Best Snapchat Filters [2021] – How to Create & Use?

Snapchat filters are a good way to beautify your pictures. They have been the best way to ensure you are getting quality clicks. You can also play around a lot with them while messaging your friends. The content will pop tremendously. We recommend that you try it out to increase your vibes. People are enjoying the photo-sharing application. Users can put up stories and talk to their friends.

It is a good way to make new connections, as well. We enjoy the amazing benefits users can get through this application. Overall it is a tremendously popular app. In this guide, we will cover everything about Snapchat filters and how to use them.

Popular Snapchat Filters in 2021:

There are tons of Popular Snapchat lenses available on the app. Here are some of the most amazing Filters we love on the platform. Try these out to click some gorgeous pictures. 

1. Day Time

The Day Time filter is lowkey and helps you click pictures with a slight beige touch. It is perfect for those who want to showcase the date and time in their photos. You can also beautify the pictures. The font is unique and takes very little effort to use. I highly suggest trying this one out. Save the filter by clicking a few pictures in this one.

2. Golden Hour Simple

As the name suggests, it is suitable for all your pictures in sunlight. When the surroundings are lit up, the photo will pop up. Overall it is very beneficial for those who enjoy taking selfies a lot. Whenever you are going out, all your group pictures and solo ones will look amazing. It is a generic filter that is made by Snapchat. It adds a slight golden tint to your pictures. You will find it to be highly interesting.

3. Blur-Day

Blur-day is yet another picture that shows the day you clicked the picture. It is quite subtle and makes the surroundings very warm. It is perfect for those who love to click a rare photo. The Snapchat filter is perfect for saving a few memories. The name is quite straightforward. It is not the ideal filter when you want sharp and crisp clicks. You get the vibe of monochromatic polaroid pictures with this Snapchat lens.

4. Huji

Huji is one of the most popular lenses on the internet. It is ideal for those who enjoy taking old school pictures. It follows the Fujifilm aesthetic and brings out the best in your images. Overall the pictures look amazing. We recommend you try this one out for the best results. The colors pop up quite well, and you don’t have to download any extra applications. There are different versions of the filter available on the platform.

5. Neon

The Neon filter is available on the platform for users who enjoy the colorful aesthetic. It pops up quite well and makes your pictures look futuristic. If you are someone who enjoys cyberpunk culture, then this is the best filter for you. These days the cyberpunk 2077 game is also becoming highly popular amongst the youngsters. You can try this filter out and hop on the latest trends. 

These are the top 5 filter picks from our Snapchat explore. You can try and test more according to your needs. These will make the experience of Snapchat much better. 

How to Use Snapchat Filters?

The process of trying out new filters is quite simple. You can follow this guide and get to know more about the application. These filters tend to make your pictures extraordinarily beautiful. Follow this guide to start using your favorite Snapchat filters and finding more.

  • Start the Snapchat application on your phone. You will see the camera on your device. When you go to click a picture, you will see the option of many slides.
  • You can slide the camera icon to check the different filters available on your profile. These are the regular filters that are generally available to everyone.
  • Users can also search for more filters by selecting the slide search icon. These will give you the latest and the most trendy filters which are popular. Snapchat has been trying it out for quite some time. You can explore these for some amazing benefits. The explore icon is available on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Once you find the favorite filter, users can click the best pictures. Overall it is quite easy to try these new filters out. It is very helpful for those who want to keep up with the latest trends.

These are some of the ways to find out your favorite filters. Users can save the filters for regular use. We recommend that you try these out for some amazing benefits. New filters are getting up on the application every day.

How to make Snapchat filters?

The community runs Snapchat filters. You can make them on your own according to your needs. In this guide, we will showcase how you can create a filter for everyone to try out. The Spark AR and Snapchat Lens studio are the two platforms to create filters. For the Snapchat app, the lens studio is the way to go. The app is quite easy to use for new users.

The app utilizes the studio using Augmented Reality software. You can have fun while creating some amazing filters on the platform. You can Click Here to check out the platform. It is available on the macOS and Windows operating systems as well.

How to save Snapchat filters?

Users can save the filters on their device for long term use. There are tons of different ways to do the same. You can click a lot of pictures with one filter to add it to your recently used automatically. Users can also favorite the Snapchat filters they prefer utilizing. These are amazing for long term use. Once you are done exploring the app for lenses, click on the favorite button. It is available at the bottom of your app screen. Click on this to add it to your filters library. You can scroll through the different filters to try them out and save them for long term use.


Snapchat filters are a part of our day to day life now. They are the best way to enhance your beauty and have fun at the same time. There are multiple types of filters available on the platform. You can try these games out and increase your hype. People put up amazing stories whenever they find a new good filter. It is perfect for your use in the long term. In this guide, we cover a lot of options for you. We hope it gives you an idea about how to use the Snapchat filters as well.

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