How to Fix YouTube Black Screen [SOLVED]

In this post, we will walk how to fix the YouTube Black Screen. A black screen occurs when you can hear the voice and are unable to see any video. As you know, these cases are mostly taking place on computers, but we will discuss both PC and Android methods in this article.

How to Fix YouTube Black Screen

How to Fix YouTube Black Screen?

Mostly on Android, the YouTube Black Screen problem occurs in the official App, but if you watch on chrome browser and then head over to the YouTube App, you might see the black screen and hear only the sounds. Make sure that you are always using the official version of the App.

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Fix YouTube Black Screen Problem on App – Top 4 Solutions

Solution 1: Clear Cache Memory

Deleting the cache memory from your web browser is the best fix for any App that is behaving weirdly. To delete the cache memory head to your phone settings then toggle down to Applications and select YouTube. After that, navigate to the delete cache option, and the process will take place on its own.

Clear Cache memory

After clearing the cache check once again for the App and it should now work properly. If it is still not working properly then try deleting the cache memory again.

Solution 2: Update

Most of the time, there might be an update pending for the App. It may also be possible that your Android phone has to go with new updates. To check the App’s updates, go to the play store and click on check updates, the YouTube App should pop up with an update option beside it. For checking if your phone has received any updates go to the settings App and go to about phone.

Update Youtube App

Then head to check for updates, and this will search for any updates automatically. Make sure that you are connected to the wifi and have more than 50% of the battery.

Solution 3: Check If You are a Beta Tester

If you have enrolled for beta testing on the App. Suppose you have enabled the beta testing option for the YouTube App on the play store. Make sure that you opt yourself out. When you have enrolled yourself for the App’s beta testing, then the App may behave weirdly as the version of the App is still under beta testing. In this instance, it is better to install the App, which is globally available to everyone.

Solution 4: Switching Off Your Phone

Well, this is your last resort. Many times, due to our devices’ heavy usage, we forget to switch them off and give them rest. Due to this, it affects the devices’ performance and hampers the memory management of the phone. Make sure to switch your device on and off to fix the bug. If all the solutions listed above do not work for you, then this is the one.

Best Ways to Fix YouTube Black Screen Google Chrome on PC:

Solution 1: Wild Vine CDM

Wild vine CDM

Head over to the settings tab in a chrome web browser and then go to plugins. Over there then go to wild vine CDM and check for updates. Wildvine certification is solely responsible for the higher definition playback on YouTube. If there are any updates pending then, this will cure the bug.

Solution 2: Hardware Acceleration

Now head over to flags and search for hardware acceleration if turned on then turn it off. This option uses your graphic card to accelerate the video playback due to which the bug occurs. After disabling the option, you will be good to go.

Solution 3: Reinstalling Chrome Web Browser


Due to some virus or some malicious code in the script chrome might not work properly. Turn your antivirus and reinstall the App to start from fresh. This will bring back the App to the older version when there were no viruses present.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can be the issue with YouTube Black Screen?

There could be an issue with the App if the YouTube App on your phone or tablet shows a black screen instead of playing a video, or you only hear audio without a video part. We have covered an entire post on this you can read the above post and get insights.

Why is YouTube suddenly not working?

A huge volume of cache and information may have built up and cause complications if you have been using YouTube for a while. On Android, go to Setup > Applications > YouTube > Storage. Tap the cache button to see if it solves the problem.


We have discussed both the fixes for PC and Android devices to make sure that we resolve your problem. If none of them works, then formatting your device would be the only option left for you. You can also consider re-downloading the App’s global version but make sure to scan the App for viruses. Do let us know which solution served you down in the comments below.

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