Pokemon Sword and Shield (Beat Every Gym Leader Easily)

    Pokemon Sword & Shield are bringing you the same authentic battle against gym leaders that you once admired. There are a total of eight sword and shield gyms waiting for you with a variety of pokemon, puzzles, and challenges. There are two gyms with exclusive trainers according to the version you’re playing.  However, we have covered both of them in the guide, as well.

    Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Similar to previous Pokemon games, you would have to defeat the gym leaders and collect gym badges. from eight gyms. Each gym leader has a varying range of weaknesses that you might have to navigate. You will also come across Dynamax forms at least once for almost every gym leader.

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    Pokemon Sword & Shield: Beat Every Gym Leader

    1. Turffield Gym – Gym Leader Milo

    Turffield Gym - Gym Leader Milo

    The first gym you will come across in Pokemon Sword and Shield would be a Grass-type. Therefore, all the trainers inside the gym and the Gym Leader Milo possess Grass-type Pokémon.

    Pokemon To Use:

    If you chose Scorbunny as your starter, it would be a breeze for you to progress as Grass type pokemon are naturally weak against fire. You can also rely on flying, ice, poison, and bug type pokemon to stand a fair chance against the grass types if you didn’t start with Scorbunny. Don’t try to use water or ground type pokemon, as they have a high weakness against grass type.

    If you didn’t start with Scorbunny, it’s alright. Thankfully, you will get plenty of options to catch some effective pokemon in the wild area. On Route 3, you can find Vulpix, a fire-type pokemon. There’s also Rookidee very easily available around the beginning routes and their wild area. As long as you catch these pokemon, you won’t have any problem.

    Level To Achieve:

    To be on the safe side, you would need your pokemon to level up to 20. It would enable some of your pokemon, like Scorbunny, to evolve. As Raboot, you will have fire-type moves that will be super-effective against grass types.

    The Gym Challenge:

    Pokemon gym challenge - Pokemon Sword & Shield

    For the starter Turffield Gym, you have a fairly easy challenge. There’s a herd of Wooloos (around 20) that you will have to take through a course full of obstacles. You will have to combat the trainers in the gym, all of them have grass type pokemon.

    Gym Rewards-

    • The badge will allow catching Pokemon up to Level 25
    • You can control and train pokemon up to Level 30
    • TM 10 contains Magic Leaf
    • Grass Uniform

    2. Hulbury Gym – Gym Leader Nessa

    Hulbury Gym - Gym Leader Nessa

    The next gym on the list would be a water type. While the level difference isn’t too much, Gym Leader Nessa can be quite a challenging opponent. The trainers and Gym Leader uses Water Type pokemon

    Pokemon To Use:

    If you started with Grookey, you’re in luck. Water type pokemon have a high weakness against Grass-type. Drednaw would be much weaker as it is a mix of rock-type, as well. Alternatively, you can use an electric-type pokemon but it won’t fare as effectively against Drednaw due to the combination of rock-type.

    You will have a little trouble finding the pokemon, but they are available. There’s Grubbing with Vikavolt evolution (Bug and electric type). You can also catch Yamper that brings electric-type on the list.

    • If you’re playing the Sword version, you will find Seedot, a grass type.
    • For Shield players, there’s Lotad, a water and grass type.

    Level To Achieve:

    Training your effective pokemon up to level 25 would be ideal. If you don’t have the super effective pokemon, then at least level 25-30 is preferable. After all, Gym Leader Nessa can be a threat to her Drednaw.

    The Gym Challenge:

    It is a simple puzzle that you’ll have to solve before facing Nessa by pressing the switch. Follow these steps:

    • In Area 1. Press Red, then yellow and repeat with Red.
    • For Area 2, it’s Yellow and then Red.
    • Area 3 will have a yellow switch near a trainer downstairs. Then press Red and Blue
    • It will open Yellow Steps to Nessa

    Gym Reward-

    • Water badge that allows catching pokemon up to level 30
    • TM 36 contains Whirlpool
    • Water Uniform

    3. Motostoke Gym – Gym Leader Kabu

    Motostoke Gym - Gym Leader Kabu

    The third gym on your path to becoming a pokemon sword and shield champion will be Kabu. However, to get to him, you first have to clear the other two gyms. Kabu uses fire-type pokemon. These are strong against normal, flying, and grass type pokemon. Even electric pokemon have a hard time.

    Pokemon To Use:

    If you chose Sobble as your starter, this is where you will thrive. It is the most effective pokemon against anything Kabu will have to throw at you. However, if you couldn’t get that, it’s fine. You can use electric type but both are equally effective against each other. Don’t use grass, normal or flying types as they will turn to a crisp.

    Alternatively, you can get pokemon who know ground, rock, or water type moves. You can grab Drillbur, a ground-type pokemon. It has the strongest evolution, Excadrill. If you caught Lotad for the previous gym, you can use it.

    Rolycoly is another rock-type pokemon available that will evolve into Colossal. You will most likely find Chewtle around, as well. If you get it, you can evolve it into Drednaw.

    Level To Achieve:

    The strongest pokemon of Kabu is level 27. Therefore, at least level 25 to 30 would be preferable for you to breeze through this gym with the right pokemon type.

    The Gym Challenge:

    It is the most distinctive gym mission. You won’t have to battle the trainers but you have to catch wild pokemon, in the gym. That’s right! You will find a wide array of pokemon. Defeating them will get you 1 point each while catching them will get 2 points.

    Each time you get into the encounter, a pokemon trainer of Kabu will be there to support you. Therefore, you will have to catch the pokemon before the other trainer defeats it. You can land some decent fire-types like Vulpix, Sizzlipede, and Litwick. The most effective trick is to use a great ball right off the bat, without attacking.

    Gym Reward –

    • The Badge allows catching pokemon up to Level 35
    • You can train and control level 40 pokemon
    • TM 38 contains Will-O-Wisp
    • Fire Uniform

    4. Stow-On-Side Gym – Gym Leader Allister (Pokémon Shield Gym)

    Stow-On-Side Gym - Gym Leader Allister

    If you’re playing the Shield version, the fourth gym encounter will be Allister. It is going to be a challenging round as Allister uses Ghost-type pokemon.

    Pokemon To Use:

    Using a ghost-type pokemon would be a double-edged sword. Ghost-type Pokémon are weak against each other. However, if you choose Dark-type, you will have an upper hand. Similarly, if you can grab steel type, it would work in your favor. By now, with advancements in the game, you would most likely have found some of these.

    Now, Allister also has Mimikyu that is strong against Dark-type because of the Fairy-type Pokémon specifics. You might have to change a pokemon against her if you were using a dark-type so far.

    Level To Achieve:

    Allister has an assortment of some of the strongest pokemon. This is where you can feel the looming threat of gym trainers that will change the tides of the game. Her strongest pokemon is Gangar at level 36. Therefore, you would have to match around that level.

    The Gym Challenge:

    It seems like another obstacle type of mission, but with more fun. Here you will have a cup-shaped car and use the joystick to move in various directions. You have to avoid the obstacles as you will come across Gym trainers to combat them. Glowing green hands will provide you a boost as you cover the tracks to reach the trainer.

    Gym Reward –

    • The badge allows catching pokemon up to level 40
    • Train and control pokemon up to level 45
    • TM 77 contains Hex
    • Ghost Uniform

    5. Stow-On-Side Gym – Gym Leader Bea  (Pokémon Sword Gym)

    Stow-On-Side Gym - Gym Leader Bea - Pokemon Sword & Shield

    If you’re playing the Sword version, you will get to face Bea instead of Allister in Pokémon Sword and Shield. She will use fighting type pokemon that can be quite challenging against a wide assortment of pokemon you have.

    Pokemon To Use:

    The best bet here would be either to use flying type or fairy-type Pokémon. Psychic-type is quite a great choice for simpleminded fighting types. These hold supremacy against Fighting types. You can use Ghost-types as fighting moves don’t work on them. However, some of Bea’s pokemon have dark type moves that will be super effective against your ghosts.

    Using pokemon like Corviknight or Ruffler might be a good choice. Cobble’s final evolution is quite a threat, as well. Ribombee or Cutiefly, Gradevoir, or Ralts are also great options available for trainers to use.

    Level To Achieve:

    Bea has a similar level of pokemon with the strongest one at level 36. She primarily uses fighting type. If you can exploit her weakness, you can get by with weaker pokemon.

    The Gym Challenge:

    It is similar to Allister. However, instead of a cup car, you are sliding on a slope. You would have to use the joystick to move around. The fighting gloves will provide you a boost as you reach Bea.

    Gym Reward –

    • The badge allows catching pokemon up to level 40
    • Train and control pokemon up to level 45
    • TM42 Revenge
    • Fighting Uniform

    6. Ballonlea Gym – Gym Leader Opal

    Ballonlea Gym - Gym Leader Opal

    Gym Leader Opal is quite a charming character in the entire Pokémon Sword and Shield series. You can’t help but grow a liking to. She’s 88 and looking for a future Gym leader. Primarily, she uses fairy type with a mix of others.

    Pokemon To Use:

    If you got your hands on Excadrill, that’s the best pokemon to use. You will ace through all the battles. If not, then things will be a little challenging. Opal primarily uses fairy types. You will have a strong hand with poison and psychic types. However, it’s not that easy.

    Every fairy type which Ballonlea has is a mix of another type. Galatian Weezing and Mawile are Psychic and Steel-type.  Togekiss is flying and fairy while Alcreme is full fairy type.

    You can try using electric and Steel-type Pokémon for this gym battle.

    Level To Achieve:

    The strongest pokemon is level 38. You might want to stick to the level 35-40 range if you want to stay on the safe side. There isn’t any specific weakness that you can exploit this time around.

    The Gym Mission:

    It’s a straightforward battle with a little twist. Each time you fight a gym trainer, you will get a quiz to answer. You’re auditioning to become a future Ballonlea Gym leader. There’s no downside to giving the right answers, even if you get elected to be a gym leader.

    Gym Reward –

    • Catch pokemon up to Level 45
    • Train and control level 50 pokemon
    • TM87 contains Draining Kiss
    • Fairy Uniform

    7. Circhester Gym – Gym Leader Gordie (Pokémon Sword Gym)

    Circhester Gym - Gym Leader Gordie- Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Once again, you have an exclusive Gym leader waiting for you at Circhester Gym. If you’re playing Pokemon Sword, you will come against Gordie, a rock-type Pokémon gym trainer.

    Pokemon To Use:

    You will come across Rock fire, Rock water, Rock bug, and Rock pokemon from Gordie’s assortments. The gym trainers also use similar types. Therefore, using anything that is strong against Rock-type Pokémon would be great. You can use fighting type, water type, grass or ground type, and steel type.

    Level To Achieve:

    Gordie’s pokemon range from level 40 to 42. If you don’t have a pokemon that is specifically strong against Gordie’s selection, you might want to stick to that range. However, with the correct pokemon type, even a weaker one would be highly effective.

    The Gym Mission:

    In this gym, your navigation skills will get tested. It is quite a tricky one and might take some tries to get used to moving around. With a single wrong move, you will fall back to where you started. You will get a detector to make it easier for you. As long as you follow it, you will be good to go.

    Gym Reward –

    • Catch pokemon up to level 50
    • Train and control up to level 60 pokemon
    • TM48 contains Rock Tomb
    • Rock Uniform

    8. Circhester Gym – Gym Leader Melony (Pokémon Shield Gym)

    Circhester Gym - Gym Leader Melony (Pokémon Shield Gym)

    If you’re playing the Pokémon Shield version, you will come across Melony for the Circhester Gym. Here, you have an ice-type field ready for chilling adventures.

    Pokemon To Use:

    Don’t confuse Ice for Water-type. Ice-type pokemon have quite strong offensive capabilities. Therefore, it’s all about hitting first and hitting hard. Of course, if you choose Fire, Rock, Steel, or Fighting-type, you will have a strong advantage against Melony.

    Once again, if you own Excadrill, you will be able to breeze through. If you had Scorbunny, then Cinderace is also a great choice. Conkeldurr and Aegislash are also compelling options against Melony. Lapras is water-type in Melony with similar type attacks, so it would be strong against fire type.

    Level To Achieve:

    You would need a similar level to Gordie, around level 41 to level 42 with the right pokemon type if you want to stand your ground. The pokemon trainers in the gym also have a similar type of pokemon.

    The Gym Mission:

    It is similar to Gordie, but instead of rock platforms and pathways, it is ice. You need to follow a similar process, the direction would change so you can’t repeat the same trail if you’re playing Shield after Sword.

    Gym Reward –

    • Catch pokemon up to level 50
    • Train and control up to level 60 pokemon
    • TM27 contains Icy Wind
    • Ice Uniform

    9. Spikemuth Gym – Gym Leader Piers

    Spikemuth Gym - Gym Leader Piers

    The second last (7th Gym) is finally here and it’s not going to be easy to find him or defeat him. He is almost as strong as the last gym leader. You can call him the penultimate gym leader of Pokemon Sword And Shield Things are about to get really challenging. You might want to stack up on recovery items for this one.

    Pokemon To Use:

    You will fight against Dark-type Pokémon. These Pokémon are weak against fairy-type. You can also use bug and fighting type attacks.  Fairy type moves would be super effective against Scrafty, one of Piers’ pokemon. You can also use bug type against Malamar and fighting type against Obstagoon.

    Fairy type pokemon like Galarian Weezing, Rimbombee, and Alcremie are all great options.

    Level To Achieve:

    Level 44 to 46 are the pokemon that Piers owns. Therefore, you’d need at least that range to stand against him.

    The Gym Mission:

    The gym is off-limits in-game. You have to find a way to get inside the gym. For that, you will have to approach Marnie, Piers’ sister who will guide you through a backway to the gym. During this, you will come across various Team Yell Members. It’s a straightforward approach, keep fighting Team Yell members to reach Piers and battle him.

    Gym Reward –

    • Can catch Pokemon up to level 55
    • Train and control level 70 pokemon
    • TM85 contains Snarl
    • Dark Uniform

    10. Hammerlocke Gym – Gym Leader Raihan

    Hammerlocke Gym - Gym Leader Raihan

    Hammerlocke Gym Leader Raihan is the second strongest trainer in the entire Galar region. It means that things aren’t going to be as easy as you might’ve thought. This one is going to have team-battles too! So, you need to be prepared thoroughly

    Pokemon To Use:

    It’s a little spooky to think that you will be against a Dragon Specialist. However, his pokemon aren’t dragon-types. They will use Gigalith’s Sandstorm ability for weather conditions to boost, but that’s about it. You will have to pair two pokemon together for a double battle.

    To win this one, you can’t depend on a pokemon type. You would have to use different combinations:

    • Ground-type Pokémon for Gigalith and Duraludon would be right.
    • Ice-type Pokémon for Flygon and Sandaconda would be good.
    • Abomasnow would be a fantastic choice to create hail and counter sandstorms from Gigalith.
    • Grass-type and ice type would also be the right choice.
    • Overall, two ground types, two ice types, and two grass types might be an ideal choice of the team against Raihan.

    Level To Achieve:

    As the ultimate dragon type gym leader, Raihan has pokemon ranging from level 46 to level 48. Therefore, you would need around level 50 to match or beat him. Gym leaders are often stronger than the levels and it can get very threatening to take them down efficiently.

    The Gym Mission:

    So, the battle here is straightforward but you would need to indulge in a team battle. Almost every Pokemon trainer would have a dragon type. So a fairy type, ice type, or rock type would be a good choice to attack the dragon type’s weakness.

    Gym Reward –

    • Catch and train pokemon of any level
    • Control pokemon of any level
    • TM99 contains Breaking Swipe
    • Dragon Uniform

    Frequently Asked Question:

    Can You Rechallenge Gym Leaders In Pokemon Sword And Shield?

    Yes, you can challenge the gym leaders after getting their number. However, the gym leaders will accept the rematch only if they are free. It’s not that challenging, you just have to time it right. Similarly, if you lost the first time, you can go back to challenge them again.

    How Do You Beat The Dragon Gym Leader In Pokemon Shield?

    Whether you play Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, the method for defeating the dragon type gym leader is the same.

    Who Is The Missing Gym Leader Pokemon Sword And Shield?

    When you’re playing Pokémon Sword, you won’t find Melony or Allister in the game. While playing Pokemon Shield, you won’t find Gordie or Bea in the game.

    How Do You Get Through The Fire Gym In Pokemon Sword?

    Coming across pokemon in the wild area is pivotal for you to get through the fire gym. You would have to capture them and there’s only so much you can do. Other gym trainers aren’t there to help you, but they will steal your points by capturing or defeating the pokemon first. Therefore, you would have to be quick. Using a great ball or a highly effective pokemon type is a sure-fire way to get through the Fire Gym.


    That’s the complete guide to tackle each Pokemon Sword and Shield gym in the game. Once you collect the eight gym badges, it will turn into something like a coin. You can then go on your way to challenge Leon and other remaining trainers in the game to become the ultimate pokemon master.

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