WhatsApp vs Signal [2021] – Which One is Worthy?

The days are now gone when people used to pay for sending messages through their phones. After the bloom in IM(instant messaging), companies like Facebook are grabbing the opportunity. IM is using the internet to send your messages across.

The best part is that it’s free, and you do not need to run across searching for a tower to send the message. This article will compare two of the most popular instant messaging services WhatsApp and Signal. All the features will be taken into account, and in the end, the winner will be announced. So let’s get started.

WhatsApp vs Signal – Detailed Comparison

WhatsApp Overview

The key feature of Whatsapp and a signal is to send direct messages over the internet. WhatsApp is now a part of the Facebook community, giving you more ability to use social media power. Whatsapp is also rolling out a new update that supports UPI and transactional payments, which is very rare for SMS service. You can also share mini clips that will disappear on WhatsApp. However, this feature is not available on the Signal.

Signal Overview

However, Signal does it in a more secure way than WhatsApp. There is an option to keep the text messages for 24 hours, and many more security protocols are used. Signal claims that none of your data is being stored, which is quite unlikely for WhatsApp. Both apps support the blocking of spam and people. Both the services support group chatting, archiving conversations, and video calls.


1. WhatsApp Interface

Whatsapp has a more colorful approach to the whole interface. It makes sure that it’s green and white theme stays prominent throughout the chats. It supports both dark as well as light mode. The user experience is no that great. You should have some base knowledge to operate the App to its full extent. Due to the overload of features, it sometimes becomes quite tricky to which feature is located where.

2. Signal Interface

The user interface is relatively minimal. No color scheme as such. The best part about Signal is the user interface is quite intuitive. Everything is located right in front of you, be it buttons, groups, calls. Hence it becomes relatively more comfortable to use the App.


WhatsApp Security –

Every so-called free service often comes with a price and no not the price tag but the cost of your data. Though WhatsApp claims to have end-to-end encryption, people are a bit dicey about using it. Facebook owns the service and we all aware of the data policy of Facebook.

Signal Security –

On the other hand, Signal is much more secure than Whatsapp. The reviews on the Signal are proof that they have better security, and people are happy. This App also supports disappearing messages, which makes it much more secure. WhatsApp also has a feature of locating people; hence they become more skeptical about using the service.


WhatsApp has been able to collaborate with huge companies as now it is directly under Facebook. Much of their features are a similar representation of Facebook except the newsfeed wall. Nowadays, WhatsApp is also collaborating with the Indian UPI system, which shows a steady future.

Signal is just an SMS service; it has no collaboration to make the App enjoyable. However, the features are not at all compromised on this App. You will miss out on some “extras.”

User Compatibility:

WhatsApp User Compatibility –

With around 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the number one messaging app in the world. It has over 5 billion downloads on the Play Store alone(this is the number of downloads not to confuse with the number of users). Also, WhatsApp has widely used on computers through the means of WhatsApp Web.

Signal User Compatibility –

However, Signal has tens of millions of users. It has just 10 million downloads on the Play Store. It seems that WhatsApp has way more users than Signal, however, with people becoming woken towards security, things are not looking suitable for WhatsApp.

Device Availability:

1. WhatsApp Device Availability

The service is available on android/iOS/Windows as well as MAC. However, the windows’ experience is not that great; it feels like a mere extension of WhatsApp. Both of your devices need to be connected to the same network to use your desktop service.

2. Signal Device Availability

Even Signal is available on all the devices listed above. It has an advantage over WhatsApp, i.e., it is available on LINUX for programmers to share their codes. It’s like a WhatsApp version of GitHub. It is also a stand-alone app that does not need you to connect your devices on the same network.

Conclusion: Which one is the Best?

  • Key features Winner: Whatsapp.
  • User-interface Winner: WhatsApp.
  • Security Winner: Signal.
  • Collaborations Winner: WhatsApp.
  • The number of Users Winner: WhatsApp.
  • Device availability Winner: Signal.

As the results show, WhatsApp can score the victory here. As it has more collaborations and users, it shines through. The Signal is based on people who are more on the technical side of the spectrum. Moreover, after Facebook bought WhatsApp, there has been an overload of features. You might also want to consider the minimalistic design and look of the App provided by Signal.

I hope you got some clarity about which App to choose while downloading. The only advantage that Signal has over WhatsApp is security. WhatsApp can provide more with its never-ending list of features. If you have any more opinions or questions regarding What’s App and Signal, let us know in the comment box below.

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