How to Get Netflix Student Discount?

Netflix student discount is a must for the current generation of broke students. Netflix is the largest streaming platform on the internet. College can get quite stressful sometimes. As a student, you need something to take a break. Netflix is the go-to choice by millions on the internet. They have tons of features to offer their users. Over the internet, you can quickly get a lot of entertainment with their site. It is home to some of your favorite shows and movies online. The premium subscription can be quite expensive for users who are on a tight budget. Students are usually saving up money trying to ration things.

Does Netflix have a Student Discount?

Many people are unaware if Netflix even offers a student discount in the first place. The answer is quite simple. The fantastic entertainment platform doesn’t have one option for students yet. Young college kids would love to have the opportunity, but the entertainment giant hasn’t released anything. They have a vast library of content that many broke college kids will miss because of expensive subscriptions. A student discount will help you maintain your finances. All big brands which offer entertainment services have invested in a student plan. Netflix is one of the only few sites which has no additional provisions for students. There is no plan curated for students that will ease the burden of expenses on you.

Netflix Free Trials – Steps to Get

Netflix’s free trials are a great way to survive for entertainment. The site offers users the option to create new accounts. There are many tricks available online to make unlimited free trial accounts. Users can get the job done by signing up, again and again, using different versions. It is a viable option but will eventually stop working. Netflix is a popular site, and they are always developing new tools to detect such violations. Many people make use of virtual credit cards to sign up with a unique email ID. These are some of the easiest ways to get quality entertainment for free. Here are the steps to activate a Netflix free trial. 

  • Start the browser on your computer and visit the official site. Users need to sign up for a new account from this platform. It will help you get Netflix free for the next 30 days. Visit the following link.
  • Click the try it now options to start your free trial on the site. Users can create a new account with the platform with their email ID and password. It will take you to the subscription page on the site.


  • Users need to find a plan that is suitable for their viewing habits. It is beneficial to use the best one for the free trial. You can always change the program if you continue with your services.Netflix plans and pricing
  • New users need to enter their credentials to the account. Security is a top priority for people who use the services. You must use a safe password. Many people can crack Netflix accounts these days.
    Signin to Netflix
  • To enable the student discount, you need to enter the working payment details. Netflix accepts payments through Paypal and credit cards. These are both viable forms of subscribing to the site.
    Payment gateway Netflix

Once the confirmations come, you can start using Netflix for free with your account. Log in on any platform to stream high-quality content. The site supports HD to UHD quality, depending on your plan. Cancel the project within 30 days to avoid paying for the subscription with your card. In some regions of the world, Netflix provides a money-back guarantee instead of a free trial. 

How to Get Unlimited Free Trials?

To get an unlimited free trial, users need to have a few tricks up their sleeves. These tools will help you get the best results when you are planning to con the signup system. Make new accounts every month to enjoy free Netflix. 

Virtual Credit Cards:

Virtual credit cards

Many online sites provide you virtual credit cards. You need to have an ample supply of these to sign up for free trials. One of the easiest ways you can make one is through Their services help users to create a new virtual credit card using an existing card. It is 100% legitimate and works on all major platforms. Privacy is recognized all around the world for its secure online payment services. Create new secured virtual cards with spending limits so you can stay safe while shopping online.


Nord VPN

A virtual private network will help to mask your location. It is crucial for people who spend a lot of time binging on the Netflix site. A VPN will help to spoof your location while creating a new account on the site. Netflix uses geotargeting to identify people who are abusing the free trial programs. There are some paid and many free options for VPN online. We recommend that you try the NordVPN platform for your sign up needs. It is an excellent service for changing your location online. 

What are the best alternatives to Netflix?

There are a few alternatives to Netflix that can be beneficial for your online use. Popular brands like Amazon, Hulu, and others have invested in a student discount. We will take a look at them and help you out with your entertainment. The alternatives are great but not as much as Netflix. Many people love the platform because of the convenience it offers. Others on the internet rarely come any close in terms of their entertainment library and ease of access. As a student, you have no option but to look for cheaper services.

1. Hulu


Hulu has partnered with Spotify and showtime to offer students an affordable streaming service. You can start watching your favorite shows with Hulu for $4.99. There are many advantages to using their service. Overall, Hulu is an excellent platform for users who love a mix of old school and new entertainment. There are many popular shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bob’s Burgers, among others. Start streaming your favorite shows on all your devices easily. 

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video

Prime Video is an exclusive Amazon service. They provide an all-inclusive student discount to college-going kids. It will help you enjoy all the premium streaming services for free. Enjoy getting the latest shows and movies on your devices. Amazon prime video has tons of content catering to different audiences. It is an excellent alternative to Netflix for people on a budget. Their most popular show is Tom Clancy’s, Jack Ryan. Currently, they are offering students a six month trial for their premium services. 


Netflix student discounts are non-existent for people around the world. You can stream your favorite content on any device that you like. We hope this helps you out with the necessary details regarding the discount.

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