Lupin Season 1 Review – One of Biggest Hits on Netflix

Is the Lupin series worth watching? Why is Lupin consistently on the top 10 list across various Netflix regions? What makes it so enticing? Lupin is the first French Show that seems to be on top of the charts and can surpass most of the global series. While Queen’s Gambit was close, it seems like Lupin is on the way to surpass it. So let’s dive into Lupin’s season review to know everything about it.

Lupin Reviews

The sly yet charming gentleman thief, Assane, is ready to take us on a trip with season-one that we can’t wait for the continuation of the story in another part!

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About Lupin: 

Lupin is created by George Kay in collaboration with François Uzan. It is a modern take on the popular character, Lupin. You might know him from the famous novels as Arsène Lupin, created by Maurice LeBlanc. It’s similar to how we receive Sherlock in the modern takeover with twists of the stories played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Lupin Review

Here we have a new face, Omar Sy, a French Actor, playing Assane Diop, the Lupin. The series was released in Jan 2021 and has crossed the charts in several countries. While Queen’s Gambit was a major success, it seems like Lupin is surpassing it. It will soon have the highest streaming of any Netflix shows by February.

Lupin has received fantastic approval ratings. It has been consistently on the Top 10 charts of the different regions like Europe, the US, Africa, Asia, and even India. With that, let’s find out what makes Lupin such a fantastic web series on Netflix. Here’s the trailer of Lupin Tv Series-

The French Delight:

The USA, UK, and many other places have been a common setting for most shows. These are all popular locations. Much like Money Heist, we see a difference in setting for Lupin, as well. It is set in France. Therefore, we get exposed to the captivating arts and architecture that France has to offer. That’s what makes us feel spellbound to the show right off the bat.

The French Delight

It offers a new vibe and approach to a ‘similar’ character. A gentleman thief isn’t something new, but with a new cast, setting, and character, we see a spin-off so fantastic that it feels like a completely original idea. The impact it created was felt worldwide, and people loved this drama show.

Assane Diop – A Gentleman Thief

Assane Diop, the main character of Omar Sy, is driven by the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin from the famous novel. Often, we see the character from the novel compared to the likes of Sherlock and James Bonds. It was rightfully so. After all, the franchise has been quite popular. We even received a Japanese Manga and Series. That’s quite a feat given that we didn’t receive one for other popular series. It shows the ‘silent’ phenomenon Lupin had.

Lupin Cast

We also see him thinking quickly on his feet. There is some action but mostly the same charm and persona we love about any other character. He is a gentleman thief, possesses morals, and is quite slick in everything he does. While he is not as rich and resourceful as the agents, he seems to be quite a match for Sherlock with his wits and creativity.

This new approach to the character, which remains true to the French Novel, is quite intriguing in that it keeps fans wanting more.

An Emotional Tale Of Revenge:

As the series starts, we learn about the thief Assane. We see that he is a Senegalese immigrant who has decided to take the role of a thief after his father (Babakar) was wrongfully accused of the theft. Thus, we see him stealing the same necklace that this father was accused of. More importantly, we get a glimpse of his past and the reasons behind his actions as we continue with the series fantastically.

Lupin isn’t just another Netflix’s action-crime-drama series on the list. It is quite charming in the approach. We see Assasne’s ambition to take revenge on Pellegrini, but it is more than just that.

Lupin Season 2 Possibility And Release Date:

Will there be Lupin Season 2? We don’t know. It seems like Season-one is releasing in two parts. We have the first part already in Jan 2021 with five episodes. Meanwhile, the second half of Season 1 is set to release later in the same year. Likely, it will either appear in the summer or by the end of the year.

Lupin Season 2

As it is becoming quite a popular show, we may see some continuation and more than just a second season. There is a lot of material available for Lupin in various media, and even in Novels. We can’t forget that the approach is actually a modern take. So, there is a lot of possibilities for customization and changes. Therefore, we may even see much more drama in this crime-thriller.

Overall Verdict For The Gentleman Thief – Lupin Review

With several positive reviews and approval ratings from the users, it’s quite apparent that Lupin is worth watching. It has a compelling story and enough episodes for a quick watch without missing anything. More importantly, it expands on Assane’s character.

Overall, it is one of the best things we got at the start of 2021, in Jan. It is worth watching, and part two is around the corner. Before that arrives, you might want to make sure you’re caught up with the series.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Is Lupin Season 1?

Season 1 part 1 has five episodes, around one hour each. Therefore, it is a great show for you to binge-watch on the weekends. It will provide you proper entertainment and bring you a satisfactory ending. However, there are five more episodes set to release later in 2021.

Where Can You Watch Lupin?

Lupin is available on Netflix. You can get a subscription to start watching it immediately. It is not available anywhere else for you to watch.

Is Lupin Like Money Heist?

Lupin is a heist-type series where we see the character (The thief) who commits crimes and heists. There is also an emotional approach, much like Money Heist. However, it is quite different in settings, goals, and storytelling. If you want to compare it to Money Heist, you can say it is similarly entertaining.


We see many producers trying to spin-off old classics. Here we have a master thief and master of disguise Assane is a brilliant French setting. It is certainly one of the best shows available for you to watch. While one can’t help compare it to Sherlock’s likes, it would be better to watch it as its own unique niche. Overall, it is quite a fantastic show and worth every minute. So, go ahead and enjoy a fantastic show!

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