Best Garageband Alternatives for Android

Still, figuring out which one is the best Garageband alternatives for you? Well, we have got your back. Apple. Inc released Garageband in 2004. It’s available across various platforms. The macOS runs it, the iOS runs it, and even the iPadOS runs it, but there is no such thing as Garageband as of yet when it comes to the Android. What to do in this case? Don’t worry.

Best Garageband alternatives

Even if there is no official Garageband for Android, there are a lot of good alternatives that you can use. We’ll take you through our best picks so that it’s easier for you to choose among them.

Purpose of Garageband:

Garageband is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) which turns the devices on which it runs to a music factory. It has virtual instruments in it. You can make any kind of note with these instruments without actually having to play them, so, even if you are not a musician, you can be a producer. Sounds from Garageband have been used in mega-hits of Rihanna, Usher, Grimes, etc. it’s widely used by EDM producers, both beginners, and professionals.

Below we’ve listed our best picks of alternatives for Garageband for AndroidOS. 

Top Picks for Garageband Alternatives for Android (2020):

  1. Music maker Jam
  2. n-Track studio
  3. BandLab 
  4. Walk Band
  5. FL studio mobile
  6. Caustic 3
  7. uFXloops Music Studio
  8. Song Maker
  9. Audio Evolution
  10. J4T Multitrack Recorder

So let’s dive into details.

1. Music Maker Jam

With this app from the Loudly GmbH developers, you can instantly create music and release it to millions of other MMJ users worldwide. It’s super user-friendly, and no matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, it’s very convenient to use. If you are an Ex Garageband user, then this is the best alternative for you.

Music Maker Jam

Its database is filled with loops from a vast genre selection like EDM, Dubstep, House, Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, etc. With its eight-channel mixer, the possibilities are endless. You can make great music as well as mix songs on the go for a friend’s party.

The app is rated 4.6/5 on the Google play store.


Music Maker Jam provides a set of features within the app. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Tweak Tempos & harmonies and make use of significant sound effects like stuttering, delaying, and Reverbing.
  • Remix songs. With a fantastic fun feature that allows you to remix tracks by Shaking your device.
  • Use your recorded vocals with your unique beats and autotune them to sound magical.
  • Share your songs instantly on all social media easily and quickly.
  • Join the exclusive Music Maker Jam community, which has around 6 million songs uploaded on it.


Music Maker Jam is free to download from the google play store. However, there are in-app purchases to access all the premium features.

2. n-track studio

The n-Track Studio is a whole recording studio in your pocket. You can record an unlimited number of songs as well as MIDI tracks. It has a ton of royalty-free samples. It also allows you to use Guitar Amps along with Vocal tuning and Reverbing.

n-track studios

It has built-in Virtual instruments, but you can connect physical instruments from outside if you wish. 

The app is rated 4.2/5 on the Google play store.


n-Track is one of the most feature-loaded DAW on the Android platform. Here are some key features of it

  • Built-in synths that support MIDI tracks
  • Allows you to do Reverbing, Chorusing, Flangering, Phasing, Tube Amplifying, Echoing, Pitch Shifting, etc.
  • Pitch correction and Vocal Tuning for melodious vocals.
  • Ability to set Sampling frequency up to 192 Kilohertz.
  • Plugins of all sorts to amplify your instrument’s input
  • An exclusive online community of artists of all calibers.


Other than the free version, they have 3 subscriptions that you can choose from

  • STANDARD Subscription: billed for $0.99 per month.
  • EXTENDED subscription: billed for $1.99 per month.
  • SUITE subscription: billed for $3.99 per month.

3. BandLab

This award-winning app for Android will allow you to work on imported tracks or create unique tracks from scratch. With the availability of a ton of free sample packs over genres like Dubstep, House, Trance, Rock, etc., you can create and remix the tune of your liking just with your fingertips.

Band Lab

BandLab has an unlimited cloud storage facility for its users. This is simply amazing. You don’t have to worry about carrying your USBs everywhere you go. You can even log in from your Android account to the Desktop site and work on your projects.

The app is rated 4.4/5 on the Google play store.


It’s ridiculous that a free app can provide such features, let’s take a tour.

  • 12 track mixing editor, you read it right, 12 tracks can be mixed at a given time with BandLAb. That’s absolutely amazing for a free app. 
  • More than a ton of virtual MIDI instruments like Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, etc.
  • Built-in Mastering feature, which automatically masters any track.
  • More than a ton of royalty-free Vocal presets
  • Preloaded sound packs to produce all-new grooves for creators over a vast selection of genres.


BandLab is absolutely free to use. 

4. Walk Band

Walk with your Studio with Walk Band. This app is downloaded over 50 million times on the Google play store. With its Multitrack synthesizer and studio-quality sounds, it makes an excellent alternative for Garageband on Android. You can access up to half a ton of musical instruments in the app, which plays both on solo and chords mode and physically connects MIDI keyboards.

Walk Band

You can record your own vocals, import them into the app, and autotune them to make them sound magical.

Walk Band is rated 4.2/5 on the Google play store.


Key features that Walk Band has to offer are,

  • Instruments like Guitars, Drums, Keyboard built-in.
  • Ability to detect physically connected instruments.
  • Conversion from MIDI to Mp3 format.
  • Voice recording with built-in mic and Auto tuning.


It’s free to download from the Google play store and offers in-app purchases.

5. FL studio Mobile

The giants of Computer DAWs have their android app to compete with Garageband of Apple. Inc. Multi-track music projects can be created and saved on your android device with FL Studio mobile app. You can record your vocals live or import pre-recorded ones from your device and add it to amazing beats that you can create with built-in instruments.

FL Studio Mobile

You can install plugins that will add to the already existing features of the app. Like its PC counterpart, FL studio mobile has High-quality synthesizers and a wide range of FX.

The app is rated 4.3/5 on the Google play store.


FL studios mobile is packed with great features just like the Desktop version, let’s have a look at them,

  • Import WAV, FLAC & MP3 files
  • Full MIDI support to connect physical instruments.
  • Wide range of FX to enhance your production
  • Voice recording and importing with Autotune support with presets.
  • Single & Multitrack MIDI import as well as export.


The price to use the full version is $14.99. (A demo version is available).

6. Caustic 3

It is a tool used for music creation. The most amazing part that I found about it was that it can be used by people even owning android phones or tablets for creating worthy content that is original. It is in real-time. It is also optimized for mobiles. It is influenced by rack-mount synthesizers and sampler rigs.

Caustic 3


  • It is actually real-time.
  • It is optimized for smartphones or mobile devices.
  • Mostly it supports automation.
  • It also has some unique editors for editing or modifying recordings
  • It is not a DAW


This app is also available on the play store. The free windows version can be downloaded from its website whereas mobile versions have the price of 9.99 dollars for a month. The free trial is also available for android users.

7. uFXloops Music Studio

It is used for the simplification of music production, mixing, and recording of creations owned by us that are present in the google play store. It is really easy to use. It can not only be used by musicians or songwriters but can also be used by anyone even teachers and students in case of their music practices or for the specific recording of audios. It has many amazing features together that are needed by a musician or a song composer. It was last updated in 2016. It is an audio and music app.

uFXloops Music Studio


  • It is DAW
  • It has drums and many other instruments
  • It also has patterns that help us in the creation of individual rhythms easily.
  • It plays the role of beatmaker, sampler, a soundboard for DJ’s and much more.


It is also a free app available on the google play store.

8. Song Maker

You can create your music with the help of this app. It is really easy to use and the sequencer here allows you to create melodies in the browser. You can also add the sound of drums to your songs through the rhythm section. It is a new tool added by Google in the tool list of google chrome. It was created for fun and also has the feature of a song being played back after creation. It was developed by the chrome music lab. The main thing we have to pay attention to while using this is the actual time because it is so much fun that you can get lost in it for many hours. While it also has one or two instruments for background while composing songs.

Song Maker


  • One of the best features is that we can attach a Midi keyboard to our device to play instruments.
  • It also has a feature of recording that actually converts our singing into musical notes and it is easy to use.


It is a feature added to the google lab, it’s free to use. 

9. Audio Evolution

It is multidimensional and is used for multiple tasks. It is a recording studio for multitrack audios or MIDI. While it is used for creating, editing, mixing, and production of different kinds of music. Some of the tools here are also automized. Here, the best is shown by how can audio evolution help in the setup studio on actual mobiles.

Audio Evolution


  • It has a mobile recording studio for android
  • It supports USB audio
  • It is also used for editing and working with loops
  • It has the capabilities of mixing and automation
  • It is influenced by Toneboosters’ VST effects.


Its price has kept on changing with a minimum difference in cents. The recent price that was noted since December 6, 2020, is 9.99 dollars.


Is Garageband available for Android?

No, Garageband is exclusively available for some of the Apple devices. However, there are many great alternatives to it, as we’ve mentioned in the article above.

Is there a Desktop version of Garageband?

No, just like Android, Garageband is not available for Desktops that don’t run on macOS. There are many great alternatives available for desktops too, loaded with features, and some of them are even better than Garageband itself.

Do I need a Garageband app?

If you are an amateur and want to create music on the go, then definitely yes. If you own an Apple device, Garageband comes pre-installed, but if you are an android user and want to make music, there is no way to get Garageband running on your device. There are a lot of great alternatives to it, we’ve mentioned them above. It’s more convenient and cheaper to use those alternatives than buying an expensive Apple device.

Which among the mentioned alternatives is best for Mastering?

Band Lab is the best when it comes to Mastering songs. It has three settings in which you can master your track. You have to import your file in it, and Band Lab will Automatically master your track.


All the mentioned alternatives are great and give a tough competition to Garageband. While each DAW has its pros and cons, you can simultaneously use more than one of these alternatives and get extraordinary results. Doing that is still cheaper than actually getting an Apple device for Garageband. By combining these alternative DAWs, you can get results even better than Garageband. Don’t work more, work efficiently with these apps, and get your music to reach the masses. Hope we’ve made your decision-making easier with our guide. Don’t wait anymore. Dive into the DAWs and let your inner musician thrive.

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