Youtube TV vs Hulu Live – Which One is Best Service?

YouTube TV and Hulu Live are the best live TV streaming services providers and both of them are the most popular alternatives to cable. Both of the TV services were launched in 2017 and had an impressive collection of local channels. Youtube Tv and Hulu Live both are video streaming platforms for entertainment purposes.

YouTube TV and Hulu Live have a collection of original shows and unique channel lineup. YouTube TV’s sports selection is better than Hulu Live, but Hulu Live TV has a nice selection of news and entertainment channels lineup.

YouTube TV Vs. Hulu Live

When it comes to original content, YouTube TV has a bit more collections than Hulu has. However, Hulu Live has a wide range of quality content. There’s no clear winner here; you need to choose based on what type of content you enjoy. 

So, is Hulu Live or YouTube TV the better one for you? Both are quite the same besides the pricing and also the channel count, but we’re pretty sure you’ll learn here the exact difference and which live TV streaming service is the perfect one for you.

With both YouTube TV and Hulu Live, you get what you pay for. Both of these platforms are among the best live streaming platforms available today, and both of them are highly recommended. Both serve as an alternative to cable TV and are definitely worth considering for recent cord-cutters.

Youtube TV vs. Hulu Live – Detailed Comparison

YouTube TV and Hulu Live have a lot of differences when it comes to channels. YouTube TV provides users around 67 channels out of the top 100 channels on every service, whereas Hulu provides only 58 channels cable channels which include sports channels. Nevertheless, both platforms share popular channels, including Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ESPN, Fox News, TBS, USA Network, NBA TV, and more.

The YouTube TV interface is quite simple. You have Home, Library, and Live TV tabs, which will let you sort through live shows and record content or watch something that you have already recorded on DVR.

Detailed Comparison between Youtube Tv and Hulu Live 

You can also use the search function from any tab, so you can find what you are looking for. The DVR function lets you record unlimited TV, but you can only store your recording for about nine months.

Hulu’s Live TV interface has a grid-based view. You can browse existing shows available on Hulu or look through movies and shows you have already recorded. It has a large window view, making it easy to find what you want to watch without having to sort through pages of content. You can also stream Hulu on mobile devices.

Youtube Tv Vs. Hulu Live – Supported Devices

When YouTube first started, it was only supported on a few devices. However, that changed very soon. Now it is available for Roku boxes, Apple Tv, Google Chromecast, Firesticks and TVs, Android devices and TVs running Android TV, Xbox One, iOS devices, Apple TVs via AirPlay, and smart TVs from LG and Samsung.

Supported Devices

Hulu Live TV is available on Android devices, Apple TV, LG Smart TVs, Macs, Amazon Fire TVs, Fire TV sticks, PCs, Rokus, Chromecast, iOS devices, and the Xbox One. Hulu is also the only service provider to be available on the portable Nintendo Switch console. They both are a good option for the cord cutters. 

YouTube TV vs. Hulu Live – Price

As for the price, YouTube TV has increased its price to $65/month. So, Hulu + Live, which costs around $55/month, gets the advantage here as it is cheaper than YouTube Live. If you’re looking for a discount or annual plan, neither of these have the discount offer or annual plan, so Hulu Live and YouTube TV are equal when it comes to savings.

Pricing Plans of Youtube TV

Both Hulu and YouTube TV provides a seven day free trial period.  Hulu + Live TV includes the basic ad-supported, which can be removed by paying an extra $6/month.

Pricing Plans Of Hulu Live

Also, to customize your plan with an enhanced DVR storage space and unlimited screens, Hulu Live plan can take an extra $15/month on top of that.

Youtube Tv Vs. Hulu Live – Features

  • YouTube TV costs around $64.99 per month, whereas Hulu Live costs around $54.99 per month (with ads), and if you want without ads, it will cost you around $60.99 per month.
  • YouTube TV has a 14 days free trial period. Hulu Live has a 7 days trial period with or without ads.
  • YouTube TV has around 85+ number of channels, and Hulu Live has 65+ number of channels.
  • Cloud DVR stores on YouTube TV are unlimited, which works great too. But, in Hulu Live, it is around 50 hours at the price of $55. You can upgrade the DVR Storage capacity by paying an extra sum of $10.
  • There are around 3 simultaneous streams on YouTube TV. But, in Hulu Live, there are only 2. You can pay Hulu around $10 extra per month, and it will also upgrade your number of streams to unlimited.
  • The offline viewing option is not available on YouTube TV, whereas it is available in Hulu Live without ads.
  • YouTube TV and Hulu Live both have ads. But, in Hulu Live, if you pay extra, you can remove the ads. However, you can’t remove it from YouTube TV. You may skip the ad, though.
  • Hulu Live has several personalization features, and they are a bit different from those of YouTube TV.
  • You can set up profiles for different users, set your own personal Taste Picker settings, and save content in the My Stuff area. Its users can also like and dislike shows and movies, which helps Hulu Live match your preferences. If you’re not satisfied with what Hulu presents you, you can opt to stop receiving suggestions from the service provider.
  • The interfaces and menus on both platforms are different from one another and the regular cable.
  • YouTube lets its customers manage their guide however they choose – alphabetical or clustering by type (news or movies, sports channels, etc..); on the other hand, Hulu has a My Channels tab where you can store your favorites. 
  • YouTube’s guide is easy to manage, whereas Hulu’s guide is a bit complicated.
  • One amazing feature that both the service provider offers is the ability to search for favorite sports teams and then add them to DVR recordings which will help you always to have the latest games in your line up. If you are a sports fan you can also add NHL Network and NBA TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: Hulu live or Youtube TV?

In my experience, Hulu live is much better because it is cheaper and offers on-demand TV shows & movies for just an extra $6… In contrast, Youtube Tv has its perks as well, it offers more channels than Hulu live, but it is a little expensive compared to Hulu live.

How much is Youtube TV vs. Hulu Live?

Youtube TV costs $64.99, whereas Hulu live with ads costs around $54.99, and without ads, it costs around $60.99.

Can Youtube TV replace cable?

Youtube TV can be a good replacement for cable tv. You don’t have to worry about these costly cable tv subscription with Youtube TV. It can put cable tv companies out of business in the future.

Which live TV streaming service is best?

It depends on what kind of channels you want to watch; if you’re looking for overall, then Youtube TV is the best option, and if you want the best value, then Hulu Live can be a viable option.

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Final Words:

If you’re actually looking to cut the cord on cable and depend on an internet-based streaming platform for your live TV, you will for sure get what you need with either YouTube TV or Hulu Live. Both service providers have been giving top services to their users at reasonable prices.

YouTube TV is best for those viewers who want the most channels for the best price, whereas Hulu Live might be ideal for those interested in bundling their live TV and on-demand streaming services.

If you’re more interested in news or Hulu’s original content, then maybe for you, Hulu Live might be a bit better, but for someone more into sports, YouTube TV is definitely going to be the best. If you’re still unsure and have any doubts about both the services and cannot choose one, use each of the service providers’ free trials and see yourself!

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