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Nomaan Shaikh

Nomaan Shaikh

I am Nomaan Shaikh, a Computer Science Graduate in Cyber Security and Cloud Computing. I have a keen interest in technology and entertainment and to know and write in these niches is on my everyday to-do list. 




Akashdeep Singh

Akashdeep Singh

Hey, I’m Akashdeep, a full-time writer and editor in the tech niche with a keen interest in solving user queries through content. When I’m not striking my keyboard keys, I invest my time in sharpening skills.



Vaibhav Author

Vaibhav Yadav

Hey, I’m Vaibhav, a full-time writer exploring the entertainment niche. Finding the top and trending movies and tv shows is on my everyday task list.






Deepak Chauhan

Hey, I’m Deepak, and I’m an undergrad in Electronics engineering. I’m a digital nomad exploring tech. Solving user intent through a variety of topics is my cup of tea.