Sling TV vs YouTube TV – Which is Best Streaming Service?

You might be familiar with the concept of ‘cutting the cord’ popularized by many streaming service providers. It is especially true for IPTV supporting devices such as Fire Stick and Roku. Similarly, smart TVs have further helped with cutting the cord.

All of this brought a revolution in cable TV. Nobody wants a satellite or cable connection anymore. There’s way too entertaining content available online. In this spectrum, two noticeable apps are at two different ends: Sling TV and YouTube TV.

Sling TV vs YouTube TV – Brief Overview

YouTube TV is a premium-grade content provider that is prominently available across the USA. It’s an excellent platform with over 65 premium channels, local broadcasting, and much more. There’s no way you can go wrong with YouTube if you want a premium-level live TV experience.

On the other end, Sling TV stands as a budget-friendly and highly-affordable choice for people who want some entertainment. It doesn’t have many popular channels, nor does it bring local broadcasting, but it has high value for money. More importantly, it brings you the convenience to choose and customize channels. There are many popular channels you still get on Sling TV.

Overall, you can see that YouTube TV is for premium-grade entertainment while Sling TV brings you a more budget-friendly option with passable entertainment.

Quick Comparision Chat

Before we move onto the comparison, here’s a quick comparison chart to help you decide. If you don’t want to invest time into reading the complete review, this should suffice 

                   Sling TV                YouTube TV
  • Highly affordable with the flexibility of add-ons 
  • 10 hours DRV without extra cost
  • Standard compatibility doesn’t work with gaming consoles
  • Around 50+ channels at best
  • Doesn’t support local channels 
  • The standard subscription works on a single screen
  • Standard 720P content
  • Movies on-demand 
  • Easy channel guide 
  • Doesn’t offer many premium channels
  • Offers free service
  • Single package premium subscription
  • Unlimited cloud DVR
  • Universal compatibility 
  • Around 85+ channels with full-fledged package 
  • Supports local channels
  • Simultaneously stream on three screens
  • Standard 720P content
  • Original content and movies on demand
  • Easy channel guide
  • You can add more premium channels
  • Doesn’t offer free service

Best Comparisons

1. User Interface & Experience

YouTube is first a video streaming platform that has undergone years of development. It’s almost hard to imagine that anyone can match its user interface and ease of use. The recommendation is fantastic, and the overall user experience is a breeze. It worked diligently to bring the same comfort to YouTube TV.

Does it mean that Sling TV loses? Not at all! Surprisingly enough, Sling TV is one of the most user-friendly app available online. It’s remarkably on par with YouTube TV in the ease of use, navigation, selection, streaming, and much more. Sling TV is so convenient that it has surpassed several other premium-grade apps like Hulu TV. 

A channel guide is comfortable for both of these platforms. There’s no argument there for either of these. So in this aspect, user experience, interface, and ease of use can put both Sling TV and YouTube TV on a ‘tie.’

2. Content Quality And Video-On-Demand

Sling TV brings video on demand similar to standard live TV apps with not much ‘original’ or ‘high-end’ content. You get movies on request if that stirs up your boat. It supports HD streaming and whatnot, but it certainly can’t match YouTube TV in this aspect.

YouTube TV brings you original content primarily on YouTube, such as Wayne and many other enticing series. However, YouTube has previously sold the rights of Cobra Kai to Netflix. So we can expect some shift of original content here as well.

Both platforms offer 720P HD that falls short against other streaming apps but ties against each other. You get commercials on both of these platforms as they bring you to live TV, and those channels will showcase their commercial. There’s no workaround for these commercials, except for DVR. 

3. Subscription, Trials & Screens

If you talk about the trial period first, YouTube TV brings you a seven-day trial to decide if it is the right service for you. At the baseline, Sling TV is a free to use service with limited channels. If you want to test the ‘premium’ services, you can get a three-day trial.

In comparison, YouTube requires a subscription after the trial for you to access entertainment. So if you want ‘free’ services, Sling TV works with advertisements and such, while YouTube TV will inevitably require a subscription. 

YouTube has a single subscription package that brings you three screen share, access to cloud DVR, all of the channels, video-on-demand, and everything else. There’s no need for you to worry about limitations on the package. Thus, it is a good and flexible option.

Meanwhile, Sling TV has an Orange and Blue subscription. You can pair both of these subscriptions to gain access to a wide range of channels. However, without Blue, you won’t get an additional number of screens but one. Similarly, if you want a DVR and other services, you will have to pay extra.

If you want to add more channels, it requires you to pay extra. If you keep paying for all the add-ons and services, you can very well reach the same price-range that YouTube Premium offers. So in that aspect, if you consider a full-package payment of Sling TV and YouTube TV, then YouTube TV brings you a better value for money.

4. Device Compatibility

Universal compatibility has become a norm for live streaming apps. Therefore, both Sling TV and YouTube are available for Smart TVs, FireSticks, Roku, Smartphones, Tablets, and other similar devices.

However, Sling TV doesn’t work with gaming consoles, while YouTube TV is fully functional with these devices. Once again, YouTube TV wins in the comparison race.


From the entire review, it might seem like YouTube TV is a clear winner, but only if you can invest in the premium-package. Sling TV is more affordable and cost-friendly, especially with its range of free services. Therefore, if you don’t want to invest too much in premium services, Sling TV is a better option.

However, if you genuinely want to invest money and get premium services with rich features, you should prioritize YouTube TV. YouTube TV wins in channel collection, content, and ‘collective’ affordability if you combine all Sling TV packages against YouTube. 

If you’re still unsure, you can always try the trial version of both of them and set a reminder before the trial ends to unsubscribe. It would enable you to make a better decision.

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