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Instagram was founded in 2010 by computer programmer and former Google-employee Kevin Systrom and software engineer Michel Krieger. Although their initial plans included the release of a location sharing app Burbn, the partners later settled on a photo sharing application with numerous applicable filters. And thus, the decade’s most addictive trap was born (Seriously, how does one stop scrolling?).

What started as an innocent application for people to share duck face selfies and breakfast menus is now rampant with big name brands and advertisers wanting every lick of your attention. A shopping tab, untagged advertisements that might mislead users, and various features catering more to advertisers than their users, Instagram finds itself dealing with increasingly unhappy reviews every day. And yet the application manages to garner one of the most impressive engagement numbers. In fact, user interaction shoots up every single year.

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Instagram Statistics & Facts:

Don’t believe us? Here are a few interesting facts and numbers about your beloved app: 

1) A billion users across the globe

Instagram reached its billionth user in June of 2018, and that number is suspected to be higher in 2020. But with a company that likes to keep its stats heavily under wraps, a specific number is hard to come by.

2) the United States in the lead with the most active Instagram users

As of October 2020, Instagram garnered almost 140 million users in the United States. India ranked second with 120 million and Brazil third with 95 million users. Most of India’s user base moved to Instagram after the ban placed on TikTok earlier in June. 

3) Kazakhstan ranked first as the country with the highest Instagram audience reach

Audience activity refers to counts of Internet users accessing content and/or advertising through one or more Internet applications. Kazakhstan measures their Instagram audiences reach at 72%, followed by Brunei at 71% and Iceland at 67%. This particular study included countries and territories with a total population of 50,000 and more.

4) Daily active users of Instagram Stories

Originally accused of copying a major Snapchat feature, Instagram Stories allows users to post photos and video sequences that disappear after the 24 hour mark is up. After its initial reveal in 2016, the feature amassed a hundred million users. And in 2019 the application reported 500 million daily active users of Stories.

5) 3rd most popular social networking choice of US teens between 2012 and 2020

In a 2020 survey, 34% of teens in the US reported that Snapchat was their best social media pick, followed by TikTok being picked by 29%. Instagram was ranked third with 23% of US teens being active users and preferring it over other social media applications.

6) The Like button gets hit 4.2 billion times per day

The Like button is perhaps the most, well, likable feature on every social networking site. But Instagram garnered almost 4.2 billion Likes by users all over the world, in just one day. This showcases the audience’s willingness to engage and participate with the application and inadvertently, with advertisers.

7) Numbers of users expected to increase over the coming years

In 2019, the application bought in 855 million monthly users. In 2023, this figure is estimated to surpass 980 million users, making it one of the most accessed social networking platforms worldwide.

8) Distribution of users worldwide by age and gender, as of October 2020

Users aged 13-17 and 25-34 have an almost similar number of male and female users. 3.6% are girls and 3.5% males in the 13-17 age bracket. In the 25-34 age range, 16.5% are females and 16.6% males. However, 15.7% of global active users are men aged between 18 and 24, and 13.9% females. 

More than half of the global Instagram user base is 34 years or younger. These numbers drop significantly for people aged 35-44, with 8.6% of them being women and 7.3% men. Decreasing further, 4.8% are females and 3.5% males in the 45-54 age range. Only 1.5% of men and 2.3% of women aged higher than 55 use Instagram.

9) Distribution of Instagram users worldwide by gender, as of October 2020

The addressable ad audience of Instagram is reportedly 51 percent of females and 49 percent of males. This 1% difference is mainly due to fewer men aged 35 and above being active users of the application. 

10) Distribution of Instagram users globally as of October 2020, by age group

33.1% of Instagram users are aged between 25 and 34 years. This makes the application particularly attractive to advertisers since the biggest chunk of the app’s user base is made up of people making and spending their own money. The second most number of users lies in the 18-24 age range (29.6%) followed by adults between 35 and 44 years (15.9%). Around 7.1% of the user base is made of up teens aged 13 through 17 and 8.3% of the user base are people in their forties and fifties. 

11) Percentage of US adults who use Instagram by education background, as of February 2019

Statistics show that 43% of Instagram users in the United States attained a college degree. 37% have some college education and nearly 33% are high school graduates or less.

12) User Engagement per day

The app has one of the highest user engagement rates, a delightful fact for advertisers. 63% of Instagram users check the app at least once per day and 42% admitted checking the app several times within the same day. Only 16% of the user base opens the app once a week or less.

13) Users engaging with shopping posts on Instagram

Over 130 million people readily interact with shopping posts (including shopping Stories), proving the feature’s awareness in both customer demand and product awareness. What’s more, users can make purchases without ever having to exit the app, which explains the posts’ high engagement.

14) Social media users in the United States shopping on Instagram

Nearly 11% of people in the United States, regularly active on social media platforms, shop via Instagram. Photos and videos can be tagged with product information, providing exposure and increasing customer curiosity.

15) More than half of all Instagram accounts browse the Explorer tab at least once per month

The discovery-oriented tab on Instagram where users can tag their posts with multiple hashtags, to make exploration easier, is well liked. Finding new content and or simply viewing posts based on their likes is made infinitely easier by the Explorer tab, aided by the app’s unique algorithm. 

16) Images on Instagram get an average of 23% more engagement than images on Facebook

Instagram’s enthusiastic user base willing to participate and interact with every feature on the app is no secret. This fact alone is responsible for attracting a large number of investors and advertisers alike. A 23% difference in engagement numbers is significant.

17) 4% of accounts engage with brands on Instagram

This number might sound underwhelming at first, but to put things into perspective, Facebook and Twitter both see a less than 0.1% engagement.

18) Posts containing videos receive more engagement than posts with still images

This one is a no brainer; the human eye is naturally drawn to movement. So posts containing videos see an impressive 38% increase in engagement as compared to posts without them. With the recent launch of Instagram Reels, i.e Short Videos feature now almost 40% of Videos are watched without any Audio.

19) Brands with an active presence on Instagram are viewed favorably by users

A survey found that 78% of users perceived brands on Instagram as popular, 77% claimed they were creative, 76% of the users reported they saw these brands as entertaining, 72% said that the brand seemed committed to building a community. A consistent presence on Instagram is sure to leave an impact on users.

20) 70% of users look up brands on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful tool for building a name for your brand or business. As evident in the previous statistic, having an active presence on the application sways customer opinion. 70% of the total user base willing to look up brands showcases a large probability of those users shopping from these brands.

21) 80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram

People like to keep up with new releases or any possible offers that brands happen to put out. Although an enormous chunk of Instagram users follows way more than just one brand. 

22) Images in a post matter

A case study by Curalate (dated 2013) found that images with the texture generated 79% more engagement than smooth images. Images with more background space (negative/white space) get 29% more likes than those without, images with blue as the dominant color receive 24% more likes than images with red as the dominant color. And lastly, lower saturated images garner 18% more likes than highly saturated ones.

23) Posts with the location tagged get 79% more engagement

Geotagging is a great way for businesses to stay on a customer’s radar. It helps improve a brand’s reach and pushes them up further on a user’s search results.

24) Just 1 hashtag can boost engagements by 12.6%

A single well-phrased hashtag can boost an account’s engagement by 12.6%- private and big-name brands.

25) Longer hashtags get more positive results

More specific, particular phrases are likely to bring up the exact niche you desire. Hashtags that contain an average of 21-24 characters perform better than hashtags that contain any less.

26) 400 million users watch Instagram Stories daily

80% of all daily active Instagram users are watching their Stories just as much as they’re interacting with their feed.

27) Using stickers in your stories increases viewership by 83% 

Stickers are a great way to make content fun and appealing but they also make a Story more engaging. Viewers are more likely to engage with links or instructions in a story if it has a quirky question, emoji or gif sticker.

28) Instagram Ads cost more than the ones on Facebook 

The average CPC on Instagram Ads is higher than it is on Facebook but engagement is guaranteed. As long as an advertiser’s targeted audience is on Instagram, they’ll get what they paid for.

29) 30% of users reported having purchased a product they discovered on Instagram

There are 1 billion monthly active users on the application and if one out of every three users has bought an item after discovering it on Instagram- well, no wonder advertisers and brands are willing to spend the amount that they do.

30) It is estimated Instagram’s Ad revenue will make up 30% of Facebook’s overall Ad revenue by the end of 2020

This may be due to an increase in ‘swipe up’ ad placements in Stories but ad spending on Instagram is more or less 23% higher than on other platforms in Facebook’s ad network. 

31) 75% of users are estimated to interact with Instagram Ad at some point

According to data from Hootsuite, three out of four of all Instagram users will interact with an ad they see at some point. Of course, some users will interact with much more than just one ad, and these interactions include clicking on the ad’s CTA, viewing the retailer’s profile, or purchasing.

32) Footballer Christiano Ronaldo is the most followed person

Apart from Instagram’s own account with 360 million followers, Christiano Ronaldo ranked the most followed person on the photo sharing app with nearly 244 million followers. Ariana Grande comes third with 206 million followers.

33) Distribution of the number of emojis used in Instagram posts as of June 2019 

According to sources, a total of 52.3% of posts feature zero emojis, whereas 38.2% of posts feature 1-3 emojis. 8.7% of posts contain 4-10 emojis and only 0.9% of posts have more than 10 emojis.

34) Women aged 25-34 garner nearly 25% of the Instagram influencer follower count

The most followed influencer demographic is women aged between 25 and 34 years. This number is followed by younger women aged 18-24. 

35) Male influencers aged 35 and up rank third in Influencer follower count

Male influencers between the ages of 35 and 44 years, hold a greater share of the follower count than expected. But the 13-17 age bracket claims a bigger share of the follower count than influencers aged 45+.



Instagram is undoubtedly a commercial and marketing powerhouse. Who could’ve imagined it would become the most influential and embraced platform in the world? That it would be embraced by world leaders and royalty alike? That it would create an entirely new division of the industry and redefine fame, along with celebrity status?

For certain demographics, Instagram has replaced Facebook as the most central social networking platform. And the latter saw this coming- making a $1 billion dollar purchase in 2012, Facebook owned Instagram went on to dominate the digital landscape. And with their figures sky rocketing every single year, Instagram will continue setting trends and monopolize the market in the coming years.

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