How to Play YouTube in Background On iPhone?

Of course, in this busy world, everyone wants to multitask. At some point, you must have wondered whether you can play YouTube in the background of your smartphone and do your other work on the same device. If you are looking to play YouTube in the background on your iPhone, you can carry on with this article.  We are certainly going to provide you with a solid solution.

How Play YouTube in Background On iPhone

Different YouTube Options:

YouTube has three mediums, namely the YouTube app, YouTube Music, and YouTube Website. Through these mediums, you can watch videos or listen to music. The ways by which you can play music or videos on YouTube in the background are explained below.

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How to Play YouTube In Background On iPhone (Best Ways)

Found a song on YouTube, and you want to play it while playing a game, chat with friends, or even while doing any other activity on your iPhone?  Well, it is obvious that enjoying YouTube services in the background is worthwhile. There are simply two methods by which you can do so, first through YouTube premium and the second is through browsers with the help of extensions.

1. YouTube Premium

Earlier YouTube red was the best and official solution provided by YouTube to play videos in the background and use another app at the same time. But this service was shut down to support YouTube premium. YouTube Premium is the simplest way to play YouTube videos in the background. Just follow the following steps to implement it:-

  • Go to
  • Sign in to your Google account on which you want to enjoy this premium service.
    google signin
  • You will see a Get YouTube Premium.
  • Click on the icon; after clicking on it, several options for your premium plan will be displayed.
  • A 1-month free subscription plan option will appear among the plans; subscribe to it, and enjoy YouTube premium services free for a month.
  • The YouTube Premium services offer you add-free video surfing as well as background audio while using other applications.

This method works on all the mediums; YouTube app, YouTube Music, and YouTube Website.

2. Web Browsers

If you do not want a YouTube premium subscription and still want to enjoy the YouTube music videos in your iPhone background, then there are other options as well.

Safari Web Browser:

For iOS users, Safari is the best workaround tool for such situations. Just follow these simple steps:-

  • Launch the Safari browser on your phone.
  • Search for the YouTube video you are looking for on the search bar of the browser.
  • Your video will appear in the search results; click on it.
  • You will now see an AA icon on the left of the search bar and tap on it.
    open Youtube Video on iOS
  • The drop-down menu will appear; click on the Request Desktop Site option from it.
    Request Desktop Site on iOS
  • The desktop version of YouTube will be displayed and play the video.
    Play YouTube Videos In Background On iOS with Safari
  • After playing the video, sweep up the app to close it. When you sweep up the app, the video will stop.
  • From the top right, pull down the control center; you will see the video player there, click on the play button the video will start playing from where it stopped.
  • You can successfully open another app and enjoy background music.

Dolphin Web Browser:

Dolphin is yet another web browser that has come to your rescue. It is easier to play YouTube videos in the background with the help of this browser.  You do not need any membership to make it work. Follow the steps given below, and enjoy your music video.

  • Open the browser and go to YouTube.
  • Search for the music video to which you want to listen to and play it.
  • Now, click on the home button.  The audio will stop as you are back to your home screen.
  • Access the control center; you will see the name of the video which you played earlier. Hit the play button and the video will start playing again.
  • The audio of the video will continue to play even if the screen shuts down.

How to play YouTube in the background when the phone is locked?

YouTube is a versatile platform for any kind of content. Oftentimes it happens that the videos we find on YouTube are not available on another app. Due to this reason, you are only left with YouTube to listen to or to watch that particular video.  Surely, sometimes you only wish you could listen to the video’s audio while doing other physical work that would require you to lock the screen. Following is an effective way that will surely come in handy for iOS users:-

  • Launch the YouTube app on your phone.
  • Now play the video that you wish to listen to.
  • Quickly press the Lock or Sleep button twice, this action will lock the device, but the video will continue to play in the background.

Now you are free to do your physical work while listening to your favorite video. However, this trick doesn’t work for all the latest iPhone models due to the smart algorithms. So, you can refer to all the aforementioned tips to play YouTube in the background.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you get YouTube to play in the background?

Although you can officially play the video in the background only with YouTube premium, we have covered several ways in this article, which does not require any membership.  You can follow those tricks and enjoy background music on your phone.

Can YouTube app play background?

Officially, you can not play YouTube videos in the background without a premium subscription. Alternatively, you can use Safar and Dolphin web browsers if you are an iOS user. For Android users, you can try firefox or opera or simply use the picture-in-picture mode. However, it is content classified, so you won’t be able to listen to music through this method.

Why won't YouTube play in the background?

There used to be YouTube red for playing background videos on the YouTube app. But it was taken down to promote YouTube premium, so the legal way to access background audio is to subscribe to YouTube premium.

How can I play YouTube in the background on Android?

To play YouTube in the background on Android, follow the following procedure:-

  • Launch the Chrome or Firefox browser on your phone.
  • Go to the YouTube website.
  • Search and go to the video which you want to play.
  • You will see the three dots in the upper right corner click on them.
  • Now select the Request desktop site and play the video.
  • Close the browser by simply pressing the Home button; the video might stop.
  • If your video stops, restart it by pulling down the notification bar and tap on the play button. The video will continue to play without any trouble.


Hopefully, this guide provided you with some excellent solutions for playing YouTube videos in the background. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your uninterrupted YouTube music or your favorite talk show or anything which you want to listen to in the background while playing a game or using another app at the same time.

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