TamilRockers [2020] – Is this New Website Safe to Use?

Movies and TV shows are the most entertaining resources that most people use to refresh their minds and get rid of all the stress and frustration. It is proven that entertainment resources are the best way to get relief from serious issues like stress.

Whenever any individual wants to spend his or her free time, it is mostly to watch some entertaining movie to get rid of the boredom they have been facing. TamilRockers is a torrent website that helps provide illegal distribution of copyrighted movies, shows, or videos. 

It is an illegal, pirating website that has a huge collection of big-budget movies online. According to some sources, before the release of a big budget movie, TamilRockers plans to release the movie online on its opening day itself.

This website lets the visitors search and download any copyrighted movies using magnet links as well as torrent files. In India, this website was ordered to be blocked. But, still, the website continues to work by simply switching to a list of new web addresses so as to avoid facing the government authorities.

Can I Watch Movies on TamilRockers?

To simply watch or download any movies from Tamilrockers is totally illegal as this website supports piracy. If in case, you are even accessing this website and then you get caught through any means then you will have to suffer the punishment for violating the law which is made by government officials.

Also, this website claims to have no rights over the content that has been uploaded for the users to watch or download. When you are visiting this type of website over the internet then your personal information would be at high risk. So, keep in mind that such a website is illegal and also unsafe to download movies from.

So, If you use this website to watch any kind of movies, you should just avoid it in the future or else you may get into trouble as per the rules of India.

Piracy is a total punishable offense.

Is Tamilrockers Safe To Use?

People should know that this website is known to be a pirated site which is completely against the rule of the government. But, we have even seen that people are still visiting this website in many ways, despite it getting banned.

Using this website is definitely not safe as this website has been blocked by the Indian Government. If you use any torrent web

site, it is a crime. Also, keep in mind that using such websites can even hack your device.

When you use such websites you may see some pop ups. That’s how these websites can insert the virus in your device and once your device has got a virus into its system, your device will work very slow. It might also damage the processor of your PC.

If you feel like downloading movies, all you have to do is, just search for any legal platforms and download the movie you have been looking for.

Are we allowed to download movies from Tamilrockers?

We should know that using pirated websites are said to be a criminal offense in India. Actually, not only in India but also many other countries. The governments of these countries do not allow people to visit such pirated sites.

If we talk about Tamilrockers, it was actually banned by the government of India many times. But, they still keep on changing their domain names and continue with their service.

There are so many people that are working so hard to complete the movies or web series they are in. But, if after their movie is released and later on it is leaked on such types of pirated websites, then it will be very saddening for them.

As we know by now, using such kinds of websites is offensive and against the law as these types of websites are stealing the movies and then serving you the same. In short, It also means that you are also stealing the pirated content and then watching them. It is important to know that the contents that are available in the website are copyrighted. So, there may be a chance that some kind of action might be taken against you as well if you have pirated content on your device.

How does this website work?

You may be possibly thinking that even though this website is banned by the government, how is it possible that the website is still working without any issues. The thing is, the TamilRockers website doesn’t host any of the content which is available on the website.

The website directs users through external links. So, you will be able to watch any movies or videos from the external links without any sort of interruptions.

Though the website does not upload any pirated content, it does support and promotes pirated content. Also, the TamilRockers website keeps on continuously changing the domain names of the website to keep their work going. So, with the help of this, the website is away from government authorities because of different proxy links.


Using pirated websites to watch pirated movies or shows or any other videos are totally against the laws in many countries. If in case you are caught watching movies by using such websites then there might be some problem for you in the near future. This article is only for educational purposes and we also plan to bring awareness among the people to aware them of the usage of such pirated websites as it is illegal to use this website. It would be better for you to avoid using pirated websites and look for some websites where you need to pay in order to download any movies or shows.

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