YouTube Statistics [2021] – Amazing Facts You Should Know

Did you know that the first YouTube video was uploaded on April 23, 2005? Since then, YouTube has come a long way that it has become the second most visited website in the world. So much that almost 60% of people prefer online video streaming platforms like YouTube over cable TV or paying applications that are becoming popular.

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Youtube Statistics – Some Exciting Facts [2021]

YouTube was created in 2005 by three ex-employees of Paypal. As the second most visited site, almost 80% of users have a YouTube account. Over 40% and nearly 45% of people on the internet use YouTube. In other words, YouTube attracts a significant portion of internet traffic.

People seem to love YouTube recommendations. It has the highest success rate of recommendation, as 70% of people watch or discover new YouTube videos through its recommendation. It is crucial for you to have an enticing video in the first 10 seconds. If you don’t entice them within the first ten seconds, users will leave the video.

Not just that, but YouTube has surpassed several search engines. Now owned by Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet. You might know that Despacito is the most viewed, and Baby was the most disliked video on YouTube.

Looking at The Statistics:

YouTube receives a stream of around 2 billion users per month. At least 30 million people access YouTube regularly. However, there are only 1 million YouTube TV subscribers. YouTube for mobile is gradually growing to be a significant growth factor for YouTube. The revenue for YouTube mobile is increasing consistently. Correlatively, an average YouTube session for mobile lasts around 40 minutes. 

Around one billion views are acquired through YouTube mobile per day. Over one billion videos get streamed on YouTube every day by the users. YouTube is such an exponentially growing platform that over 500 hours of videos are uploaded each minute on YouTube.

Youtube Financial Aspects:

Google acquired Youtube for $1.65 billion in November 2006. Since then, Youtube has been responsible for around 6% of ad sales revenue of Google. YouTube has been under consistent fire for its quality of advertisement provisions. Despite that, Google’s overall revenue generation through Youtube is around $4 billion. Google hasn’t revealed much about YouTube’s performance, except it seems like a dominating video platform.

Similarly, Google primarily acquired YouTube to expand its search capabilities, but it became a freeform video publication side. There hasn’t been much regarding the performance. Still, the total revenue generated by YouTube is $15.1 billion in 2019.

Due to the online issues of the owners’ rights, YouTube had to pay around $.125 billion to date. The overall cost of operation for youtube is approximately $6.35 billion to date, annually.

Youtube Business:

There is a drastic difference between the earnings of YouTubers with 5K and those who have over 500K subscribers. It is almost around ten times the difference. In other words, YouTube channels with 500 to 5,000 followers earn around $315 per video. Meanwhile, anyone with 500K+ makes at least $3.8K per video upload.

We can’t ignore the fact that advertisements are becoming more annoying on the platform. Despite that, more than 78% of people believe that YouTube is an effective advertisement platform. Around 62% of business owners utilize YouTube to publish video content. Affiliate marketing has gradually increased on YouTube from 2017 onwards. Around 80% of product buyers claim that they have searched for the content on YouTube.

YouTube & The World:

Around only 16% of YouTube traffic is from the US. Even then, 70-80% of adults (male and female) use Youtube. Not only that, YouTube is popular among elderly users. Over half of the 75+ years, old people in the US use Youtube. More than 89% of users are from outside the US.  

Let’s talk about countries. Today, YouTube has managed to expand in over 100 countries with 80 different language settings. It has a whopping 50 million creators around the world. More than that, India is one of the densest areas, with 265 million active users.

Despite English being a popular language, only around 35% of content on Youtube is English.  YouTube is also the second most popular and preferred video streaming app after Netflix for rich content and engagement. In other words, it is the number one platform that users prefer where advertisements are standard. 

What Determines A Good Youtube Video?

YouTube is a place where anyone can become an overnight sensation. Being famous doesn’t matter on YouTube if you don’t offer relevant content. According to YouTube, it is at least three times more important for the video to be relevant to the users. It is 1.6x more essential to have videos that relate to viewers’ personal interests.

In 2019, YouTube made many tweaks and changes in its content quality, brand security, and much more. Since then, people are 70% less likely to get misinformation. These include videos such as click baits and other poorly researched content that provides fake or false information.

In other words, YouTube’s new regulations are making sure that readers get only the most authentic and genuine piece of information available.

Let’s Not Forget Gender!

Although this is a delicate topic, YouTube has 53% of viewers that prefer gender-balanced content. Equal or more number of female characters are becoming a preference by the viewers. Similarly, 39% of screen time is dedicated to females. Men still have to speak twice more and generate 56% of results while females consumed around 53% of screen time.


YouTube is a prevalent video platform that still has no equal. After its success in all other fields, Google prioritizes YouTube as the next big thing to expand its value. It is working on providing new products and features that are used with Youtube.

These are some of the well-researched facts that we could bring you. Instead of the common facts and statistics, we bring you these with complete assurance from authentic sources.

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