Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury For Nintendo Switch

There’s great news for everyone! Super Mario 3D World Bowser’s Fury is releasing on Nintendo Switch. It is not coming alone, either. You will get a new color option for the console, a Mario color theme that settles perfectly with the game.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury For Nintendo Switch

Dozens of colorful stages and many other perks with events are waiting for you. With Nintendo switch system pounce to bag Super Mario 3d.

About Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury:

There have been countless versions of Mario where we see him take on new powers all the time. In September 2020, Nintendo launched Super Mario 3D All-Stars. However, it wasn’t well-received by the Mario lovers. After all, it lacked anything new to offer. The collection includes Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. Yet, the golden opportunity of the trio was missed.

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In Super Mario 3d world Bowser’s fury, you get Mario and his three playable friends with a wide assortment of power-ups. You have Luigi, Peach, and Toad all ready for local or online co-op gameplay. More importantly, Mario is taking a new approach to powers with feline transformations! That’s right! You’re going to see him and his friends take power-ups and transform into cat forms.

Super Mario 3D World Bowser's Fury

With the classic world Remastered, you are going to get some additional perks. There will be dozens of colorful stages to make up for the major disappointment the Super Mario 3D All Stars delivered to Nintendo’s fans.

Bowser’s Fury:

The synopsis is fairly straightforward. Browser, a popular Mario character, has turned into a gigantic monstrosity. There is Bowser Jr in the game as well! Now that he is rampaging, it’s up to Mario Bros and friends to save the day! That’s just one part of the game. There’s a lot more waiting for you as you will embark on a journey with friends.

Nintendo Switch Red & Blue:

You’re going to see the Nintendo Switch System pounce to Mario Red & Blue Edition. It has an iconic color pallet of Mario’s outfit coming to the Nintendo Switch. There is a red joy-con, and it looks quite appealing, especially if you compare it to the two standard colors of the Nintendo switch. There’s also a blue joy-con grip. Overall, this colorful pallet brings an immersive gaming experience for Super Mario fans.

Nintendo Switch Red & Blue

Furthermore, you get a carrying case and screen protection for well-versed protection and portability. Overall, Nintendo is making sure that they leave no stones unturned for an enticing console this time with the 35th anniversary of Mario.

Amiibo Perks:

There are two primary Amiibo figures available to purchase on selected retailers for the game. You have Cat Mario and Cat Peach. The two will bring a unique range of enhancement and experience to the game. For Bowser’s Fury, you get Bowser and Bowser Jr as additional Amiibos with their unique range of perks.

Amiibo Perks

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Challenge:

Apart from the above mentioned in-game perks, there’s another event right around the corner. As we all know, it is Mario’s 35th Anniversary. Therefore, Nintendo is going full throttle with the events. A special event named ‘Super Mario Bros. 35 World Count Challenge‘ will take place from January to March.

Players from across the globe can partake in the event. You’re allowed to do it solo or with your team. The objective is simple. You can participate as many times as you like. All you need to do is defeat 3.5 million Bowsers during the event period. Not alone! That would be impossible! The total number of Bowser defeated by the players will count. In other words, you can defeat one. The event will have all the details, like when the event will be held and much more.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership Challenge

There will be new content and courses waiting for the players as they will encounter many opportunities to battle Bowser. If you defeat even a single Bowser, you’ll be eligible for 350 My Nintendo Platinum Points. It’s most likely that the more you defeat, the more rewards you will get. For more information, you’d have to wait until the event is near with details.

Switch Online Membership Sold Separately:

Of course, you won’t get any Nintendo Switch Online Membership free with the game. You’d have to invest in that separately. It won’t be available for free during the event either. The membership is required for online features and support access.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. Can You Play Super Mario 3d World On Nintendo Switch?

Ans: With the initial release, you will play the Super Mario 3D world Bowser’s Fury game on Nintendo Switch.  The 3D world is coming in February, and there are some events. If you need games suggestions, get your hand better in Super Mario Bros 35.

2Q. Is Super Mario World On Switch?

Ans: If you mean the conventional Super Mario World, it’s not available. However, the 3D world is coming for Nintendo Switch. It is the same game that was popular on Super Nintendo ES once upon a time. Now you are going to have the same playback with switch.

3Q. Can you play Super Mario Galaxy On The Switch?

Ans: Yes. You can bag Super Mario 3D All Starts to get access to Galaxy, Sunshine, and 64 on your Nintendo Switch system. However, it brings you the same experience on just an updated console. Therefore, not many fans loved the new All-Stars version.


Nintendo released the fury announcement trailer last fall for the game. Super Mario 3D World Bowser’s Fury game is coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 12, 2021.  It is going to be the same old platformer and action game we loved about the Mario games. The file size is around 2.9 GB. Remember, Switch online membership sold separately. If you get that, then you will have a lot of additional features!

That’s everything you can learn about Nintendo regarding the latest game. So get ready to roll out with the best game of all time with top rating now available for the latest generation of Nintendo Console.

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