How to Get Microsoft Office Student Discount?

Microsoft office is one of the most popular document creation and editing software. It is popular among students, professionals, and businesses. You get a lot of benefits from using this editing service. We enjoy the fantastic uses that the software brings to the table.

In this guide, we will discuss all the student discounts.

Does Microsoft office Have a Student Discount?

Microsoft is a tech giant, and they are always hoping to give back to the community. There are tons of methods you can do this for your audience. The student discount program is available for all eligible users. You can try to avail of this offer if you have a valid student ID. Many colleges and universities are also utilizing this to give their students a good deal. The desktop app download requires you to purchase a plan. It will be available once your educational institute ties up with Microsoft for a student plan. As an individual, you cannot buy the program directly for your use.

Steps to get a Microsoft Office Student Discount:

Users can get the student discount by following the given below guide. We mention all the steps required to reduce your subscription price. Here are the steps for you to follow.

  • The office 365 website has a unique option for users who want to get an education plan. You can visit this link. It will help you out with initiating the discount process.
  • New users can sign up on the website with their school IDs. You can enter the .edu ID on the platform. It will enable you to access the exclusive student discount. I was hoping you could select the I am a student option when you enter your email address.
  • Users have to create a Microsoft office account. It will make your work exceptionally lightweight. Users can have many benefits by utilizing this feature. We recommend you enter all of your details correctly. Click on the start button to quickly begin with the account creation process.
  • Users can start utilizing the Microsoft office 365 features for free. It is available on the cloud platform. Anyone can get Microsoft office working online through this method. Users can start creating any documents.

Voila! Those were the steps to start using Microsoft office 365 for students. It is entirely free of cost for everyone who has a student account.

Features of Microsoft Office Student:

The Microsoft Office student discount is not a necessity. It is perfect for you as long as you can work with the online version. Here are the features that you can utilize with the Office 365 A1 Student plan. 

1. Free access to Microsoft apps

Users with a student account can efficiently utilize these apps for completing their college applications and assignments. It is perfect for those who want one place for all their productivity. Some of the platform apps include Excel, Word, Teams, One Note, Powerpoint, and many more. 

2. One Drive

One Drive is free to use a cloud platform available to all the users. We recommend that you try this out. It is perfect for those who need a space to upload their content. Users can also easily share one drive link with their classmates. 

3. Security

Microsoft is a brand which pays enormous importance to their client security. Users can expect a long term secure environment. It is quite beneficial for anyone who respects their privacy.


Microsoft office student discount is a good sign up for users. We recommend you all try it out today. It is a must-have productivity platform for your school and college use.

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