercover and Mr.White. The Undercover has to pretend to be a Civilian and survive till the end. The task of Mr. White is to guess the secret word through the clues given by the players. It’s enjoyable to play this game with your friends. Check out Undercover on the play store and app store.



  • More than 6 player game
  • Great graphics
  • Crazy, fun-loving game


  • Sometimes audio gets weird. 
  • Computer vision syndrome 68

9. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is a social deduction board game. If you have played the Resistance or Avalon before, my honest opinion is that Secret Hitler is either of those games, but on CRACK. Compared to the Resistance or Avalon, the game has many more in-game mechanisms that introduce further doubt/obstacles (depends on which team you’re on) to prevent a clear win.

Secret Hitler

The gameplay can be addictive, emotional, and mentally exhausting. Most of the time, you’re (if you’re a Liberal) trying to figure out who else is a “good guy,” trustworthy, and part of your team. A group of friends and I have been holding weekly Secret Hitler sessions in the past few weeks. I estimate that we must have played this game at least 15 times now, and I’m still shocked by its results each time.

I think the outcome of each game depends on who is involved and what happens during the game. Check Out, Secret Hitler.


  • Good community
  • Excellent visuals
  • Great gameplay


  • Somewhat confusing
  • Hitler theme

10. Spyfall

Spyfall a deduction and bluffing game, but using words, or you can say it is a social interaction of questions and answers. In this, you just have to guess the secret location. Except for the spy, every player plays a role that will be related to the secret location. Every player asks questions to each other to know who the spy is. Here the spy has to guess the location. Well, the game is fascinating. You can play it with your friends. Check out Spyfall.



  • It’s a suspicious game
  • You can play it with the  number of people 
  • Excellent gameplay
  • 3-8 players


  • You can’t play it individually 
  • Sometimes it becomes annoying. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play alternative of Among US games for free?

Not all the games are available for free, but most of the alternative games among us are available free of cost. You can check the alternative list to get an idea of which game is best for you. Some alternatives allow you to spend real money or in-game currency to buy new expansion packs or articles for your in-game character.

Can I play Among Us for free of cost?

Yes, among us is available for free of cost on Android and iOS. You can down and play Among us for free on your Android and iOS device.

Are alternatives to Among Us available on Android and iOS?

Yes, most of the alternatives are available for both Android and iOS devices. Games with heavy system requirements like Project Winter will give you a more pleasant experience on a PC. If you own a console, your best bet is Secret Neighbor which is the only game like Among Us that’s available on Xbox and PlayStation.

Can I play the alternative games of Among Us with my friends?

Yes, Alternatives for Among Us are online multiplayer games and you can enjoy these games with your friends. You can choose the game you want depending on the number of friends you want to include in your adventure. Please keep in mind the platform for each game is different. Ideally, choose alternatives on Android if you want to play with friends.

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Among Us is one of the best online multiplayer games, but there are many alternative games like among us are available. I have selected some of the best alternatives, hoping that the viewers will get their best alternative games. I have discussed some of the best alternatives with their pros and cons. Although all of these alternatives are not up to the rank of Among Us, these alternatives will give you goosebumps when you play them. I have personally played and then selected the best for you. You can try these games, and you will be going to get some of the best gameplay with your friends. I hope you will enjoy these alternatives and don’t forget to share these games with your friends. We will get more alternative games like among us in the coming future with improved graphics and gameplay.

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