Best Minecraft Skin Ideas & Tips [2020]

Minecraft remains a heavily player-built world that brings you the ease of building almost anything. You have options to customize anything, which includes your character’s skin. There are many methods for you to get this process done.

You can find several brilliant artists online that offer Minecraft skins. Alternatively, there are countless apps and software that allow you to create a custom skin to use in Minecraft.

Why Use Minecraft Skins?

Minecraft skins are a creative way to explore the possibilities of the game. It brings you a sense of something ‘new’ or ‘fresh,’ and you achieve a more immersive experience. If you get something that matches your preference, it’s remarkable.

Many people prefer Minecraft skins because they have an option to make a character look like themselves. People also prefer to look like their favorite characters from different media and roleplay as these charming characters. There could be many reasons.

Minecraft Skin Ideas:

Not everyone is naturally imaginative or creative. You might be someone who thinks that there are way too many Minecraft skins outside. You might be running blanks or have a creativity block. You may think that the skin you want already exists out there. However, that’s not the point. The point is for you to enjoy your game with the best personalization possible.

Here are some ideas that might stir your creative juices:

1. Media Inspired

Do you have a favorite TV show or a movie? Then how about you give your favorite character a try? You have a lot of options in Minecraft to either find or create a character. If you have other Video Games, even Animes, some artists consistently provide you some of the best character skins for Minecraft.

Thus, this is one of the easiest and broadest categories available. You can get almost any character. Are you looking for Anime Minecraft Skins? Maybe something more realistic from Game Of Thrones? The thing is, you will most certainly find these skins. Popular skins never go out.

If nothing, you can always create yours.

2. Superheroes And Villains

Everyone fantasizes about being a superhero or a supervillain! You might not be able to dress up and roam around in the real world, but you can very-much customize your characters in Minecraft.

You can get the Dark Knight or a Man of Steel. Maybe you’d want something more from the comics. The thing is, superheroes are always going to be in style.

3. Abstract Entities

Perhaps you want to stand out and look like an entirely different character. Abstract entities are a mix of colors with skin and eyes. You have no limit to how your character can look. Hence, you can make it so that your character has white eyes and a completely black body.

You can even experiment with neon colors and shades around for your coloring. Some people have created characters that look like blocks of colors, even rainbows. You can experiment with this Minecraft Skin Idea, as well.

4. Suits Are Easy

Black, white, silver, gray, red. Maybe the suits are not that easy, but you can shade them easiest. If you don’t want to get ‘in-depth’ of colors, you can color your character’s suit all black and still make it look appealing.

Suits never go out of style, whether it’s in real life or a game. However, if you want to experiment, there are long coats, jackets, fedora, and much more that you can add to your character. That’s right! Get a suit for your character and see how great your character will look!

5. Go A Little Casual

This is the process that might require you to work with shading and colors a lot. It depends on what kind of ‘casual clothes’ did you decide on your character. Getting a little casual style is not easy, but you will stand out if you can make it work. Given below are tips to help you design your character’s skin, so that might help.

How To ProduceMinecraft Skin Ideas?

Many people get discouraged from creating their Minecraft Skins. If you think that you need to be an artist to make your favorite skin, you’re wrong! Here’s a quick guide with useful tips to help you get the best out of Minecraft skins!

Understand The Character Map:

While Minecraft is a user-friendly platform, it can be daunting to understand a character map. It’s not simple legs, head, eyes, and whatnot. Instead, you will get something like a character laid out as a ‘package’ box. Think about it like the cardboard boxes in which you get tech devices and whatnot.

These packages open up to have various flaps. Similarly, a Minecraft character map has different squares and flaps for each part of the character. The point is to provide ease in designing the character as it comes together. You can always check the preview, but it’s not just very ‘visual-friendly’ for those who are not artists.

Some versions have a user-friendly character map. Others might have a very complex style for you to color. Regardless, once you get some practice, it will be more comfortable. They all come with a tag, so that’s a plus.

You Can Always Customize:

With years of excellence and millions of players worldwide, Minecraft has the most extensive collection of skins. However, it’s still possible that you might not find what you’re looking for. For example, you might discover skin that looks good but has colors that don’t match your preference.

The best part about Minecraft is that you can always customize these skins. Playing with the customization and using different colors or shades for the skin is a great way to create skins. It provides you a baseline to begin with, and then you can practice as you go.

You will get a better understanding of each part, even if it’s perplexing for you to understand the character map.

Shading Tips And Ideas:

It’s better to start with skin that is not colored at all. It will allow you to shade it according to your convenience.

For hair, don’t use diagonal shades. It’s still a pixel and block-like character, so you should aim for vertical shading. If you want to add color and texture, you can add colors inside as you like after outlining the block. This will provide a better texture.

For body or clothes, start by shading the darkest parts of the body. That is the top, middle, and bottom of the character. Once you do that, you can color the horizontal and vertical blocks around it in a color that is one shade lighter than the darkest color. This brings you a better coloring experience for you.

For legs or pants, the top middle part is supposed to be the darkest and then expand outwards to become lighter. This is the best way for you to color and shade your Minecraft with the utmost ease. You can experiment with shoes according to your creativity.


Now you have some of the best and most creative ideas with a lot to experiment with. Additionally, you have tips for working and creating your Minecraft Skin. If you’re unsure, you can always search for the best Minecraft skins and ideas to download online!

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