Whatsapp Statistics & Facts (2021)

Whatsapp has managed to dominate social media as one of the most convenient messaging apps in the world. It is straightforward and doesn’t have any advertisements. With end-to-end encrypted messages, it has remarkable security.

WhatsApp Statistics & Facts

There was a time when WhatsApp needed a yearly subscription of around 99 cents. However, in 2016 it revoked the subscription fee, making it genuinely free for use. That’s surprising. Let’s look at some other astounding facts about WhatsApp and what makes it such a great platform!

If you are a WhatsApp user like me, chances are you can not remember any day when you don’t use WhatsApp. If the application is installed on your mobile phone, you will probably use the app more than once every two to three hours for sending text messages. Nowadays people use WhatsApp for voice and video calls as well.

There is so much dominance of this mobile messaging app in everyone’s daily lives. That is also a reason, this instant messaging service offers massive opportunities for many businesses. But every marketer must be aware of important WhatsApp statistics to explore its reach or potential required to form a business strategy for e-commerce.

Whatsapp is about to update its privacy policy; when it’s new privacy policy was introduced recently, users believed that it is going to leak information and messages, but Whatsapp denied all those claims, it is still saying that all the messages and WhatsApp data are end-to-end encrypted only the sender and recipient can read them.

Whatsapp Statistics – Things You Might Not Know Before

1. The New Social Giant

This year, Whatsapp has over 2 billion registered users, making it an excellent social media platform. It is slowly reaching the scale set by Facebook, with over 2.6 billion users.

Number of WhatsApp users

Data Source: Statista

Correlatively, Whatsapp has more monthly active users than Facebook, at 1.6 billion. This is a remarkable feat because Whatsapp is banned in nations like China. Closely following Whatsapp in the competition are Snapchat and Telegram.

As it is popular amongst Android users, a prevalent platform, there had been over forty-six million downloads in 2020. This number surpasses any other platform like Instagram or Facebook, making Whatsapp stand the ground firmly.

2. The Global Expansion

Whatsapp is available in over sixty different languages for local access to appeal to native users. Furthermore, it is available in over 180 countries. While it is gradually expanding to other countries, some countries have a complete ban on Whatsapp.

The Global Expansion

Data Source: Statista

These countries include China, UAE, Syria, and other similar countries that could’ve taken Whatsapp to a new height. Some countries have restrictions on voice messaging, while text messaging is available. Despite that, Whatsapp has significantly impacted the European market, especially in Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

While Whatsapp has originated from the United States, California, it has shown more growth in Brazil and India. It has the largest number of users in both of these countries. India is closing the 350 million user mark, while Brazil is almost up to 100 million WhatsApp users.  

What’s New For Business?

There are over 5 million registered users on Whatsapp For Business. It is a B2B platform that aims to ease it for small-scale business owners to interact with the customers. There is a new catalog feature that makes the entire showcasing process easier.

Facebook owns Whatsapp after a $19 billion deal. There was news about an advertisement broadcast on Whatsapp. However, the most enticing feature of Whatsapp was an ad-free interface and no access to third parties.

Therefore, Facebook decided to drop the idea. However, you may see advertisements in status shortly. It is still up for debate. Regardless, business owners can still broadcast their offers to other users, assign quick replies, and much more. Whatsapp is steadily growing in popularity as a professional messenger app.

As there isn’t any other ‘business’ messenger app, this could prove to be an invaluable addition from Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Usage Statistics:

Despite its slow growth in the United States, around 53% of US users manage to access Whatsapp daily. There are predictions that Whatsapp will grow in popularity in the United States. Many users who are using Whatsapp Messenger and Snapchat are slowly moving to Whatsapp.

Number of monthly active WhatsApp users

Data Source: Statista

Around 65 billion messages are sent and received on Whatsapp every day. These messages range from texts to multimedia and voice messages. These usage statistics put Whatsapp leagues above many other popular providers. Compared to its 2011 statistics of over 2 billion messages per day, it is exponential growth.

All Of This Without A Single Marketing Campaign!!

There hasn’t been a single advertisement regarding Whatsapp. Whatsapp doesn’t house a marketing staff either. This is an astonishing fact, considering the dominion this app has across the world. It is because the founder Jan Koun and Brian Acton never approved of the advertisement.

Whatsapp aimed to have a minimalist platform with a simple messaging provision. Unlike other popular platforms that invest extensively in the advertisement, Whatsapp focused these funds to make the app better for users. Hence, it introduced several beneficial features.

Despite all of that, Whatsapp is the most banned app in the world. However, it is mostly in countries that suspect international security threats and concerns regarding app use. Another fun fact is that despite its ban in China, around two million people use Whatsapp.

Ten Billion Dollars Dream!

Jan Koum, the founder of Whatsapp and its active CEO, was a dropout of the college. This story matches other successful personalities like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zukerberg. Jan initially worked for Yahoo before embarking on the journey of the development of his platform.

When Whatsapp started to increase its number of users gradually, Google proposed a deal to Whatsapp. It was a $10 billion deal, which the founders denied. They knew the value of their app, which was way more than that—this discouraged other giants from proposing any deal.

However, Facebook made a bold move and proposed a $19 billion deal for Whatsapp. It was accurate and the right time to own the app. Despite how notorious Facebook is about its purchase, that was the biggest purchase of all time.

Jan Koum became a billionaire in 2014. By 2020, he has a net worth of over 10 billion. In other words, he is another inspiration for youth!

WhatsApp Net Worth:

During the Facebook deal in 2014, NASA was worth $14 Billion while purchasing Whatsapp for $19 Billion. Nasa is worth around $22-$23 Billion even today, while Whatsapp revenue is at $25 billion.

Data Source: Business of Apps

Correlatively, it is way more than the GDP of several countries across the globe. If you want to put it into perspective, American Airlines has a net worth of $6 billion. WhatsApp is becoming a market leader in terms of net worth.

How Many current users does WhatsApp have?

WhatsApp is a trendy communication application. At present, there are 2 billion or more WhatsApp users, and the numbers keep rising around the globe. 

There were 1 billion WhatsApp users in 2016 and 1.5 billion users in 2018. From March 2020 stats reports, there were 2 billion active WhatsApp users, which means it increased by one billion monthly active users (MAU) compared to Feb 2016. 

WhatsApp is slowly extending its reach; it is on the second number after Facebook (near 2.6 billion users). More than a billion users log in to WhatsApp regularly, and according to 2019 statistics, 1.6 billion users access it monthly. 

There have been over 5 billion downloads of this mobile application on the play store. Snapchat (314 billion) & Telegram (200 billion) are also the most liked mobile messenger apps.

How many times has WhatsApp been downloaded?

WhatsApp has grown its popularity in usage & popularity from the time of its launch. It is not that kind of application that you install & then forget. One million new users register on WhatsApp on an average day and more than a billion users logging in every day. 

From the statista record in Feb 2020, there have been 96 million downloads of the WhatsApp application. A total of 42.4 percent increase was marked as compared to Feb 2019. 

WhatsApp Downloads

Data Source: Business of Apps

On Google Play Store, after the tik-tok application (113 million registered downloads), WhatsApp was the 2nd most installed non-gaming application across the world and seventh on the list of the Apple application store. It is more loved by android users when compared to iOS users.

WhatsApp usage Worldwide and country basis?

WhatsApp is quite a popular application in India, or we can say India is the biggest market of WhatsApp, having approximately 340 million users. In Feb 2020, almost 49 percent of total downloads were made by users in India, and these numbers are growing every day. Then comes Brazil (second largest) with nearly 99 million users. 

WhatsApp is not very popular in the US (nearly 68 million users) as there are only 26 million active users, and people in the US would rather communicate by Snapchat (46 million users) & Facebook messenger (106 million users). 

It is interesting to know having a ban on WhatsApp in China, approximately 2 million people use WhatsApp. In Saudi Arabia, 73 percent or more residents who own a mobile phone have the application installed.

In the UK, 58 percent of people possessing a smartphone use WhatsApp. And in Canada, only 19 percent of people use the application.

WhatsApp Users’ Age

Worldwide, WhatsApp users are approximately 750 million, and without any doubt, WhatsApp is more popular among the young crowd. 

As per worldwide user age analysis, 18 percent of WhatsApp users are of 17 to 25 age bracket, 29 percent users of 26 to 35 age, 24 percent users of 36 to 45 age group, 11 percent users are of 46 to 55 age group, and 5 percent users are of 65+ age category. 

WhatsApp Users' Age

Data Source: Business of Apps

In the US, 44 percent of WhatsApp users are of the 18 to 24 age group, and the percentage increases with age. WhatsApp usage of the 25 to 29 age bracket is nearly 31 percent, and that of the 30 to 49 age group is 26 percent. Only 7 percent of WhatsApp users are aged 65 and above.

WhatsApp Business Statistics 

WhatsApp business was established in the year of January 2018. Initially, WhatsApp business was only launched for android devices, but having the successful result from android WhatsApp business also introduced its business application for iOS devices. 

WhatsApp wanted something with which it can make a profit. The motive was to incorporate business users in some way. After a year of WhatsApp B2B launch, WhatsApp Business scored over 5 million business WhatsApp users. 

The primary aim was to help small & medium-sized businesses. WhatsApp business offered many features like chat filters, quick replies, labels, and many more. Recently, it introduced a catalogs feature to display products easily. It is constantly working towards customers’ benefit in providing smooth and quick interaction.

WhatsApp isn’t Slowing Down!

There you have it! The most interesting facts about Whatsapp and its uses. However, we can see what Whatsapp isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. It is not limited to Android Smartphones anymore. Today, it is available on the Web, for PC and other devices as well. What more can Whatsapp achieve? Well, that’s up for speculations!

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