Top 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels (Updated 2021)

Do you want to know which are the 20 most followed YouTube channels right now? Stay tuned here then. With billions of followers and millions of monthly viewers, YouTube becomes the most popular platform for streaming videos and even live content worldwide. Whether you want to stream the vlogs or have another area of interest, there’s no scarcity of creative content on YouTube.

Top 20 Most Followed YouTube Channels

This year even the number one position of the PewDiePie has been changed and grabbed by another channel. If you have the curiosity to know which is the most subscribed YouTube channel in 2021, and how many followers these channels gain till now, then this post is for you.

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Here, we’ve described the list of 20 YT channels that have collected millions of followers. From subscribers’ numbers to creative content, let’s check out which channel hit the top 20 slots and gain their position.

List of 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels:

Let’s check out which are the most popular YouTube channels that you can follow right now.

1. T Series

  • Number of subscribers: 169 million subscribers

T Series surprisingly gained the top spot in the most popular YouTube channels in the world. This channel gained huge subscribers’ numbers within two years and beat the PewDiePie record who was ruling the no one slot.

T Series Channel

T Series is the Indian music company that sits in the top position by releasing more and more music content and propelled millions of followers. However, this most considerable music record sensation runs around 29 YouTube channels, out of all T-series is the prime account.

Most of the content on this channel is in the Hindi language, has film trailers, and keeps all rights reserved for music videos. Today this becomes the prime source of entertainment for the young sensation too.

2. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka (PewDiePie)

  • Number of subscribers: 108 million subscribers (Previously hitting the top spot now on the second)

Felix Kjellberg is hitting the first position on YouTube so far, but now it’s in second place with 108 million followers. PewDiePie is well known for its original content related to gaming and others too.

Pewdiepie - Most Followed YouTube Channels

Recently, in January, he celebrated the tenth anniversary of his vlog channel. PewDiePie is a gamer who used to publish content related to gaming by playing numerous video games himself. Other than this, he is the most popular Youtuber who also does vlogging on other social media channels and also collaborates with the YouTubers to earn more subscribers.

Plus, he also runs a meme review series and becomes the primary entertainment source for his fan following. PewDiePie’s current video in which he plays Minecraft gained 12 million views, which shows how popular Felix is.

3. Cocomelon- Nursery Rhymes

  • Number of subscribers: 103 million subscribers

Cocomelon is another popular channel on YouTube with 3D animated video content and nursery rhymes for the kids. This nursery rhymes channel achieved third place in most followed YouTube channels and became the most viewed YT channel in the USA.


Cocomelon has children’s songs and videos in which adults, kids, and even animated animals interact with each other in daily life. And this reason is enough which is to become the most subscribed YouTube channel right now.

Moreover, they also display the song’s lyrics at the screen bottom. Meanwhile, kids love to watch music videos, live streams, and compilation. This is the first kids’ channel that gains so much popularity.

4. Set India

  • Number of Subscribers: 94.2 million subscribers

Set India is another most followed YouTube channel, which has 94.2 million subscribers. Recently, the T-Series and Set India also collaborated to show the value of the Indian market for the YouTube channel and became one of the most subscribed YouTube channels.

Set India

Here, the SET refers to the Sony Entertainment Television, a complete package of entertainment for the Indians and hopeful outside India. The SET channel owner is Sony Pictures and runs the Hindi Entertainment mostly on the channel.

You will see the broad spectrum of entertainment here, from comedy to dramas and from thrillers to dance shows. Along with this, this publishes the content of series and episodes of television shows too. At present, it becomes the most popular on social media too.

5. Kids Diana Show

  • Number of Subscribers: 73.4 million subscribers

Surprisingly the kid’s YT channel is viral these days on YouTube. Kids Diana show is amongst the best kids’ channel that has a huge fan base. Most of the vlogs and videos are entirely focused on Diana’s life and how it feels like a kid.

kids dian show -Most Followed YouTube Channels

Along with this, the leading video content is on toy unboxing, including trips out, challenges, and many other activities related to children. Although the concept of the channel looks, bizarre kids love to watch this stuff on YouTube. That’s why this Kids Diana Show hits fifth place in the list of most-followed channels on YouTube.

6. WWE (World Wide Entertainment)

Number of Subscribers: 72.4 million subscribers

WWE is amongst the most popular channels on YT, which runs mailing the revised professional wrestling for years. Like wrestling, this entertainment channel also features story line-driven, including scripted matches. The WWE YouTube channel subscriber majorly loves to watch their fighting superstars, including SmackDown, Original shows, Raw, WWE’s the Bump.


But the list of the content does not end here; you will also get to watch many choreographed WWE matches that keep on entertaining the subscribers.

7. 5-Minute Crafts

  • Number of subscribers: 70.6 million subscribers

The diversity of the content on the YouTube content truly shows with this popular YouTube channel. 5-minute crafts constitute the crazy hacks and tricks of home science. In this channel, the creator shows and teaches people things that they can do by themselves easily.

5-Minute Craft -Most Followed YouTube Channels

It promotes daily life hacks and teaches people how to do them by-self, mainly what happens in their everyday lives. This channel’s most popular video is how to get the bigger and bluer eggs. This platform is to learn daily life hack things and people love to follow them; this reason could be enough why it has become the most followed YouTube channel today.

8. Zee Music Company

  • Number of subscribers: 67.9 million subscribers

With millions of followers and music content, Zee Music Company is another Indian music channel that leaves a tremendous impact on YouTube viewers. This YouTube channel constitutes the outstanding share of Bollywood music within a short period. Most of the videos published on this channel are music videos.

Zee Music Company

Zee music always gives tough competition to the T-series on YT. This popular music channel keeps all the rights reserved for its extensive music library and houses the television content of around 2,22,000 hours, including 3,818 movie titles. But Zee music mostly shares the song tracks on their YT channel.

9. Like Nastya

  • Number of subscribers: 68.1 million subscribers

Nastya is a seven years old Russian American YouTuber who is popular among the kids. She runs a YouTube channel which is operated by her parents where she posts vlogs related to toys unboxing. But later on she shifted to make videos on amusement parks. Anastasia Radzinskaya now lives in Florida.

like nastya

Kids love to watch her videos of amusement parks and toy unboxing that’s why her channel gained so much popularity and right now followed by millions of fans.

10. Konrad Cunha Danta aka (Canal KondZilla)

Number of Subscribers: 63 million subscribers

Next on the list of most followed YouTube channels is Konrad Cunha Danta. He runs the YT channel by the name of Konrad Cunha Danta. He usually posts the content related to songs. The reason behind this popularity is the posts of the original song videos produced by himself as he himself is a music producer.

Canal kondazilla - Most Followed YouTube Channels

Besides that, he is also the owner of the music record which is also on his name KondZilla. He usually publishes the content on the YT with his record label. Not only this, but he also posts the footage of the behind the scenes. Due to its original content, this channel gained the place in the highest followed channels on YT.

11. Vlad and Niki

  • Number of Subscribers: 61.7 million subscribers

With 61.7 million followers, Vlad and Niki also sit in the most followed YT channels list. This is again a kids vlog channel where both brothers put their vlogs on imaginative personalities going on an adventure. While on an adventure they are enjoying and exploring new things.

vlad and niki

The majority of the vlogs published on the channels are of young talented inventors. They start posting on their channels in 2018. As for now, Vlad and Nikki run many other YouTube channels such as Vlad and Niki IDN, Nursery Rhymes, Vlad, and Niki Arabi, and many more. On all these channels they both publish mostly comedy songs, nursery rhymes, animation mix, and much more creative content.

12. Justin Bieber

No of Subscribers: 60.5 million subscribers

Justin Bieber is a well-known pop singer and a musician at the international level. Biber’s popularity and huge fan following came from YT and his famous music albums and songs such as Baby, Sorry, and many more. This could be enough to say about his popularity that his song Baby is still on the list of BillBoard hot 100.

justin bieber

He also runs a YT channel where he publishes songs and video promotion content. Besides that, he also published his interviews and scenes behind the shooting of the song.

Justin Bieber recently posted a video. Anyone gains 41 million views within a few days. Above this, Justin is also hitting the place in the most viewed YouTube videos, and his song video baby remains the most liked videos on YouTube. Arguably, Justin, with this much fame, became the most popular music sensation in the world.

13. BlackPink

Number of Subscribers: 56.2 million subscribers

BlackPink hits 13th place in the most followed YT channels. This channel is operated by four young South Korean girls Youtubers Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa. All these girls also hold the record of the highest-rated charting Korean Females. Album 2020 gained so much fame that within a week there one million copies already sold out.


Ice cream is another song video of these South Korean girls on YT who became a mega-hit and grab a place in the Billboard Hot 100 list. Their other video HOw You Like That made a new record on YT by gaining millions of views after the release in a short period of time.

14. Dude Perfect

  • Number of Subscribers: 54.9 million subscribers

Dude Perfect is also amongst the popular YouTube channels run by 5 different YouTubers from the United States. This is typically a gaming channel on YouTube where the crew puts different sports-related posts of their own.

Dude Perfect - Most Followed YouTube Channels

First, they started this channel by positing small gaming trick shots done by themselves while playing the games like Basketball. But later, gain a huge fan base and popularity. This gaming series channel also includes the content on lasers, drones, and many other things.

Dude Perfect is one of the popular channels on YT and gained its name in the most liked videos on YT. Their recent video, “Unpredictable trick shots,” gained more than 40 million views.

15. Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast)

Number of Subscribers: 52 million subscribers

Known as MrBeast, Jimmy is amongst the famous American Youtubers who is also well known as philanthropists and entrepreneurs. If you ever look at his channel, you will get to know that he earns $20,000,000 plants, donated more than 100 cars, and gave millions to charity. Moreover, he also owns a private island, All the success accounts that he accounts from his channel.


His channel is flooded with expensive stunts and the most challenging videos that allow you to gain rewards in the form of thousands. Along with this, he also earns the award of Youtuber of the year (12th Annual Shorty Awards). He is also popular on social media these days, where he also has a huge fan following.

16. Big Hit Labels

  • Number of Subscribers: 50.4 million subscribers

This is the official YT channel with the video content center for the Big Hit Entertainment, Global Auditions, and Source music. It’s a Korean music company that posts numerous well-known music groups and Korean soloists.

Bit hit labels -Most Followed YouTube Channels

Big Hit Labels share various videos of the singers over time and hits the place in the most followed YT channels 2021. This channel posted the BTS official video Boy with Luv, which gained around 1.1 billion views, and another video, Dynamite, gained around 801 million views.

17. Movieclips

  • Number of Subscribers: 48.9 million subscribers

Fandango Movieclips, as the name suggests, has a massive collection of movie clips on the channel. It claims to be a massive fan of the movies and an impressive collection of licensed movies and best moments, famous lines, and scenes.


Movieclips get all rights reserved with various significant movie companies such as; DreamWorks Animation, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Universal Pictures, The Walt Disney studio, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Studios, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros, and all the subsidiaries.

Recently, Movieclips posted the movie clip of Frozen all movies, which successfully gained 20 million views.

18. Goldmines Telefilms

  • Number of Subscribers: 47.9 million subscribers

Goldmines Telefilms is another film company in India that focuses on dubbing movies. This channel provides the Terrestrial Television channels and satellite in India with innovative, delightful, pioneering content and many more.

goldmines telefilms

This film company takes its YouTube subscription channel as the premier and extension of the South Indian dubbed movies on Saturday. Moreover, they post many full blockbuster movies in Hindi, comedy scenes, songs, and many more. You can say you will have a complete package of entertainment on the channel.

19. Ed Sheeran

  • Number of Subscribers: 46.7 million subscribers

There is no one these days who don’t know about Ed Sheeran. He is a famous pop singer, YouTube sensation from England. Like another song channel on YouTube, this channel also has original song videos and behind-the-shoot scene videos.

Ed Sheeran -Most Followed YouTube Channels

Apart from this, Ed Sheeran also posts some random videos of him and even live streaming videos to interact with his followers. Currently, he has a huge fan base, and indeed, he will gain more within a few times. His recent video of the official lyrics of Afterglow earned 6.9 million views within a week.

Ed Sheeran’s perfect video is also hitting the Billboard hot 100 with 2.7 billion views. Above this, he also has a huge collection of song videos, which has more than 100 million views.

20. Shemaroo Filmi Gaane

  • Number of subscribers: 47.3 million subscribers

Once again, the Indian music company is hitting the place on the most followed YT channel. This channel belongs to Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd who widely posts Bollywood content and song videos in physical formats, satellite channels, and evolving digital technologies such as broadband, internet, mobile, DTH, and IPTV.

However, most of the content that appears on this channel is from shows and entire Tv programs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which channel on YouTube has the highest number of followers?

T-series has the highest number of followers on YouTube. At present, it has 108 million subscribers.

What are the top ten most followed YT channels?

T-series, PewDiePie, Cocomelon, Set India, Kids Diana Show, WWE, 5-minute crafts, Zee music company, Like Nastya, Konrad Cunha Data are the top ten most followed YT channels.

Who is the number one YouTuber in the world?

Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) is the number one YouTuber in the world.


So, this is all about the top 20 most followed channels on YouTube right now. However, the number isn’t constant, and it keeps on rising with upcoming video content and the possibility is there you will find the last one on the top of the YouTube platform within a few days or weeks. But before that, let’s explore some content for the most prominent entertainment dose on these channels.

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