Top 50 Instagram Models You Should Follow [Updated 2021]

Looking for the top Instagram models to follow in 2021? Well, we have got you back. As the Glamour world is increasing in population, it is quite challenging to keep up with each fashion personality. To make it simple for you, we have shortlisted the top 50 Instagram models to follow in 2021.

Top 50 Instagram Models

Note: We have updated this list according to popularity in certain factors. If you know any other popular models to get listed, do drop their Instagram ID in the comments section. We will consider when we updating article next time.

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Top 50 Instagram Models List [2021]:

1. Kendall Jenner

This Kardashian sister has risen to popularity like no other; Kendall started her modeling career with Wilhelmina Models modeling agency when she was only 14. She has been on the front cover of various magazines. Later, Forbes even declared her as the top-earning model in the glamour industry.


2. Gigi Hadid

  • Followers: 63.3 million followers.
  • Instagram Handle:@gigihadid.

Gigi Hadid has shaken the modeling world by rocking various runways and magazine covers. Gigi bagged her first modeling opportunity with BabyGuess clothing brand when she was just two years old. This mesmerizing 25-year-old has also been 20 times Vogue winner.

Gigi Hadid

3. Cara DeLevigne

  • Followers: 43.7 million followers.
  • Instagram Handle: @caradelevigne.

Cara is an actor, model, and singer as well. She began her modeling career with the Italian edition of Vogue when she was only 10. Cara DeLevigne further stepped into the modeling industry in 2009 under Storm Management, later earning a Model of the Year title in 2012 and 2014 at the British fashion awards.

Cara DeLevigne -Top 50 Instagram Models

4. Bella Hadid

  • Followers: 38.1 million followers.
  • Instagram handle @bellahadid.

Maybe it’s just in the genes, as this Hadid sister is certainly not coming slow! Isabella Khair Hadid started her modeling career at the age of 16 and worked with various campaigns such as Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. Bella has earned the most beautiful woman in the world title for her striking features.

Bella Hadid

5. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy is a 34-year-old Instagram model who rose to fame once she got discovered by a photographer. Later Chrissy was featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuits Issue and various fashion magazines, including Vogue.

Chrissy Teigen -Top 50 Instagram Models

6. Hailey Baldwin (Bieber)

  • Followers: 32.5 million followers.
  • Instagram Handle:@haileybieber.

At the age of 23, Hailey Baldwin is inspirational not only on Instagram but also on the ramp walk. Hailey stepped into the fashion industry in 2014 and right away bagged multiple magazine covers, including Vogue.

Hailey Baldwin

8. Emily Ratajkowski

  • Followers: 27.1 million followers.
  • Instagram Handle:@emrata.

Emily’s modeling career skyrocketed when she starred in the Blurred Lines music video as one of the Robin Thickens models. Emily was all set to runways in 2014 as one of Marc Jacobs’s models.

Emily Ratajkowski

8. Sommer Ray

  • Followers: 25.7 million followers.
  • Instagram Handle: @sommerray.

Sommer Ray is a fitness influencer who began her modeling career through Instagram. At the age of 23, Sommers did various campaigns on Instagram. With abundant followers on Instagram, Sommer is all ready to lit the social media world on fire!

Sommer Ray

9. Gisele Bündchen

  • Followers: 16.6 million followers.
  • Instagram Handle: @gisele.

After delivering a successful campaign with Alexander McQueen, Gisele rose to fame in 1998. Gisele has walked various runways and happens to be one of the oldest of Victoria’s Secret models. Gisele also earned the title of 16th richest woman in the world in 2017.

Gisele Bündchen

10. Barbara Palvin

Born and brought up in Budapest, Hungary, Barbara Palvin is another in-demand face in the Glamour industry. Most teens also best know her from Wattpad stories opposite Francisco Lachowski. Barbara worked with various brands, including Victoria’s Secret.

Barbara Palvin -Top 50 Instagram Models

11. Candice Swainpoel

The South African model began her career back in 2007 and signed a contract with Victoria’s Secret right away. Candice has walked various runaways and worked with well-known brands, also getting featured on the cover of worldwide Vogue editions.

Candice Swainpoel

12. Adriana Lima

  • Followers: 12.7 million followers.
  • Instagram Handle: @adrianalima.

Another one of Victoria’s Secret oldest models, she has walked several runways for them. Victoria Lima is best-known to be the second-highest-paid model since 2014.

Adriana Lima

13. Miranda Kerr

  • Followers: 12.4 million followers.
  • Instagram Handle: @mirandakerr.

This Australian model rose to fame when she started working for Victoria’s Secret in her native country, way back in 2007. Later, Miranda Kerr rocked various runways and brand campaigns all over the world.

Miranda Kerr

14. Ashley Graham

  • Followers: 12 million followers.
  • Instagram Handle: @ashleygraham.

Ashley Graham has been a face of global magazines, such as – Elle and Vogue. Ashley has worked with several popular campaigns, and she is best-known for embracing her plus-figure that inspires common girls with size-phobias.

Ashley Graham -Top 50 Instagram Models

15. Mathilde Tantot

  • Followers: 9.1 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@mathildtantot.

Mathilde Tantot is another fashion model who found her fame through Instagram. She has worked with many brands and also created her own known as Khassani Swimwear.

Mathilde Tantot

16. Karlie Kloss

  • Followers: 8.9 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@karliekloss.

Karlie Kloss has worked worldwide with several campaigns. She has switched her modeling career to coding-advocate, gaining enormous followers, and produced a great deal of profit by working with Adidas, Estee Lauder, and many others.

Karlie Kloss

17. Cindy Kimberly

  • Followers: 6.6 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@wolfiecindy.

This Dutch beauty is insanely in-demand for her youtube channel, as well as smoky Instagram pictures. Cindy is one of the youngest Instagram models finding her way into the glamour industry.

Cindy Kimberly -Top 50 Instagram Models

18. Josephine Skriver

This Danish model has worked with numerous brands, best known for being Victoria’s Secret official model. Josephine is an opinionated woman who uses Instagram to share her integral views about things that stimulate her!

Josephine Skriver

19. Liu Wen

  • Followers: 5.2 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@liuwenlw.

This native Chinese model has worked with several popular brands, including Vogue. Liu Wen also happens to be one of the first Chinese models to do a ramp walk in Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

liu win

20. Pamela Alexandra

Another plus-sized model, Pamela Alexandra, is a Travel Blogger who found her fame by posting pictures on Instagram.

Pamela Alexandra -Top 50 Instagram Models

21. Sierra Skye Egan

Followers: 4.1 million followers.

Instagram handle:@sierraaaskyee.

Born and brought up in California, Sierra Skye Egan is an Italian. Unlike most models – Siera did not find her fame by working with several popular brands and walking runways; instead, Instagram happens to be her safe Haven.

Sierra Skye Egan

22. Jon Kortajarena

Born and brought up in Spain, Jon Kortajarena has worked with several brand collabs via Instagram. Just at the age of 18, Jon has covered for Just Cavalli.

Jon Kortajarena

23. Lucky Blue Smith

  • Followers: 2.7 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@luckybsmith.

This American Fashion model signed an International modeling contract just at the age of 12. With his dreamy looks, Lucky Blue Smith has bagged several brands, such as Calvin Klein and GAP.

Lucky Blue Smith Top 50 Instagram Models

24. Natasha Oakley

  • Followers: 2.3 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@tashoakley.

Natasha Oakley is another fashion model who found her fame by blogging. Natasha has built her way up by working with various brands via Instagram. She found a Bikini brand called Monday Swimwear.

Natasha Oakley

25. Camila Morrone

  • Followers: 2.3 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@camilamorrone.

Born and brought up in Los Angeles, California, Camila Morrone has walked several runways and is signed with IMG models worldwide. Her Instagram account is mostly for promoting unique collaborations.

Camila Morrone

26. Pia Muehlenbeck

You would be surprised by knowing that Pia Muehlenbeck’s first career choice was Law. Later, when Instagram came to her, modeling was just something that went along the way.

Pia Muehlenbeck

27. Rocky Barnes

  • Followers: 2.1 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@rocky_barnes.

Rocky Barnes is another Instagram model who first rose to fame by Blogging and later starring in Justin Bieber’s music videos. She mostly uses her Instagram account for fashion-related content.

Rocky Barnes

28. Francisco Lachowski

Francisco Lachowski is a Brazillian model who has worked with several brands. Teens may also recognize him from Wattpad stories opposite Barbara Palvin.

Francisco Lachowski

29. Devin Brugman

  • Followers: 1.3 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@devinbrugman.

Born and brought up in Los Angeles, California – Davin Brugman is another in-demand Instagram model, most-definitely following her mother’s footsteps. Devin also happens to be the co-founder of Monday swimwear.

Devin Brugman

30. Lisa-Marie Schiffner

This 19-year-old Australian model tasted fame via Instagram. Lisa started by posting aesthetic pictures and focusing on lifestyle blogging through YouTube as well.

Lisa-Marie Schiffner

31. Cindy Mello

  • Followers: 1.1 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@cindymello.

Cindy Mello started her modeling career through Instagram and later signed a contract with Ford Models. Cindy has been the face of various brands.

Cindy Mello

32. Mimi Elashiry

  • Followers: 1 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@mimielashiry.

Born and brought up in Sydney, Australia, Mimi Elashiry has transitioned from being an inspirational speaker to sharing Lifestyle related content on her Instagram page.

Mimi Elashiry

33. Imaan Hammam

  • Followers: 1 million followers.
  • Instagram handle:@imaanhammam.

The Egyptian model has featured on various magazine covers and walked on several runways, including Victoria’s Secret. Imaan Hamman is also considered one of the top sexiest models.

35. Christy Turlington

The American model has been the face of Maybelline and also declared as Glamour model of the year 2013. Christy has been featured on plenty of magazine covers and founded a Charity organization – every Mother counts.

Christy Turlington

35. Liz Turner

The American model started her career through Instagram modeling but later went ahead and worked with several brands. Liz is also quite vocal about her struggles with mental health on social media platforms.

Liz Turner

36. Jenah Yamamoto

  • Followers: 839k followers.
  • Instagram handle:@gypsyone.

Jenah Yamamoto is another Instagram model who found success through her travel blogs. Jenah also posts about brand collaborations.

Jenah Yamamoto

37. Gabi

  • Followers: 824k followers.
  • Instagram handle:@gabifresh.

Gabi is another plus-size Instagram model who is not hesitant to go against societal norms. Gabi also co-founded the plus-size brand and soon will be launching her lingerie collections.


38. Madi Edwards

  • Followers: 793k followers.
  • Instagram handle:@madi_edwards.

The Australian model has worked her way up by first starting with Instagram and later worked with several brands, including Australian Vogue.

Madi Edwards

39. Megan Williams

  • Followers: 785k followers.
  • Instagram handle:@meganmayw

Born and brought up in Southampton, UK – Megan Williams is another Instagram model with a sparkling career. She has worked with several in-demand brands, such as Dolce and many others.

Megan Williams

40. Frida Aasen

  • Followers: 744k followers.
  • Instagram handle:@frida_aasen

The Norwegian fashion model has worked with several campaigns and is also working with Victoria Secret and Michael Kors since 2017.

Frida Aasen

41. Audreyana Michelle

Born and brought up in Oklahoma, Audreyana Michelle has trained under several Talent agencies. Audreyana mostly puts lifestyle content on her Instagram, including the brands that she has been working with.

Audreyana Michelle -Top 50 Instagram Models

42. Ashley Sky

  • Followers: 574k followers.
  • Instagram handle:@ashleysky.

Another Instagram model who rose to fame through YouTube and aesthetic Instagram pictures. Ashley Sky has not only walked several runways but also worked with numerous brands.

Ashley Sky

43. Rain Dove

The American model has worked with several runways, films, and movement campaigns. He is gender-neutral, making him alternately pose as both male and females in photoshoots.

Rain Dove

44. Alina Baikova

Alina is another Instagram model and an activist who works with Heart fund Charity to help several people. She also works with Bikini and teeth whitening brands.

Alina Baikova -Top 50 Instagram Models

45. Bridget Malcolm

The Australian model has walked several runways and featured on in-demand magazine covers as well. Bridget Malcolm is also best-known for her profound body positivity and fitness-based captions on Instagram.

Bridget Malcolm

46. Raven Lyn

  • Followers: 334k followers.
  • Instagram handle:@theravenlyn.

Raven Lyn has just started with her modeling career a few years back and bagged Sports Illustrated rookie of 2018. Raven mostly uses her Instagram to post hot pictures and collaboration details.

Raven Lyn

47. Jessie Andrews

Jessie Andrews is another Instagram model who tasted success by documenting her life in the Lifestyle blog. Jessie has also founded several brands.

Jessie Andrews -Top 50 Instagram Models

48. Sarah Stephens

The Australian model tasted fame when she victoriously earned the title of Model Search of 2006 Girlfriend Magazine. Sarah regularly promotes various brand collaborations.

Sarah Stephens

49. Minahil

  • Followers: 161k followers.
  • Instagram handle:@bae.doe.

Minahil is another curvy fashion influencer who experienced fame through Instagram. Minahil first started by posting her outfits and makeup content, slowly and gradually gaining her fanbase.

Minahil -Top 50 Instagram Models

50. Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein is another fashion model who found her fame by blogging. Ever-since, Jessica has posted numerous pictures and has been working with various brands.

Jessica Stein


This was our list of top 50 Instagram models; we hope it made exploring on your end a bit simple. If you still find it challenging to keep up with all of these, you can simply follow Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, as these two BFFs are on the top of their game not just in their career but also by being their most unfiltered selves on social media.

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